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Stefen Romero homers twice in AFL Fall Stars game

Post by Ryan Divish on Nov. 2, 2013 at 10:10 pm with 13 Comments »
November 2, 2013 10:16 pm

Stefen Romero, a hard-hitting prospect for the Mariners, homered twice in the Arizona Fall League Fall Stars game. Romero entered the game in the sixth inning as a pinch hitter and homered to right. In his next at-bat, he did the same thing. Two at-bats, two homers.

Romero was drafted out of Oregon State as an infielder. He played second base early in his professional career. But with a glut of second basemen in the organization, the Mariners converted Romero to the outfield. Playing in the AFL is part of that transition. He played left field and right field for Triple A Tacoma this season, hitting .277 with 11 homers and 74 RBI in 93 games.

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  1. SharkHawk says:

    Completely off topic Ryan, but are you getting a “gut feeling” on any of the managerial candidates? Does it feel like they are going to go with another non-experienced guy (as they seem to be bouncing back and forth)?

    Who would YOU pick to manage a team (not the Mariners necessarily, but any team that you were in a position to hire a manager). I’d love to hear who you’d pick considering you interact with baseball guys every single day and have for many years. I know I have my favorites, but I realize the Mariners don’t care what I think, and if I even mentioned any of them I’d be doomed and jinx them out of a job.

    As an impartial observer, you don’t have to worry about who they pick for wins and losses sake, but I’m sure there are guys that would be much more interesting to be around and interview regularly. I am certain from my own experiences that covering a team with a guy calling the shots like Greg Schiano of the Bucs is not fun on a day-to-day basis. However, I’m sure that the guys who got to cover the Earl Weaver Orioles or the Casey Stengel led teams were at the very least interesting. I know that the media really enjoyed when Dick Williams (hope that doesn’t get edited out) was managing in Seattle, because he was a quote machine and supposedly super accommodating.

    Sorry I haven’t posted much. I’m going to put the hammer down and participate to let you know I appreciate what you do and I want to be involved in the conversation, and not just be a continual sideline know-it-all. ;)

  2. Quinault says:

    We need outfielders! I am not so certain that our infield is set. Could Ackley bounce back? Are Franklin and Miller the real deal? If Mike Z is the primary, who backs-up? If Smoak struggles [and you know he will] who can step in? We drafted a 3b! How quick does he get here?

    We declined Guti’s option. Saunders may go to arbitration. Raul is a free agent. So is Chavy. Morse and Bay are gone.

    Where do we put the now hitting Montero? DH? 1B? 2nd or 3rd catcher? Or is he traded before spring training?

    The question besides the manager is will we spend some money this off season? How dependent are we on getting our young pitching to the big club level? We went with stop gap pitching in 13 and we could not tread water [and slid back from where we were]. I would almost say our biggest need is pitching. (Cliché, that is every teams biggest need.)

    Will Romero and Peguero make the team as outfielders? It looks like it to me! GMZ’s plan is to go young and cheap [or is that the marching orders from even higher?]. So I am going to say 75% – 25%.

    But the off-season is long and it has just begun. Next up an official qualifying offer to Morales and the clock on him declining it.

  3. Nice showing by Romero but I still wonder if he can hack it in The Show. He sure deserves a chance to try it at some point.

    I’m most concerned with the rotation for next season. I know most fans are expecting Walker and Paxton to fill the 3 and 4 slots but that’s no sure thing. I figure they need to bring in two decent arms as they need some depth to cover the injuries and failures.

  4. wabubba67 says:

    But his (Romero’s) numbers “are effing horrible”. How did he manage to hit two HRs against All-Star pitching, tiny bbs?

    Nobody reputable will manage the Mariners this year. Simply due to the fact that Z has one year left on his contract and that the turnover rate among Mariners’ managers is comparable to most South American heads of state.

  5. Quinault says:

    It ain’t gonna be Ausmus. Tigers named him manager.

