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Local links, March 18

Agence France-Presse reports the upcoming big offensive in Kandahar has already begun. The article also makes a minor reference to the work of 5th Brigade, 2nd Infantry Division, which is tasked with clearing the highways around Afghanistan’s second city.

Other local links:

Joint Base Lewis-McChord
Brothers found safe after Amber Alert [The News Tribune]
Salem police arrest father in child abduction case [Statesman-Journal]
Amber Alert called off after boys turned over to police [The Columbian]

5th Brigade, 2nd Infantry Division
Sergeant’s father notes ‘time to cry’ [The News Tribune]

3rd Brigade,

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Transportation companies return

About 170 Washington National Guard soldiers arrived home Tuesday from a yearlong mobilization, during which they hauled cargo to American military bases across Iraq.

The soldiers from the 1161st Transportation Company and the 1041st Transportation Company arrived at Sea-Tac and Spokane airports, where they were met friends and family.

The companies – which formed Task Force 1161st in Iraq – are based in Ephrata and Spokane but have soldiers from across the state. They drove tractor-trailers on long-haul missions, hauling more than 31.4 million pounds of cargo and delivering 71,000 pallets of water.

The soldiers mobilized for federal service

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After long haul, time to relax

Photo by Joe Barrentine/The News Tribune
Photo by Joe Barrentine/The News Tribune

TALLIL, Iraq – Fruit-flavored tobacco, near beer, salsa music, a bonfire and dancers wearing reflective belts.

Call it deployment downtime.

Five Washington National Guard soldiers serving with a transportation company spent Monday night unwinding after an eight-hour long haul at a pizza joint called 6Pazzi that serves as the center of Contingency Operating Base Adder’s social scene. They took long drags off hookahs, munched on pepperoni pizza, sipped non-alcoholic Budweiser and imported soft drinks and cracked jokes.

“Whenever we go out on a long one,” Staff Sgt. Rick Garces of Quincy said, “we try to hang out a bit and relax. And this place is pretty fun.”

By Iraq standards, 6Pazzi offered soldiers the closest thing to a bar scene they’ve found. Strings of colored lights hung from the 15-foot concrete T-walls. The restaurant’s employees fed wooden pallets into a raging fire pit. Speakers thumped music, and a clearing amid the plastic tables served as a dance floor. The bar inside was stocked with bottles of mineral water and mixers that looked convincingly similar to fifths of liquor at first glance.
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Local links, Sept. 15

Jeremy Pawloski of The Olympian has gone through thousands of pages of public records from the City of Olympia concerning John Towery, the Fort Lewis employee accused of spying on an Olympia antiwar group.

Much of it is about threat assessments the Fort Lewis force protection folks sent to the Olympia Police Department about the Olympia Port Militarization Resistance group. Towery has been accused of infiltrating the group to spy on them — a possible violation of the Posse Comitatus Act.

According to Fort Lewis spokesman J.C. Matthews, the investigation remains ongoing. This is what he wrote to the

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