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Rah! Rah! Rah! Health care diehards and football metaphors

Post by Michael Allen on Feb. 5, 2010 at 8:12 am with 4 Comments »
February 17, 2010 8:08 pm

The impending demise of Obamacare has created a weird combination – liberal journalists and football metaphors. Throughout cyberspace, and in print and broadcast journalism, we hear cries for Democrats to dig down into their guts and “go for the touchdown.” In blogs, there is strident condemnation of “punting” in the red zone. “You don’t punt when you’re on the one yard line,” one columnist insisted. Our president agrees. “Health care is on the five yard line,” Obama implores the liberal base. “We’ve got to punch it through!”

I have previously discussed football-hating liberals. For the record, they are a minority among liberals, but they’re out there. At the University of Washington Tacoma (where I’m privileged to teach), there are individuals who don’t know what the Apple Cup is. At UW Seattle, a few honestly believe there is increased male violence against women on Superbowl Sunday. Last fall, UW’s AAUP line hosted an email chat about the “environmental impact” and “sustainability” of Husky home football games….

Sorry, I digress. Back to the football field, but with some metaphors that actually make sense.

While it is true that Obamacare came darn close to passing, the Massachusetts senatorial election changed everything. The health bill may have once been in the red zone, but isn’t any more. Sen. Scott Brown sacked the Democrat quarterback. Harry Reid took a hit so hard he has multiple fractures; Nancy Pelosi is on the sidelines with a severe concussion.

Right now, the Democrats are back on the 30 yard line and the crowd is booing. One third of their team – the Blue Dogs – have gone to the locker room to shower. That leaves them with seven men on the field to face a tough, fired-up GOP defense. Should the Dems go for it on the 30, fourth down and goal? No, an interception or fumble is the probable outcome. They might even be expelled from college.

What to do? How about a field goal? Give the GOP tort reform to reduce frivolous medical malpractice suits and ask them to join Democrats and vote to expand Medicaid? Or is the defense now too confident to give them another inch?

Whatever, here is my plea to liberal writers: Forget the football metaphors. It ain’t you. Maybe you should try soccer metaphors.

Meanwhile, up in heaven, the Gipper is smiling. Rah! Rah! Rah!

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  1. MY God, man, find something intelligent to write about!
    “football hating Liberals”????? Are you sick? Good thing if you are, cuz I’m sure, as a State Employee, YOU have Health Insurance.
    I’m still waiting for the Republican Alternative. OOOOOOHHHH That’s right!
    THEY DON’T HAVE ONE. Obviously, neither do you, or you would have told us what it is by now.
    My Nephew tried to convince me over the Holidays what a “Super-Intelligent” man that you are. When are you going to show it in these Editorial writings?? He’s still got some convincing to do.
    Quit spouting the Lindberger Line and write something Intelligent.

  2. Over the Holidays, my Nephew, who has taken classes from you, gushed over what a “super Intelligent” teacher you are.
    I told him that I haven’t seen evidence of it in THESE pages.
    My dear sweet God, man write something with SUBSTANCE for once.
    You have a better idea for Health Care Reform? Tell us what it is!
    You give us “football hating Liberals”. Excuse me, but, HUHH??
    It must be nice to be a State Employee and have Health Care provided for yourself and your family. I’m a Disabled Veteran and while MY Health Care needs are taken care of, my wife and 3 sons, 2 of then students in Washington colleges and the third on his way next year, have nothing. My wife suffers from arthritis in both her knees, sleep apnea and other health problems that make it impossible for her to work. Yet, because she stayed at home and raised her children while I worked, she doesn’t qualify for Medicare and, as I’m sure you know and felt great joy about, there is no more Basic Health Plan.
    Now the President’s plan looks lost and YOU are excited. Go and see your doctor, for free, of course, because you are indeed, a VERY sick man.

  3. jimkingjr says:

    Papasan- your wife stayed home and raised the children, and YOU made no provision for her healthcare- now it is everyone else’s fault she has none?

    Personal responsibility, man! I know liberals hate that more than football, but get a clue.

  4. papasan says:

    That was the point, jimkingjr. She and the entire family had health care while I was working. I got injured. ALL their benefits were gone within 30 days. How does such an instance fall under personal responsibility? What would happen if Mike had an accident and couldn’t work? What would happen to his STATE FUNDED health care for his family. GONE, unless he can carry the burden of cost himself. But he can’t. he’s not working.
    Health Insurance should NOT be tied to employment. Too many people are either unemployed, unemployable due to disability, or uninsured through their employer and too poor to buy it.
    The President’s plan is the ONLY one out there. Got one that insures everyone that needs it?? DO you even have a plan? It’s not about personal responsibility, jim and Mike, It’s about making sure that the Nation, the ENTIRE Nation has access to the health care system in a way that does not work just for those that HAVE it and against those that can’t afford it. Got a plan that accomplishes that?? Love to hear it.

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