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Poll: The future of Jack Zduriencik and Eric Wedge

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July 17, 2013 11:51 am


Jack Zduriencik and Eric Wedge were all smiles this day. Will they have those smiles at the end of the season? (AP photo/Elaine Thompson)
Jack Zduriencik and Eric Wedge were all smiles this day. Will they have those smiles at the end of the season? (AP photo/Elaine Thompson)

News Tribune columnist John McGrath wrote today about the future of general manager Jack Zdruiencik and the manager Eric Wedge, which he believes will be determined over the next 67 games.

He lists the good and the bad of both and why they could stay or go.

From John’s column ….

But 67 games without a sniff of a playoff possibility doesn’t translate into 67 meaningless games. Between the resumption of the post-All-Star break schedule and the Sept. 29 season finale, the not-so-public front of the Seattle front office will collect evidence on whether general manager Jack Zduriencik and skipper Eric Wedge deserve to return.

Because Mariners CEO Howard Lincoln and team president Chuck Armstrong are not planning a town hall meeting with tomato-wielding fans anytime soon, we’re left to speculate.

My hunch? If the Mariners lose 90 or more games, Zduriencik is gone, and Wedge goes with him. They can point all they want to the strides the organization has made — subtle strides, infrastructure strides, strides not quantified in the standings — but

90 defeats, after two seasons that produced modestly improved records, will present a marketing department quandary that the most clever ad campaign won’t be able to solve.

A lot of wheels will have to go off the track for the Mariners to lose 90. The more likely scenario finds them playing at a .500 clip over the final 10 weeks, which would give them a 77-85 record and represent a third consecutive season in which they won more games than the previous year.

Should the Mariners keep Jack Zduriencik and Eric Wedge around for next season?

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  1. wabubba67 says:

    Wedge was fired from Cleveland under similar circumstances, and I believe that Cleveland made a mistake. It would be a shame to see a good man have the same fate dealt to him once more (young team that is improving and ready to take the next step).

    Z has done more good than bad and deserves more time if only because he and McNamara have dramatically improved the farm system (this is Z’s calling card of consistency from his days in Milwaukee). Some of the trades and signings have been regrettable, others have been brilliant (Putz, Morales, Lee). (By the way Milton Bradley should not be held against Z…that trade was trouble (Silva…Z inherited) for trouble (Bradley)).

  2. Quinault says:

    Wedge is gone. The team cannot play fundamental baseball. We cannot learn at the MLB level. We are swinging for the fences.

    GMZ is a harder call. He has done everything the front office has required: rebuild, cheap. He has one long term deal [Felix]. But the analysis is after 5 years we are basically in the same place where we started (although younger and with revamped minor league rosters). It is with his rent-a-player, rehabilitation projects, and draftees that Wedge is losing with. Sometimes those players deliver [Rauuuuuuul] and sometimes not [Mike Morse / Guti].

    More Mariner analysis
    Record Winning %
    Quarter pole: 19-21 11-9 @ home .475
    Mid-way: 35-45 21-20 @ home .4375
    All Star Break 43-52 25-25 @ home .4526

    ¾ 8/16

    The rest of the season will tell. Plus there are a lot of contracts up this year, so whoever is hired, will have to determine who returns and who leaves.

  3. It’s the coaches fault he has bad players? You’re right, you can’t be “learning” at the big league level, so he can’t teach them fundamentals. He can try to improve good habits and get them to change bad ones. He can only work with what he’s been given. I think he’s done a good job with what he has. They’ve made many personal changes so far this year. The current lineup looks nothing like the starting lineup at the beginning of the year.

  4. wabubba67 says:

    Quinault (love that name, I’m from Hoquiam),

    I typically appreciate your comments on this blog, but there is no way that this franchise is “basically in the same place…after 5 years”.

    Think back….when Z took over this roster was laden with non-producing, overpriced veterans that nobody else wanted (with the exception of Ichiro, who ownership deemed to be untradeable). In addition, there was literally NOTHING of value within the farm system. Somehow he managed to trade Putz and received a starting (if injury prone)CF, #3 starting pitcher, and some other pieces that could be traded later but marginally improved the roster when acquired.

    Today? We have a young, promising infield (Zunino, Smoak, Franklin, Miller, Seager) with a young LF (Ackley…though struggling now), and stable starting pitching. The bullpen is full of young, power arms. As for the farm system, more help seems to be on the way with Hultzen, Walker, Peterson, etc.

    This is a franchise on the cusp of turning things around.

  5. Quinault says:

    Losing records equal high draft picks. We have done well, by being bad. Yes we lost out on Strasberg, but I like who GMZ (first time GM) has drafted. Our win loss record is approximately the same as it was, but we have young talent in the system. So young that they are overmatched at the MLB level (Ackley).

    I am not so keen on who he has traded for: Noesi is at the top of that list [you can add your own disappointment].

    If anything I blame the front office for their tight fisted financial ways. I would love to buy my way into contention [but it currently isn't helping those LAAAAA Angels now isn't it?].

    I have disagreed all season long with many of the decisions that Wedge has made in game. I feel that he has yet to use any team speed and execute fundamentals like advancing the runner or bunting. Small ball isn’t pretty, but it scores runs. We have swung for the drawn in fences. We need to score runs. The patchwork pitching staff have done their jobs. Ryan has not.

    In the second (numerical) half we have won 8 and lost 7. Yeah, I am pretty excited too. That will not earn jobs. In the business of baseball, hitting coaches get fired. Managers are hired to be fired. General Managers have to deliver.

  6. bbnate420 says:

    I don’t know that Wedge and Z are necessarily joined at the hip. If you hire a new GM, you let him decide Wedge’s fate. I go back and forth on Z. His trade history is actually better than I remembered. Approx. 16 good trades of some significance and 13 bad ones. Some of the bad ones have been HORRIBLE though. I think his fate rests on how the young players play the final 67 games. I certainly would rather get rid of the two brainless wonders before Z or Wedge.

    Wedge didn’t have a good, young team when he was fired in Cleveland. They won 81 and then 65 games his last 2 years there. In 2010-2012, they won 69, 80, and 68 games. I don’t see how that was a good team? I don’t think Wedge is a bad manager though. I think he’s probably at least average. I don’t feel that strongly about keeping him or firing him. If you hire a new GM, I think you let him decide. I’d like them to get a proven commodity if they fire Z. Someone like a Gillick was for the team. Hopefully Dumb and Dumber would get out of the way again.

  7. wabubba67 says:


    Noesi is at the top of your bad trade list (we got Montero and Noesi for Pineda)? That trade looks like a tie right now, with a slight advantage (if any) to the Mariners. I would think that the Fister trade would have been at the top of anyone’s bad trade list.

  8. bbnate420 says:

    The Fister deal is probably the worst, but there are a couple other really bad trades as well. Morse for Ryan Langerhans. Barf. The trade of Steve Delabar looks awful right now. Even though Washburn didn’t go on to do anything, they got nothing in return for a valuable commodity at the time. The Morrow trade wasn’t good.

    BTW, Seattle also got fleeced by Det in the Carlos Guillen trade. Maybe they need to refrain from trading with Det?

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