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Overturning Proposition 8 breath of fresh air

Post by Judy Hauser on Aug. 5, 2010 at 9:04 pm with 6 Comments »
August 6, 2010 4:30 pm

When California’s Proposition 8 was overturned Wednesday, perhaps you breathed a little easier. I did.

For a few hours, the world seemed a forgiving place, where even the “sanctity of marriage” could find the grace of inclusiveness.

For a few moments, the self-righteous seemed deflated at the legal ruling described by the New York Times as “a stirring and eloquently reasoned denunciation of all forms of irrational discrimination.”

But, self-righteousness never deflates for long. Google “Proposition 8″ and you’ll see, it’s already rearing its ugly head again.

Even so, some of us are savoring the landmark decision that overturned California’s proposition banning same-sex marriage. It helps shape a future we couldn’t imagine during the bittersweet years of raising a gay child.

Watching your little girl work the world as a tomboy is one thing. You’re grateful she isn’t boy crazy, that her aim is not to look like Barbie, but to shoot hoops like Michael, that she’s adventurous and thinks independently of her peers.

But, watching your daughter angle toward a lifestyle that is often held up to a single, glaring light that other lives are not held to, is another thing entirely. Her future appears uncertain, as proms, marriage and children seem unlikely.

While one coach cheers her athletic gift, another prods her off the team, not because she isn’t a team player, but because she doesn’t fit his idea of the uniform. You watch her knees buckle as she leaves the court.

Her peers and good friends catch on early that she’s different, and shrug it off. But their parents scrutinize the difference like a threatening storm. Never mind that the boys their daughter’s date are the ones needing some scrutiny.

You soon worry that your daughter’s grasp of mathematics, her creative talent, her big heart and unequaled work ethic may not be enough, that society will define her on its own exclusive terms.

Yesterday’s opinion wasn’t written by some Op-ed columnist or blogger, or shouted between talking heads.

Yesterday’s legal ruling found that marriage, including same-sex marriage, is a right protected by the Constitution. It found that banning same-sex marriage violates our 14th Amendment rights to “equal protection and due process of law.”

In his “findings of fact” Judge Vaughn Walker found no rational basis for excluding gays and lesbians from marriage, shooting holes into the fuzzy reasoning of Proposition 8 and its backers.

But, the young generations of hearts and minds, many of whom will never sit on the bench, who, like my daughter’s friends, shrug off old biases of generations past. Born between the 1970s and1990s, they overwhelmingly accept same-sex marriage. Come Thanksgiving, I want to sit at their table.

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  1. Copper2Steel says:

    Well said.

  2. I agree with your opinion, being that society will overlook the good in people and stare down their differences. As if being gay makes them less of a person, though who they’re attracted to does not dictate the kind of person they are, or what they have to offer. At my high school, a lesbian was so outcasted on the basketball team that she quit in tears. The girls had made up stories that she was looking at them inappropriately, the usual gossip that circulates around gays at my school. But the thing is, I’m gay friendly and got to know her, though i was on varsity and she was on C team, I felt she deserved to be treated like something more than they treated her; a human. Turns out, she has a great personality but it seems that society will always turn a blind eye to gays in the community just because they feel gays are an alienated population that doesn’t fit their idea of what is “right.”

  3. momfuzzle says:

    This is sad that our government rejects God’s rule of man and women marriages ONLY! I hate to think what God will allow now to happen to our country , now that we disregard the authenic marrriages only, that He set up for us and our familys! Even in the dictionary it says that ‘marriage is the legal union of a man and a woman; a wedding.

  4. common_sense says:

    Hauser speaks in noble, sweeping terms about the ramifications of Wednesday’s ruling, but it’s sad that she’s apparently steering her daughter toward lesbianism simply because she’s a tomboy. Mother Hauser is the one making the determination that her daughter must be a homosexual because she’s rough and tumble, not her daughter. Isn’t that in itself an inherent form of stereotyping? Are girls and women not allowed to be tomboys and heterosexual at the same time? Perhaps Judy needs a paradigm shift. A shift in thinking that would allow for the possibility of a heterosexual female with an affinity sports, outdoors, math and other stereotypically male interests. For all Judy knows, her daughter would make a young man very happy some day, and he would make her happy, but she’s denying her that opportunity by jumping to the wrong conclusion.

  5. what happened to the will of the people scary one person has this much power and you are wrong its not a breath of fresh air it stinks of rotten garbage.

  6. larsman says:

    The new word is ” Judiciosity “- We used to have a representative republic, and the ‘lib-progs’ were worried about becoming a so-called ‘theocracy’. What they claimed to be worried about has now been instituted to their favor….so the outcome justifies the means, even with the obvious personal conflict of interest, revising against the will of the people via judicial fiat….
    Romans 1 : 15-32

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