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Report: Felix Hernandez and Mariners agree to monster contract extension

Post by Ryan Divish on Feb. 7, 2013 at 11:31 am with 16 Comments »
February 7, 2013 3:00 pm

Well then, there’s some interesting,exciting news for Mariners fans.

From Bob’s story

Seattle Mariners ace Felix Hernandez has agreed to a seven-year, $175 million contract that should be finalized before spring training, making him the highest-paid pitcher in baseball history, a person familiar with the contract details told USA TODAY Sports.

The person spoke on the condition of anonymity because the contract is not yet official.

Hernandez was scheduled to earn $19.5 million in 2013 and $20 million in ’14. Instead, his new contract will take effect this season and pay him a record average annual value of $25 million through 2019.

A source within the organization said the deal isn’t official, but didn’t deny it’s being negotiated. My guess is that it could be announced as soon as tomorrow. But really with all the details that needed to be configured and the extensive physical that Hernandez will have to go, I’m leaning more toward Saturday. If not then, then next week  since most of the Mariners staff is heading to Peoria on Sunday to prepare for spring training.

This would make Hernandez the highest paid pitcher in major league baseball history.

Usually, you have to be a little wary of giving a pitcher that long of a contract. But really, the Mariners could not afford to lose Felix to another team via trade or free agency. If that happened, the Mariners would lose all credibility as a franchise.

By doing this, it signals a commitment to Hernandez going forward. And it also signals to fans, that the Mariners are done letting their best players – Ken Griffey Jr., Randy Johnson and Alex Rodriguez – to other teams. With attendance falling and more fans disinterested in the team or disappointed in ownership, this is a move that needed to be made. If they were forced to trade Hernandez or he walked in free agency, there is no telling how far the perception toward the team would have fallen.

Of course now, they also need to build up the team around Hernandez. They need to continue to draft smartly and also supplement the payroll. Hernandez’s yearly salary of around $25 million is right now just more than 1/4 of the payroll supposedly budgeted. They will need to add that budget to continue add talent to the organization and find success on the field.

As for Hernandez, this decision signals his loyalty to the organization that found him and nurtured him into the pitcher he is today. And while the money is gargantuan, this decision shows that Hernandez has a belief that this organization is headed in the right direction. He wouldn’t decided to stay here if he felt that he couldn’t ultimately win here.

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  1. jchawks08 says:

    Well this is awesome! Please Uncle Jacky, please build a winner around this guy. Soon would be nice.

  2. MrCarleone says:

    Perhaps he can throw a ball, but Felix is as dumb as a post !

    A real role model!

    Bon-Appetite Mariners Fools !

  3. mustang6984 says:

    Okay, first a few observations…
    I don’t normally correct grammar usage or spelling…but this one hurts too bad…
    “Usually, you have to be a little weary of giving a pitcher that long of a contract.”
    The proper word here should be “WARY” not weary…

    “And it also signals to fans, that the Mariners are done letting their best players – Ken Griffey Jr., Randy Johnson and Alex Rodriguez – to other teams.”
    Facts: Griffey was NOT one of our best players at the time he left. His batting average at the time was UNDER .240, and his attitude was somewhere near the bottom of the well of happiness. (His replacement, Mike Cameron, had a better batting average the following year than Griffey did! Check the facts. And Cameron only hit about .240 that year.)
    Alex might have been pretty decent at the time, but his over-bearing ego was just beginning to surface, and the Mariners did not “LET” him get away, they made what was by all accounts a fine offer to him, he was just greedy…still is. Has proven since then that he was given a contract worth much more than he is.
    Randy Johnson…I’ll give you that one. They let him get away. Not sure he really wanted to go either.

    As for Felix, he has stated more than once that he fully intends to be a Mariner for his entire career. One would think he might feel the urge to move elsewhere…but seems that his urge is instead to bring this team to the World Series. Unlike the selfishness of Griffey in his last year here before being traded, and Rodriguez his entire career, Felix is interested in the TEAM! KUDOS to him & the Mariners. He just gets better each year! Talent-wise and in his team approach!

  4. Got the typo fixed. Sorry about that. I was typing fast.

    I still think Griffey was the best player on the team at the time. The pouting and all the other stuff surrounding him did seem to affect his play on the field. In all honesty, it may have been a good thing to make the deal.

    But at the time, it was still not viewed as desirable as most fans.

    The A-Rod deal …. nobody knew that Texas would throw that money at him. But they didn’t sign him to an extension when he was under club control either. Of course, his agent might not have let that happen. But they still got nothing in return for him.

    Randy was Randy. He wanted out because he felt slighted by the organization and he had some legitimate reasons.

    But still the perception remains that SEattle lost three marquee players with hall of fame credentials for whatever reasons. And that doesn’t look good. Of course, maybe it’s more important that Felix seems to be different than these three players in terms of his attitude toward the organization, the city and himself.

  5. I don’t think anyone called him a role model on here. In fact, I know I didn’t cause I don’t often believe in athletes as role models

  6. SandlotSam says:

    I love this deal. It’s the deal that had to be done. As an organization you have to draw the line somewhere. The Mariners are going to have a monster rotation in the years ahead. They’re going to have a rotation built to kill, especially in the playoffs. And the offense won’t have to be spectacular, just alive and kicking. And that’s very feasible.

