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Widows join homecoming ceremony at Lewis-McChord for artillery battalion

Post by Adam Ashton / The News Tribune on Oct. 20, 2010 at 12:22 pm with 9 Comments »
October 20, 2010 12:37 pm

Ann Mora and Misty Bauer carried a heavy weight when they awoke early Wednesday to attend a homecoming celebration for their husbands’ artillery company.

Their husbands’ fellow artillerymen wanted to help them lift it.

Their husbands – Staff Sgt. Conrad Mora and Spc. Joseph Bauer – were killed July 24 by a roadside bomb. The blast also killed two more of their comrades, Sgt. Daniel Lim and Spc. Andrew Hand.

Ann Mora and Misty Bauer stood in for their husbands when their unit came home for good from its yearlong deployment in Afghanistan. They joined hundreds of other family members in a gymnasium at Joint Base Lewis-McChord to welcome the 5th Battalion, 3rd Artillery Regiment of the 17th Fires Brigade.

The two widows held urns that contained their husbands’ ashes. Some soldiers paused to kneel in front of them, quietly touching the urns and whispering to Anna Mora and Misty Bauer.

“He’s still part of the unit,” Misty Bauer, 25, said. “I’m very happy that they’re returning, but it just breaks my heart that he’s not.”

Their tears contrasted with a buoyant mood at the homecoming. Soldiers grabbed their spouses for long kisses. They held the children they’ve missed, and grinned as they looked ahead to a month of hard-earned downtime.

“She’s huge,” said Spc. Anthony Robertson, 22, taking in a full look at his 15-month-old daughter. “I know she’s walking already, and that boggles my mind.”

Components of the 17th Fires Brigade went six different ways last year. Most of the brigade’s artillerymen went to Basra, Iraq, and returned from combat in August.

One battalion with 280 artillerymen was sent to Afghanistan, where it protected airfields and cleared roads of deadly improvised explosive devices. It was split into two separate batteries, and further splintered into smaller missions around Afghanistan.

The last 130 soldiers from the Afghanistan battalion arrived home Wednesday morning.

“They sacrificed more than anybody,” Col. Steven Bullimore, the brigade’s commander, said in a brief speech to the soldiers. “They lived harder. They lived more dangerously. They risked more, and they left four of their brothers on the battlefield in Afghanistan. Their job every day was to go out and hunt the ones who were hunting them.”

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  1. the3rdpigshouse says:

    DYI folks!! – that marxist/socialist “OH-Bummer” has no intention of winning in Afghanistan and is busily trying to save a minimum of face while giving Afghanistan to the Taliban!! In the meantime our men and women are dying there and not being allowed to complete their mission!! The people on the ground in Afghanistan are starting to see the giveaway by that marxist anti_US maggot we have in the White House!!

    A quote from over theree: “If they use rockets to hit the forward operating base we can’t shoot back because they were within 500 meters of the village. If they shoot at us and drop their weapon in the process we can’t shoot back,” said Spc. Charles Brooks, 26, a U.S. Army medic with 1st Battalion, 4th Infantry Regiment, in Zabul province.

    Word had come down the morning Brooks spoke to this reporter that watch towers surrounding the base were going to be dismantled because Afghan village elders, some sympathetic to the Taliban, complained they were invading their village privacy. “We have to take down our towers because it offends them and now the Taliban can set up mortars and we can’t see them,” Brooks added, with disgust.”

    These are the policies of the anti-American “OH-Bummer” at his best!!!

  2. sixpackjoe says:

    The only Oh Bummer I know was the 8 years of Bush that left our economy in shambles… Oh doggonit!

  3. the3rdpigshouse says:

    Put the sixpack down Joe and start looking at reality – the socialist democrat party is intent, under the leadership of that marxist/socialist in the White House, to transform our great country into a socialist cesspool and the courageous men & women in our military are a future obstacle to that objective!!!

  4. These MEN did make a difference keeping terror in check, and civilians like myself owe them big time.
    Hope Ann and Misty go on to lead happy lives. You certainly deserve to.

  5. the3rdpigshouse says:

    Sgt Mora & Spc Bauer – Thank You for your dedication & sacrifice!! Semper Fi

  6. I’m amazed that anyone would try to politicize this event, but as 3pigs decided to, I’ll just remind those that are able to think, that there have been 7 years of war under Bush 2 years of war under Obama. Money and lives wasted under Bush, Money and lives wasted under Obama. The chances of winning under Obama are the same as under Bush, zero. We are fighting both of our wars for one reason only, to protect the ego’s of our leaders, first Bush ( the one that got us into them ) and now Obama ( the one that does not wish to be known as the one that lost these wars ). Have these soldiers made a difference? Well as they say, you decide. We will be in these wars until one of two events happen, we run out of money, or the military is unable to find young men and women to enlist.

  7. On 9/11 3000, of our citizens were killed, during the Iraq and Afghanistan wars about 5000 of our young men and women have been killed, about 30,000 seriously wounded, the number of wounded does not count the thousands that have returned with some form of brain damage. I’m sorry but I’m more than a little tired of those that ignore the facts as they are. 3 pigs can blast the Dems all day long, but the fact is that both parties support our endless wars to almost the same extent. And those of us that sit quietly in the background, watching TV, and keeping track of Mariner scores do as well. In a democracy it is said we get what we deserve.

  8. markdede says:

    We also say: Sgt Mora & Spc Bauer – Thank You for your dedication & sacrifice!! Semper Fi.

    The wives of these soldiers and their families are in our heart and prayers…God bless.

  9. CharleyLeChein says:

    Bring our military back from everywhere. I served, and have slightly changed my viewpoint, after we have all back nuke the middle east. That solves the problems with Iraq, Iran, Syria, Afghanistan, and we wont need much oil, we will have the middle east glowing. When was tha last time you had someone from the middle east do something good for you?

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