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The church’s challenge

Post by Maggie McGuire on March 28, 2010 at 10:10 am with 5 Comments »
March 29, 2010 10:51 am

I am deeply, deeply troubled by ongoing and increasing reports of child sexual abuse within the Catholic priesthood and its mismanagement by church leadership.  My belief in the goodness of Catholic Christian ideals is shaken by national and international accounts of these incidents

The Vatican must respond swiftly, truthfully, and completely to these allegations if it is to retain any moral authority on important social issues.  Anything less will fail the faithful, and further alienate an already fragile and disillusioned segment of Catholics. It is hypocritical to exhort a congregation — from the pulpit — to oppose national health care legislation in the U.S. (on the basis of federal funding for abortion), as child sexual abuse within the priesthood continues to be revealed. 

The Catholic Church promotes the sanctity of life — especially in our most vulnerable populations. That includes the children in our global family — already born.

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  1. They can’t. The Pope is considered infallible, and to acknowledge and admit that he personally moved a molestor from one country to the next, to allow him to offend again doesn’t work within the theology of the church. It took 50 years for them to decide that they could disavoy the Popes allegiances to Hitler and the Nazis. It’s a catch 22…….Now, if we just acknowledged that all men are sinners, and the Pope is just a man, not some deity(i.e. false idol), it would be a lot easier to acknowledge past mistakes and pledge to deal with molestors differently in the future. In order to keep the faithful believing, they have no choice but to hide the truth as best they can.

  2. comment_tayter says:

    I was raised as a Catholic, went to Catholic schools for twelve years, attended Mass every Sunday until I was into my late teens, and I have long ago utterly rejected the superstitious notions of religion and dogma, period.

    The Pope is neither a deity, nor does he make infallible pronouncements with every word of his mouth: those pronouncements are carefully prepared “statements,” if you will. (I forget the formal name of such declarations)

    The moral authority of the Catholic Church is _already_ zero, and has been for some time.

    The solution for the Catholic Church is to move away from the ‘supreme pontiff” model, which is a relatively recent phenomenon. The Pope is nothing more than the Bishop of Rome. Bishops were once an assemblage of peers, each responsible for their own flocks. Somewhere in the past, the 1800’s I believe, there was a power grab by the Bishop of Rome, and it stuck.

    Go back to the original model and dethrone the Pontiff, open the doors of the priesthood to women, and make tangible monetary reparations to the victims of the abuse without question or pause, to the point of utter bankruptcy, if necessary.

    Better financial bankruptcy than moral bankruptcy.

    Then those who choose to participate in very beautiful rituals with lots of flowy gowns and silly hats and smelly smoke can have their dose of it knowing that they are not participating in heinous actions and cover-ups by virtue of their contributions.

    (Comment-Tayter is a survivor of childhood sexual abuse)

  3. comment_tayter says:

    One more thing:

    As bad as it is that the children have been abused, it is also bad that the Flock itself is being abused.

    These men — priests, bishops, and the pontiff himself — are not good shepherds protecting their flocks.

    Is there any greater, or more damning, indictment needed?

  4. Hoodsportwriter says:

    The Pope has to go along with most of the Bishops and Cardinals. They have violated every trust and are destroying the church. Perhaps this is the kind of event that is so bad it will force the change the church so badly needs. We need another John XXIII and a restructuring to move the church out of the Middle Ages. If not done the American church will see its numbers drop to the European levels and Sunday Mass will be attended only by little old ladys.

  5. Roncella says:

    Maggie, What a shame that the Catholic Church has to go through this terrible scandal. The young boys who were molested and taken advantage of by priests will never be the same.

    The leaders of the Church should also be held accountable as they kept transferring these guilty priests to different states or parishes to supposely give them help in overcoming their sexual problems, instead of turning them over to the proper authorities for prosecution.

    The biggest problem which they will not face is that Priests and Nuns are required to take the vow of chastity. No where in the Catholic or Christian Bibles does it say that the Priest or Nuns are not to marry.

    There is no reason for Priest & Nuns not to marry. I am no expert in sexual realations but I know its not normal to expect either a man or women to not have sex in their lifes experiences.

    This would be just the first step in correcting the many problems the Catholic Church is experiencing now.

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