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Australian two star visits JBLM to tell troops “It’s good to have you back” on watch in the Pacific

An Australian two-star general is visiting Joint Base Lewis-McChord this week with a message about the Army’s reinvigorated focus on the Pacific.

“It’s good to have you back,” said Maj. Gen. Rick Burr.

Burr is making the rounds in the Northwest as the deputy commanding general for U.S. Army Pacific in Hawaii. It’s a new position, and it’s intended to be reserved for Australians in the years ahead.

U.S. Army Pacific leads about 60,000 soldiers in Hawaii, Alaska, South Korea and at Lewis-McChord. It answers to the Defense Department’s Pacific Command under Adm. Samuel Locklear.

Burr’s position is one of

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Sequester hitting home at JBLM in slashed tuition assistance and tight training budgets

Service members at Joint Base Lewis-McChord are starting to feel the pinch of forced federal budget cuts that are changing the way they train and cutting into benefits they have enjoyed throughout the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

At the top of the list for service members looking to advance themselves are the Army and Air Force tuition assistance programs, which give them up to $4,500 a year toward college-level education programs.

The Army and Air Force suspended that program this month as they sought to shore up their budgets following Congress’ failure to avert $50 billion in immediate defense

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Air Force honors JBLM airman who protected soldiers on the ground in 12-hour battle with Taliban


Lt. Gen. Eric E. Fiel, Air Force Special Operations Command commander, pins the Silver Star Medal on to Staff Sgt. Adam Krueger of Joint Base Leiw’s McChord’s 22nd Special Tactics Squadron. Photo by Air Force Staff Sgt. Sean Tobin.

The chief of Air Force Special Operations visited Joint Base Lewis-McChord last week to pin a Silver Star on an airman who guided NATO air power through a 12-hour firefight with Afghan insurgents almost three years ago.

Staff Sgt.  Adam Krueger of the 22nd Special Tactics Squadron earned recognition for his

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Trial update: Senior JBLM Air Force commanders could testify for accused pilot

Two of Joint Base Lewis-McChord highest ranking Air Force commanders could be called to testify on behalf of a pilot who is facing a court-martial stemming from a training exercise that resulted in the death of an Army paratrooper.

The accused pilot, Capt. Jared Foley, was well regarded among top officers in Lewis-McChord’s 62nd Airlift Wing, and until recently provided daily operations briefings to commanding officer Col. Wyn Elder.

“I thought (Foley) did a fine job with the task at hand” in those daily briefings, said Col. Thomas Jackson, commander of the wing’s maintenance group.

Foley’s court-martial started Tuesday at

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JBLM C-17 pilot pleads not guilty to charges stemming from 2011 airdrop death

A Joint Base Lewis-McChord pilot today pleaded not guilty to charges of reckless endangerment and dereliction of duty in the 2011 death of a Special Forces paratrooper near a Montana training ground.

Capt. Jared Foley is alert and attentive at the start of his court-martial. The hearing is off to a slow start because of a technical glitch in the courtroom’s recording system.

So far, the main arguments center on what kind of testimony senior Air Force officers can give in court.

Air Force Capt. Mark Rosenow submitted a motion to bar witnesses from offering opinions about whether a reasonable

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McChord airmen on their way to Afghanistan, Iraq and Africa

Another wave of Joint Base Lewis-McChord airmen left the South Sound this week for a two-month deployment in Africa, the Middle East and Afghanistan.

The 7th Airlift Squadron of Lewis-McChord’s 62nd Airlift Wing departed with about 65 airmen.

Here’s the list of named military operations they’ll be supporting from two forward bases with their C-17 Globemaster III cargo jets: Operations Enduring Freedom, New Dawn, Odyssey Dawn and Combined Joint Task Force-Horn of Africa.

Translation: Afghanistan, Kuwait, Iraq, Libya and a number of African nations.

“It is an honor for the 7th Airlift Squadron to be asked once more to forward

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McChord squadron returns from Afghanistan duty

Family members gathered at McChord Air Field on Monday to welcome home more than 90 active-duty airmen from a 75-day deployment in support of the war in Afghanistan.

The airmen from the 8th Airlift Squadron transported equipment and evacuated wounded service members during their assignment. They deployed as the 817th Expeditionary Airlift Squadron. It was the squadron’s second deployment in less than a year.

Airmen from the 8th Airlift Squadron returned to McChord Air Field on Monday.

“Our men and women delivered first class service to the soldiers, sailors, airmen and Marines either on their way

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