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Mariners minor league report, May 9, 2013: Rainiers blow a six run lead with two outs in the ninth

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May 9, 2013 10:38 am

Every year in baseball, there are games that are beyond comprehension. Last night in Oklahoma City (BOOOOO!!!) the Tacoma Rainiers managed to lose a game in 10 innings, 7-6. But here’s the kicker. They had a six run lead …. in the ninth inning …. with two outs.

Here’s the story from Mike Curto …

Trailing by six runs with two outs and nobody on base in the bottom of the ninth inning, Oklahoma rallied for to tie and then won the game in the tenth inning, 7-6.

It was a stunning turnabout in a game that the Rainiers seemed to have all sewn up since the fourth inning.

“We snatched that one,” said grinning RedHawks manager Tony DeFrancesco, whose team has won nine straight home games. “Once a year you might have a comeback like that.”

Doubla A Jackson lost 1-0 to Huntsville.  Chance Ruffin pitched pretty well, giving up the one run on three hits.  Taijuan Walker will get the start tonight for the Generals.
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  1. Look I don’t know why no one else can see what is going on with
    Brendan Ryan and the lamest manager in the biz. One of the problems I think Ryan is having is just as he starts to put the bat on the ball harder even if he gets out Wedge sits him down for a few games and there ya go. He puts him back out, he struggles and it gives Wedge’s ego a kick thinking he is smart for sitting one of the best defensive shortstops in the game. Hey, did he sit Ackly for a long time? Did he sit Smoak for a long time? How about Montero? No, all of these players struggled, with Montero still and yet they continued to play. Ryan on the other hand was disrespected by Wedge last season saying Ryan need to learn about the game or some idiot remark as such. Ryan played for some of the best coach’s/managers in his career. Ed Cheff the Hall of Fame former coach of the Lewis Clark State Warriors, sixteen time NAIA champs who have sent many talented players not only to the pros but all the way to the top. Ryan learned from him and Cheff, Wedge knows more about the game than you will ever know. Then Ryan had big Tony. Another manager who has titles to brag about. What is Wedge’s great accomplishments? Let’s see..oh yeah his team had the lead late in the game against Boston, in Cleveland, leading three games to one and his lack of managing skills when they are needed most were nowhere to be found and the Indians went home. The regular season is won mostly by talented players but a good manager is the one that can give them the boost to win in short playoff’s. Cox was great with great players in the regular season but I am sorry to say, one title with the talent he had does not tell me he should be considered among the greatest of all time. Either way, if Ryan is going to get it together at the plate then you are going to have to leave him in the game. His defense is better than Andino and frankly I have not seen much from the plate from the former O to say he should be in the game all the time. But the M’s are an organization which strives for nothing more than what we have seen for years. I have not heard once any talk from the dishonest GM about putting a winning playoff team together or from anyone else. They have the worst two tv people in the business. I mean they are horrid. I have heard and seen every other team in the majors and too say we have the worst of them all is not a stretch. Sims, should be sent to radio to bore those people to death and Rick should be given the respect he deserves by making him the head tv guy. And if you have Rick then you have to send blowers, mr. repeat everything a hundred times has been rude to Rick on air before enough so if I ran the business he would have been sent packing. They have no personality at all. All they do is repeat the same crap over and over again with Sims talking about players from the past like he knows them all, even those who were there before he was born. What the team needs is someone with some b_ ll’s who won’t just kiss butt and will let you know who he works for. That isn’t the case with either Blowers or sims. sometimes I wonder who they are working for. I spent many years doing play by play, including eight years for Lewis Clark State in Lewiston, Idaho and I wasn’t the greatest and never pretended to be, but unlike the two mentioned earlier I had a great time with it and entertained as well as informed people. And I didn’t constantly whine about the weather. Oh it is going to be so hot in Texas..or so cold here and there…I have never heard so much firkin whining by a team on every level in my life. So their boring comments and whining about everything or better yet making excuses for players poor performances only show the level of interest management has for putting a winning team together. It is too bad that the majority owner who I understand is Mr. Nintendo should sell the team. Maybe Bill Gates will buy it and hopefully with his business sense that has made him rich would put someone in charge of the team at the top who does more than strut around acting like bigshots. Or maybe Nintendo should show that he gives a crap as well. A sorry situation. And Oh I nearly forgot the crap about the Mariners being happy about not getting Hamilton? Please. Give me a firkin break. That my dear author of the article is laughable. First off, they would die to have him on this team, just because he might bring in a few more fans than Ichiro did when Mr. Primma Donna was screwing the team and the fans with his half behind play for the past three years of his time with the M’s. I don’t believed that Jack every tried seriously to get Josh. Not at all. Funny how his comments on we had Hamilton if the Rangers signed Greinke but not once did I or others hear the scuttlebutt that follows such stories. Nowhere. And the Bs that Josh didn’t want to come to Seattle because of the weather is a lie. I heard him in interviews sin the past saying he like the city. Would he have struggled here? Who knows, likely but it will come around just as Pujols did last year for the Angels. Why don’t I really believe Z tried to get Josh? I look at the attempt to get Upton from the D-Backs. Why would you even try to go for a guy who has clearly stated out loud he wouldn’t honor a trade to Seattle! But yet Jack trying to look like he was trying to get good players to the team did it anyway and looked like a buffoon for trying. I can’t blame Upton, who would want to come here that is good? Oh we get Saunders..the pitcher…and then add another great one in man brain fart…the guy that no one wanted who Jack picked up with the season going and who hasn’t shown to be at this level anymore. It will come to me. Man I am getting old. Anyway the only savior for this organization is for someone who has the bucks and want to win to come in buy the team and clean firkin house. Period. And then start over with people that know what the bleep they are doing. Not washed up over pumped previously fired managers as Wedge who blew his chance at showing he had a clue in Cleveland. Sorry if this goes thru I get going and can’t stop. either way if it does send you will likely not read it because it isn’t a couple of babbling sentences. Instead a babbling but entertaining novel.

