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Danny Hultzen to see Dr. James Andrews with throwing shoulder issue

Post by Ryan Divish on Sep. 24, 2013 at 5:08 pm with 9 Comments »
September 24, 2013 8:44 pm

The 2013 season has been lost for Danny Hultzen and the Seattle Mariners.

On Tuesday afternoon at Safeco Field, general manager Jack Zdruriencik announced that their prized pitching prospect will head to Birmingham, Ala., to see noted orthopedic surgeon Dr. James Andrews for a second opinion on his  ailing throwing shoulder.

Hultzen was shut down on two separate occasions this season because of shoulder discomfort. Both times it was labeled as a rotator cuff strain and the issue was supposedly caused by faulty pitching mechanics. The Mariners re-examined his mechanics and made changes to them during his most recent recovery and throwing program. The issue was thought to be fixed. Hultzen worked his way back to pitching off the mound again by the end of the season, and was slated to pitch in the Arizona Fall League to make up for some of the lost innings from this season.

That plan was scratched after Hultzen felt discomfort in the shoulder while throwing down in the Arizona instructional league.

Hultzen was examined by Mariners’ team physician Dr. Edward Khalfayan.

“Ed saw him and quite frankly he doesn’t like what he sees,” Zduriencik said. “He saw some damage that he was unhappy with. It’s not the rotator cuff. It’s the tendon area, labrum area.”

Hultzen and his representation to receive a second opinion, which Dr. Khalfayan was also in favor of. The Mariners will wait to hear from Andrew’s exam and go from there.

“Until we get the second opinion and the doctors put their heads together, we don’t know exactly what this is,” Zduriencik said.

Hultzen was selected with the second overall pick of the 2011 draft out of the University of Virginia. He started six games and made one two-inning relief appearance for the Tacoma Rainiers this season, posting a 4-1 record with a 2.05 ERA. He struck out 34 batters in 30 2/3 innings pitched. Four of the starts came in April before the first bout of shoulder pain.


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  1. The M’s have to bring in a vet pitcher if he isn’t right.

  2. wabubba67 says:

    He wasn’t going to pitch for the 2014 Mariners anyway, so I’m not sure why the need to bring in a veteran pitcher is any more pressing now than it was before this news.

    Hultzen was a surprise draft pick with the number 2 overall selection. Had a low ceiling for someone taken that high, as most scouts thought that he might develop into a number 3 or maybe a number 2 pitcher. In retrospect (of course) it would have been more attractive to have drafted another bat.

  3. Quinault says:

    Well we brought in veteran bats and that did not work out. We brought in veteran arms and that did not work out. So it looks like it is refill from within. Just say No to Noesi.

    Continuing on the theme: we brought in veteran outfielders and that did not work out. We brought in veteran infielders – including multiple catchers – and that did not work out.

    We brought in players with local connections and that did not work out [although it had some moments]. We brought back players with team connections and the two that worked out was: Cammy retiring after signing a one-day contract and Raul who entered the history books with HR’s @ age 41+.

    Will the Marlins have another fire sale this off season? Could Jon Lester come “home” to pitch? Would Vargas give us a discounted deal as he was hurt? Let’s all say Cliff Lee together – on three: 1, 2, no way.

    Given our budgetary constraint, we will be lucky to sign all our draftees and buy out Guti’s contract. I do not see any free agent signings this off season. Not even our own. *except for the qualifying offer to Morales in order to secure a draft pick – which could bite us as he is at or near league average, nowhere near an elite player. He may be forced to accept it as there really isn’t a market for players of his capabilities. And let’s kick this can again – I see Carlos Peguero as the DH next year.

  4. I agree, signing a veteran pitcher is probably a must at this point because you can’t depend on 3 incredibly young and inexperienced pitchers in your rotation (unless you are Atlanta or St. Louis apparently).

    The IF looks set for the next few years, as does the catcher position.

    Q, the budget is not THAT constrained. A lot of money comes off the books this off-season, especially when they buy-out the option on Joe Saunders and Guti (though I expect Guti to be offered a one-year deal for little guaranteed money and loaded with incentives). $9M off the books for Figgins alone.

