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Local links, March 15

This weekend’s top story? The return of I Corps, of course.

Other local links:

I Corps
Star power returns to Joint Base Lewis-McChord [KING-TV]
50 local soldiers return from Iraq [KOMO-TV]
III Corps Uncases Colors, Begins Mission As Nucleus of U.S. Forces – Iraq [DVIDS]
Communication Wins Wars [DVIDS]

Joint Base Lewis-McChord
Stimulus spending? Next year will be big [The News Tribune]

McChord Field
Iraqi Children to Receive Refurbished Desks [DVIDS]

5th Brigade, 2nd Infantry Division
U.S. soldier in Afghanistan has a dream [Associated Press]

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Different rules for different states

If you’re gay and serving at Joint Base Lewis-McChord, you stand a better chance at not getting discharged than if you served at, say, Fort Benning.

Ditto for Fairchild Air Force Base, Whidbey Island Naval Air Station and all the other military installions across much of the western United States, the Associated Press reminded us over the weekend.

That’s because the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in 2008 ruled that the military must demonstrate that discharging a gay service member must promote cohesion or discipline in a unit.

Because the 9th Circuit covers a nine-state area, the more

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Local links, March 8

We could lead today’s local links list with easily the most newsworthy story of the weekend: Iraq’s parliamentary elections.

But readers of The News Tribune apparently like reading — and commenting on — something a bit closer to home: The sentencing of a Madigan Army Medical Center neurosurgeon for a 2009 road rage incident.

One quote from Dr. Dennis Geyer really appeared to rankle the masses: “As a West Point graduate, and a U.S. Army officer, I always speak the truth,” he told the judge. “I only struck Mr. Speed once. People may find that hard to believe, but

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Serving those who serve

The flight wasn’t expected to take off for four hours, so Lt. Donovan Cozzens tucked into the USO center at McChord Air Force Base. The reservist from Alexandria, Va., grabbed a hot dog and some unsweetened tea and buried himself into a couch.

“The USO’s great,” he said. “They’re always very accommodating, no matter where we go.”

Cozzens is the headquarters company commander for the 396th Signal Battalion, which left McChord early Monday morning after three months of mobilization training at Fort Lewis.

And because the battalion was leaving, the volunteers of the USO were prepared to work.

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Local links, Dec. 9

There were several military ties to yesterday’s memorial service for the four fallen Lakewood police officers: Sgt. Mark Renninger was a former Army Ranger at Fort Lewis. The procession began at McChord Air Force Base. The military sent hundreds of people to the ceremony.

But you should read our story about the memorial or any of our stories on the topic not because of those ties (that’s just my excuse for posting it here), but because it was a deeply emotional, moving ceremony.

Other local links:

2nd Battalion, 75th Ranger Regiment
Justice on hold for civilian

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Local links, Dec. 1

My story on the first day of Spc. Ivette Davila’s Article 32 hearing had to be cut quite a bit — for obvious and understandable reasons — but it’s worth checking out the longer version on FOB Tacoma.

Other local links:

McChord Air Force Base
McChord officials to use commercial jet fuel in demonstration [62nd AW]

5th Brigade, 2nd Infantry Division
Learning the Terrain – Package [DVIDS]

3rd Brigade, 2nd Infantry Division
Arrowhead Brigade Has Their ‘Eye in the Sky’ [DVIDS]

17th Fires Brigade
COB Basra Marathoners run the gamut

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Local links, Nov. 23

Sean Naylor of the Army Times has this cool piece about soldiers from Fort Lewis’ 2nd Battalion, 1st Infantry Regiment using info ops in their fight against the Taliban.

From the story:

As a crowd gathered to watch the spectacle, loudspeakers mounted on a Stryker rammed the message home: “We took these weapons from the dead Taliban that decided to fight Task Force Legion, and we took them from the cowardly Taliban that surrendered to us and are currently sitting in our jail.”

The in-your-face challenge to the insurgents was unprecedented. For years the Taliban had held sway here

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