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The interminable wait for the new Mariner — Dustin Ackley

Here’s my story for the night

So I was staring at my computer, blackberry was on my right and I was refreshing Twitter, and my competitors over at the Seattle Times waiting to find out the news on Dustin Ackley.

Here’s a quick breakdown
8:30 — I’m told by my desk that it would be a good idea to start writing two stories – one if he signs and one if he doesn’t. I feel like a speech writer on election night.
8:35 — I hate writer’s block
8:36 — complaining on Facebook and Twitter
8:45 — wondering what I’ve done with my day.
8:46 — complaining on Twitter and Facebook
8:47 — complaining to my dog
8:48-8:49 — complain about my parents crappy cable package
8:50 — My competitor and buddy Larry Stone’s computer inexplicably crashes as he waits in anticipation. I may or may not have had anything to do with it. I’m like Keyser Soze in the Usual Suspects. “And like that, he’s gone.”
8:51 — I can hear Larry screaming in rage all the way in Bellevue.
8:52-8:56 — stare blankly ahead like David Putty on Seinfeld.
8:57 — nothing
8:58 — Cursing of Scott Boras under my breath
8:59 — My dog starts barking for no reason
9:00 — nothing, no whistles, sirens, no alerts from my computer, my blackberry, my email.
9:01 — still no rioting in the streets, but then again I’m in Havre, MT. Dustin Ackley is not a big topic. Wheat futures, diesel prices and Griz football are
9:04 — I’m alerted by my buddy Dusty on the desk that’s Jonathan Mayo is reporting he’s signed.
9:12 — get the official signing from the Mariners
9:15 — Conference call with Jack Z
9:16 — email about Tyler Blandford signing arrives
9:18 — in the middle of the conference call, desk IMs me to ask if I’m done with my story for the Olympian. Um, not quite was my answer.
9:20 — Cursing Scott Boras openly.
9:30 — Writing furiously, not cleanly.
9:41 — send story.
9:43 — More writing for the TNT
9:50 — Still writing, and trying to decipher notes from conference call with Jack Z.
10:21 — Send story for TNT.
10:24 — see that Ackley didn’t sign for the 9.5 million that a few people reported.
10:25 — call desk and have them change it to the write numbers.
10:27 — Chhhhhhh, the sound of an adult beverage.
10:28 — blogging.
10:38 — responding to a blog comment
10:40 — searching for a Sophia Bush pic to post in the comments
10:49 — clink, clink, clink the sound of a few chunks of ice hitting a rocks glass.

As I mentioned a few sentences above the official parameters of the deal, according to Baseball America’s Jim Callis.

Five-year major league deal, $6 million bonus, $1.5 million in guaranteed salaries, another $2.5 million possible in salaries depending on how quick he reaches the majors, $7.5 million total guaranteed.

Here’s a few quotes from Jack Z

“We think he is a player who’s going to bat in the middle of our lineup in years to come. He has put up terrific numbers at the college level. He can run, he’s athletic, he’s a left-handed hitter who’s going to play nice in this ballpark. He’s the type of guy you look for when you’re scouting. We’re very excited about this sign.”

Did it go down to the last minute?
It did, down to the last few minutes. There were many calls with Scott throughout the week and certainly throughout the day. We worked very hard on this one. It got down right to the very end. We’re happy we have the young man on board.

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Day 2 draft updates

4 (113) James Jones, OF Long Island University

5 (143) Tyler Blandford, RHP Oklahoma State

6 (173) Shaver Hansen, 3B Baylor

7 (203) Brian Moran, LHP North Carolina

8 (233) Jimmy Gilheeney, LHP North Carolina State

9 (263) Trevor Coleman, C Missouri

10 (293) Vincent Catricala, 3B Hawaii

11 (323) Tim Morris, 1B St. John’s N.Y.

12 (353) Andrew Carraway, RHP Virginia

13 (383) Matt Cerione, CF Georgia

14 (413) Adam Nelubowich, 3b Vauxhall HS, Vauxhall, Alberta

15 (443) Blake Keitzman, lhp

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Wrapping up Day 1 of the draft

Not a bad day for the Mariners. They take five position players – three college, two high school. Remember you’ll be able to watch top pick Dustin Ackley and third-round pick Kyle Seager, who both play for the University of North Carolina on Sunday when the Heels take on Arizona State in the first round of the College World Series.

Here’s my story from today.

Here’s John McGrath’s column on the draft.

This story also has video of Ackley and other picks, and the comments from Jack Zduriencik and Tom McNamara

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McNamara, Zduriencik and Ackley all speak

Things got pretty hectic around here over the last 10 minutes with scouting director Tom McNamara and GM Jack Zduriencik speaking to the media and Dustin Ackley speaking over a conference call.

First lets get to McNamara, who I think enjoys briefings with the press about as much as getting a root canal with no novacaine.

He personally saw Ackley play centerfield on a couple different occasions.

“We’re pretty comfortable with his athleticism and things he can do and the things he’ll be able to do,” McNamara said.

They are projecting him

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The MLB Draft blog: live updates in progress

7:14 — The Mariners made their final pick of the day, selecting Ackley’s teammate Kyle Seager – a 2B/3B – from UNC. That is all for the Mariners today. More stuff after I file my story.

6:29 — With the 51st pick, the Mariners take first baseman Rich Poythress out of the University of Georgia.

6:01 — The Mariners with the 33rd pick catcher Steven Baron. We talked about this earlier and DAve Cameron from the USS Mariner had said the Mariners had a pre-draft deal with him. He’s considered to be the best

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The picks of the past

My mistake on the labeling. As JP1717 points out, these aren’t all first-round picks the first picks of that year’s draft. Some are in the supplemental and such, so remember these aren’t all first round picks, but the first pick the Mariners made that year.

Just for a reference, here are the first picks of the Mariners in the past. Some are good, Junior and Alex Rodriguez and Adam Jones, some were not good at the time like Michael Garciaparra, and some never panned out like Ryan Anderson

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