  6. SharkHawk says:

    I realize the Z situation really complicates things. I’m sure anybody who has had “informal discussions” with Z has brought this up. I am certain this is why they haven’t had official interviews. Guys don’t want to get turned down for a job, because it looks bad on their resume to be interviewed and not get a position. I am almost sure that guys are turning down interviews with Howard and Chuck, and instead wanting to talk to Z first to get his take on where exactly the organization is. I am confident that the way Wedge left, and his discussion about it will impact some people’s interest in the job. The coaching fraternity is pretty strong, and those guys talk. Many of the guys that are coming up as names for the position played with or against Wedge, and they certainly don’t want to go into the same bad situation.

    I know everybody wants a shot at managing, but if you’re offered a 1 year contract under a lame duck GM, I don’t think you even take the job seriously, unless you’re a AAA manager who is working under the same situation (Brown then seems to be the default).

    I just wondered who Ryan would like to see from a standpoint of somebody who has to cover the team all year whether they suck or not. I am sure an entertaining manager with a loose clubhouse is more interesting to cover day in and day out (especially with all of the travel) than a complete jerk. Maybe the M’s would win more under Dusty Baker, but it might be a real hard season to cover from a journalist point of view… or it could be really entertaining considering the guaranteed fights with upper management, because Dusty has them every year. But no way he comes into a situation where he isn’t making a lot of money guaranteed over several years (fire him early, and he still gets paid for 3-5 years). Which is why I don’t think they even consider a guy like that, and why they weren’t ever really considering Lou. I am sure if Lou were given the reins over the organization (a Pete Carroll type of situation, without being able to be overruled by Chuck) then he might have considered it as his swan song, but he knew he’d never get the ultimate job in Seattle… large payroll, no overrules from Chuck, and final decisions on roster throughout.

  7. I don’t really care for Baker and how he handles pitchers and bullpens. It took Bryan Price to get him to dial back on overworking young arms. I liked Hale when he interviewed last time. McClendon never really had a chance in Pittsburgh. But really to me it doesn’t matter. It could be Joe Maddon and they won’t win unless the talent improves

  8. Quinault says:

    GMZ may have drafted well, but we rushed talent through the system. We reached down to AA for a starting pitcher this year. How many of the roster should still be in the minors? The trades have not gotten us MLB ready players, except for Morales – which was a salary dump for both clubs.

    We are still in a slow climb to respectability. That is Pittsburgh West. But maybe this upcoming year, we will have some team speed.

  9. wabubba67, his numbers were effing horrible. Look them up if you can actually read. That didn’t change one bit in this game. I never said he was a bad player. I asked how you make an all-star team with horrible numbers. Perhaps if you weren’t retarded you could comprehend that.

    You’re just as dumb as a chunk of dog shit, aren’t you? And you likely have a 2 inch knob as well. That’s why you’re still sniping unprovoked months later. You’re a pathetic loser.

  10. wabubba67 says:

    Your girlfriend and mother aren’t complaining, tiny bbs.

    Go back to your vaunted WAR stats and other geekish numbers and leave the sports page to those that have removed themselves from the computer screen in order to have actually once played the game competitively.

    You are a laughable dork. :-)

  11. Yo momma and yo sista! LOL. Jesus you are pathetically immature for being an old fogey. And you sound about as intelligent as the mental defects that you “teach”. I know, you played versus the Dominican Sisters of Peace in high school. Wow. That makes you qualified to evaluate baseball players. I’ll take sabermetrics over the verbal diarrhea of a pathetic neverwas any day of the week. Who was that paid you to scout players again? Oh yeah, nobody. And I never said Romero is a bad player. You’d realize that if you could 1) comprehend a word with more than one syllable in it and 2) weren’t just trying to pick a fight to get some attention due to having zero friends. Open wide :-O

  12. *who pays you

  13. wabubba67 says:

    You really need to get a life. (I don’t know, try to kiss a girl or something.) You remind me of the geeks at the Star Trek convention harassing William Shatner on an SNL skit.

    Laughable, tiny dork.

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