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Some links and a reminder for courtesy

Ok, my shift as the Reader Representative mercifully came to an end on Friday. Hopefully, I can post a little bit more. But it’s tough to do much since I’m not in Arizona yet, and hopefully that will change in a week or two, and Larry and I can double up on the coverage.

But something that needs to be cleared up now for further reference. The pointless sniping at Larry or myself or other posters needs to stop. A little bit of ribbing or teasing in good humor is fine,

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LINKAGE: Post Griffey signing, A-Rod fallout and former M’s stories

Some of you may not have heard – perhaps if you were in a cave in Siberia for the last 24 hours – but Ken Griffey Jr. has returned to Seattle, signing a one-year contract.

Lots of links on the development so let’s get to them.

Here’s Larry’s story, which ran on the front page of our paper.

Columnist Dave Boling offers his thoughts on a season that just got more interesting.

News Tribune multimedia guru Joe Barrentine has put together this slideshow.

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Griffey rumors

So we have Jerry Crasnick’s story saying baseball sources have told him talk with Griffey have picked up.

And we have Jim Street’s story saying the Mariners and Griffey’s agent Bryan Goldberg are nearing agreement on a one-year contract.

Now whether it gets done today or not isn’t a given. Junior is playing golf at Pebble Beach at the AT&T Pro-AM and I don’t think he’s going to leave the tournament to take what figures to be a fairly extensive physical (remember he had knee surgery in

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Is this the M’s new closer?

Photo from

The USS Mariner was the first to post this news locally, so all credit goes to them, but the Mariners star right fielder Ichiro Suzuki threw a bullpen session during WBC workouts with the Japanese team. Apparently he topped out at 91 miles per hour and can throw a forkball. The original post came from and since I can’t read Japanese (despite having a Japanese mother), I have no idea what the story says.

Here’s some more photos from the session.

I e-mailed

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LINKAGE: A weekend full of them and not all A-Rod

It’s late Sunday night and I’m still trying to process the appearance of Neil Diamond on the Grammy’s and wondering if the show actually carries any weight or relevance anymore.

But while I was watching three-plus hours worth of strange duets and odd combinations of singers (Jonas Brothers and Stevie Wonder?), I also perused about four days worth of baseball news on the internet to get some links up for you.

Obviously, the news about Alex Rodriguez and steroids dominated most of the coverage and with good reason. I’ve read a few comments in Larry’s first

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LINKAGE: The ever changing opinions on Ken Griffey …

A day after posting scathing comments about Ken Griffey Jr. by a talent evaluator, ESPN’s Buster Olney now says much of Griffey’s struggles last season was due to a knee injury that has now been surgically repaired.

Here’s today’s blog post

Also SI’s Jon Heyman talked with Griffey’s agent and has a similar story.

And the debate on bringing Junior back continues, what are your thoughts?

*** Also the White Sox offered Bobby Abreu a one-year, $8 million contract, so unless the Mariners

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LINKAGE: Selig’s getting paid, no love for Boras

We haven’t had any “links” posts lately, or for that matter, any posts lately, as Marinersfan posted. Well, there really hasn’t been a ton of stuff out there for a daily links look. But I combed the internet over the last two days to provide some.

OK, let’s deal with a few Mariners things quickly.

The rumors of lefty Rich Hill possibly being acquired by the Mariners in a trade with the Cubs can cease. Hill was traded to the Baltimore Orioles earlier today for a player to be named later.

Also Larry Stone

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