  2. I tried to read all of this … but did anybody else struggle with the lack of paragraph breaks?

  3. Coach81 says:

    Gotta have paragraph breaks just to keep the different thoughts separated.

    I did read all of it, and it was a struggle. I have a few counter-arguments. Wedge has given Brendan Ryan more “rope” with his offensive struggles than just about any other manager would. Also, this guy mentions Ryan playing for great managers like La Russa…but La Russa got so fed up with Ryan that he has him traded away for peanuts and cracker jacks.

    Hamilton and Upton didn’t want to be here. Deal with it. Hamilton also didn’t want to be in Texas. Upton didn’t want to be in Arizona or anywhere else on his no-trade list. So what?

    As far as Z’s off-season moves, feel free to criticize all you want, but at least come with some actual facts/numbers. You say none of the players he brought in are any good, so how about Morse? How about locking up Felix? Re-signing Iwakuma for WAY less than market value (considering how he is pitching)? The Pineda trade is still a win for Seattle because Pineda hasn’t thrown an inning for the Yankees. The Morales trade is a win because Vargas has been getting smoked. Point fingers at the Cliff Lee deal? Go for it. Before you do though, take a look at the players we gave up to get Lee, and you tell me if Z didn’t improve the overall talent with that trade.

    Trading for Cliff Lee, and then trading him away, eventually brought Seattle Smoak, Beavan, and Morse. We gave up Aumont, Gillies, and Ramirez. As of today, that’s a win for Seattle.

    If you are not an Eric Wedge fan, that is completely understandable. But do not blame the dismantling of a young and talented roster in Cleveland (because of money concerns) on him. Let him keep Sabathia, Lee, Victor Martinez, and Casey Blake and see what would have happened. Let Hafner and Sizemore stay healthy. You’re an idiot.

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