    Peguero is not in the organization’s plans. Not being called-up in September is a pretty clear sign of that. Tons of power, but offers little else, and has not shown the ability to consistently make contact at the AAA or ML level.

  5. You don’t see why there is more of a need to bring in a vet. pitcher after this news because your opinion is based on a faulty premise, i.e. Hultzen wouldn’t have pitched for the 2014 M’s. Would he have given you 200 innings after being injured most of 2013? Prob not, but he could’ve pitched a very significant portion of the year if healthy. I think they needed to sign a vet. pitcher regardless, I just think him being out 2014 would make it important to devote more resources to signing a vet. I wouldn’t want to count on Maurer, Ramirez, Walker, and Paxton to fill 3 slots in the rotation. 2 would be okay.

    As far as drafting a bat instead, who knows how it will turn out but there isn’t a position player from the 2011 draft that has contributed anything that significant yet besides Anthony Rendon. He wasn’t going to start over Seager and he hasn’t produced anything more than Franklin has. We obviously don’t know what will happen in the future.

    I’ve posted this numerous times, but you’re wrong about the budget restraints Quinnault. Even if they simply keep the same budget as 2013. They have a 500K buyout of Guti, so they save 7 mil there assuming he doesn’t come back for less. Figgins’ 8 mil comes off the books. 6.5 mil for Joe Saunders. 6.75 mil for Mike Morse. That’s 28.25 mil right there. If they don’t sign Morales that’s another 5.25 mil for 33.5 mil total.

    Felix will makes 2.3 mil more in 2014. Smoak and Michael Saunders are arbitration eligible. Let’s say they make 5 mil more combined. Let’s assume Morales signs his tender. You then have 19.5 mil in room. Add in Felix, Saunders, and Smoak’s raises and you’re left with 12.2 mil even if they maintain the same payroll. And there’s a significant chance that Morales signs for less per year or signs elsewhere. Not peanuts. Many expect the payroll to increase with the new TV deal.

    So, that’s 26.2 mil if Morales signs elsewhere. They could sign Ibanez for like 5 mil to replace him at DH in 2014 I believe. That would take away 2.25 mil for 23.95 mil in room. I think that would be enough to sign Choo and a pretty good vet. pitcher.

  6. Quinault says:

    All I am saying is that GMZ went on a buying spree this year and it failed. I do not see that flexibility next year. I expect that the budget is reduced until revenues go up. The TV deal should make that so, but given our lackluster team on the field, it is not a good product to sell. Losing record, attendance down 10 years straight, no star power and you have a reduced payroll and vacancies in coaching positions as fingers are pointed and the piper is paid.

  7. Cue ball went on a plan C spending spree because that’s all he could get. Thankfully he couldn’t get Hamilton here. I’m actually glad they didn’t trade for Upton either at this point. They were 1 year deals that gave flexibility. He has that now to go after a real position player like Ellsbury or Choo. I’m actually starting to think that Choo would be a better signing, especially if he comes significantly cheaper.

    They increased payroll this year. Now they have the new TV deal. They have ZERO excuse to not at least keep it at the current level. If they reduce it I am done with this team until the 2 dumb asses at the top are gone. The people of the area will support this team if they are not forced to stomach the same pathetic crap for 10 years straight. Hire someone that knows what they’re doing, stay out of the way, get some good players, win, and then the fans will come back.

    Installing a slightly decent AAA player like Peguero at DH or in the OF isn’t going to turn this team around.

  8. Quinault says:

    I am saying that the most probable rebuilding scenario is from within. As one of the articles on this blog pointed out, many of the young players are tied to GMZ and I see that trend continuing: younger and cost controlled. That was what he was brought here to do, go cheap.

    What will turn this team around is pitching. Who shows up in Spring Training may tell the story. There are spots available.

    Also, I see someone like Ron Gardenhire coming in to drill fundamentals into the young club. He is from a small market – which we are quickly becoming. But that has to be on a multi-year deal.

  9. I would welcome the hiring of Ron Gardenhire. There’s one area I would welcome one of those 2 mandating a move to Cue Ball.

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