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Archives: Dec. 2006


Thursday editorials

Here’s what to expect in Thursday’s editorial column.

Former President Gerald Ford’s death at age 93 is a chance to reflect on his calming presence in a very difficult and anxious moment in this country’s history.

Temporarily buying down tolls for Narrows bridge commuters — who will cross the new bridge next year but won’t enjoy the full benefit until work on the existing bridge is finished — is a fair proposal that would have the added benefit of promoting the use of automated collection devices.

If you have comments or questions about these topics,

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Empires in the Middle East

Alexander the Great

Check out this online map of the Middle East, which unfolds “5,000 years of

history in 90 seconds.” It shows no fewer than 17 empires that have overrun parts or all of the Middle East since the time of the pharaohs.

Puts the current war in Iraq in perspective. People have been fighting each other over this region for a long, long time. (Pictured: Alexander the Great)


Wednesday’s editorials

Editorials planned for Wednesday:

Despite a seemingly plausible financial plan, the NASCAR track proposed for the Kitsap Peninsula has won no local legislative report. It’s looks like a goner. The same probably goes for the Sonics arena; after Seattle rejected it, the Legislature is not likely to embrace it.

This has been a banner year for public health in at least one sense: Today it’s a whole lot easier to breath in a lot more places.

Looking back over 2006, it’s remarkable how much progress has been made here and abroad toward ridding public places of

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Middle-class housing crisis?

Everybody knows that housing prices have gone crazy in recent years. But Washington’s real estate industry says the state faces "an unprecedented crisis in the availability of middle-class homes."

A delegation from Washington Realtors, the industry association, will meet with the editorial board Jan. 19 to discuss the group’s call for legislative action.

In an email requesting the meeting, the Realtors’ Barbara J. Lally describes their concern:

We would like to discuss with you the unprecedented crisis in the availability of middle-class homes, which is pushing working families out of cities, confronting them with tremendous debt, and eroding their quality of life.

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The money behind Initiative 933

One of the issues that helped defeat Initiative 933, the property rights issue on the ballot in November, was the charge that it was heavily backed by East Coast conservative fat cats – not a grassroots campaign as its backers claimed. (TNT editorial)

The accusation was truer than we knew. This post-election report comes from the Center for Public Integrity, a liberal-leaning watchdog group that scrutinizes campaign funding records.


WASHINGTON, D.C., December 22, 2006 — Americans for Limited Government, the tax-exempt organization that bankrolled a series of controversial ballot initiatives this year, raised 99

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The resolution game

Editorial writers across the country like to do tongue-in-cheek holiday editorials suggesting what prominent newsmakers might want for Christmas presents or vow for a New Year’s resolution. We’ll play that game on Christmas Eve.

Here are New Year’s resolutions suggesed by M+R Strategic Services, a D.C. public relations and lobbying firm.

Bill Frist: Play a doctor on TV.

Donald Rumsfeld: Update my resume.

Barack Obama: Return suspicious-looking map of New Hampshire from Clinton holiday gift basket.

John Kerry: Cancel stand-up comedy lessons with Michael Richards.

Jack Abramoff: Fulfill my court-imposed community service hours

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Dino’s not hiding


I’ve been wondering whether Dino Rossi, the Republican candidate who lost to Chris Gregoire in the closest governor’s race in state history, had abandoned

hopes for a rematch. Maybe not.

This, from The Associated Press’ political writer in Olympia, Dave Ammons:

GREGOIRE FAN? Not likely. Dino Rossi, her once and future challenger, has launched a new web site to bird-dog the governor and Olympia. His Forward Washington Foundation sounds remarkably like a platform for a 2008 campaign, with Rossi-isms on responsible budgeting, accountability in state government, improving the

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Eyman will be baaaaccccckk!

Tim Eyman is Tim Eyman. He revels in the spotlight.

So the professional initiative promoter from Mukilteo couldn’t resist sending the media an email noting that today is his 41st birthday and extending Christmas good wishes. It was his way of cheerfully reminding an often hostile press that it will indeed have him to kick around again next year.

I continue to enjoy our to-and-fro and especially look forward to next year’s battle over the Taxpayer Protection Initiative — no costumes this time :)


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