  7. illbarry says:

    Anyone trying to claim Felix is dumb as a box of rocks, must be doing so out of jellousy that Hernandez wishes to play for the Matiners and not their team. The last few years fans of other cities, have alluded to that Felix would become a free agent and leave to go play in their city the thought being why would he ever want to play in Seattle when he can play in perhaps New York. After all its every players dream to play for the Yankees isn’t it or so the thought process goes. There was also the thought that Seattle would have to trade Hernandez, because after all its Seattle and they would never be able to afford to pay him what he was worth like the Big Market teams. Well hear we are Hernandez just signed a contract exstension though his prime years to help anchor what should be the best young pitching in the majors in the next few years. The 11th largest market in the country with one of the youngest teams in the majors with a deap farm system to add to the roster young players to complete the puzzle to win for not just one year, but for many. The roster is filled with young players with talent who make near the minimum is salery, and just had a contract of 17 million a year taken off the books so they have flexabuility to always add more if the right players become available. Jack Z is doing it the right way, and Felix Hernandez is showing he is a model of class, and that some players do have respect for the organizations that nurtured them and gave them their chance to devolope their talents whithout having to be a Prema Donna head case!

  8. illbarry says:

    Sorry for the typing errors.

  9. bbnate420 says:

    Jeez, some real gems here.

    MrCarleone, perhaps he can throw a ball? I think it’s been established that he can throw a ball, retard. And if you’re going to question another person’s intelligence you might want to learn basic grammar first. Try not ending every sentence with an exclamation point and approximately 66% of them with a space in front of said exclamation point. Now run back to your home under the Freemont Bridge.

    mustang6984, you clearly do not know what a fact is. Whether or not Griffey was the best player his last year here is subjective, not a fact. A fact is the fact that you completely misrepresented his statistics his last year here. There’s this thing called Google. Try it sometime. Next time it will help you from putting your foot in your mouth. Griffey’s average his last year here was .285. Last time I checked that’s NOT under .240. If you knew anything about baseball you’d know that batting average is overrated anyways. His OPS in 1999 was .960, exactly .123 higher than Cameron EVER did. Griffey’s career OPS was .907, again better than Cameron ever did. Lastly, AFraud’s OPS his last year here was 1.026. If that’s just “pretty decent”, well then I hope the M’s get some pretty decent hitters one day. I’m with you on him being a douche. It’s just funny that you say to check the facts, and you didn’t get a one of them right. ;-)

  10. Gosh, and I wonder why I don’t bother with pro sports anymore? Hmmmm

    This is additional lunacy from a lousy club that can’t get out of its’ own way.

    I gave up my Sonic tickets after Payton’s last year and turned to the UW for entertainment and haven’t regretted it once: Real enthusiasm, great venues and affordable ticket prices.

    Much, much better entertainment.

  11. bbnate420 says:

    Yet you still have the time to come on here and whine. Hmmmmmmmmmm?

  12. mustang6984 says:

    I see you fixed it. (That’s why in addition to spell-check, (I read everything before I publish. Old habit from the days of type-writers! LOL!!!)

    I was at a game when Griffey once again failed to hit the ball out of the park. (In spite of his assurances that he NEVER tried to do so…anyone with any experience in the game could see that was precisely what he was trying to do…same thing he did all of his time in Cincy too).
    when he came back into the dugout, (which I was sitting next to) he threw his bat at the rack, stalked down to the phone, grabbed it and started yelling to who ever had the misfortune to be on the other end that eh wanted out of this #$%&^*( place…”trade me now…get me out of here!” Not too long after that…he was gone. He was a spoiled brat. I was long tired of his antics before that.
    I really do not think Griffey was the best on the team at that time. Alex had a better BA, and so did others. His presence among kids was still good…but his dugout antics were wearing thin.
    Funny thing, after he went to Cincy, (which was in contention that year for a shot at the World Series…everyone was saying they were going to clean up in the playoffs) the Reds took a nose dive, and never again during his tenure there contested for the playoffs. In fact, Griffey (to my knowledge) never hit much above .250 while there, and spent most of his time below that mark.
    The biggest embarrassment was when the M’s brought him back for two years here. Waste of money that could have been better spent elsewhere. And again, he acted like a prima-donna, and like a spoiled brat…disappeared in the middle of the night when he got caught sleeping in the clubhouse and it became public. (Yes Martha…he WAS sleeping in the clubhouse!)
    Now that there are no more prima-donnas on the team, (the last one was sent to the Yankees last year) I expect them to play better. They sure picked it up after the last one was traded off…won 11 in a row.

    Randy wasn’t so interested in leaving. As he said, he went where his two agents told him to go. He would have stayed.

    Alex had made it quite clear that he had no interest in sticking around Seattle…even before Texas got stupid.

    And for the idiot who claimed that Felix isn’t all that smart…The only one so far who seems to be lacking in smarts…is yourself. The man has you beat any day of the week, and twice on Sunday.

  13. bbnate420 says:

    mustang6974, go away, you retard. The only paper you ever wrote for was maybe your Jr. High rag and the newspaper in your pathetic fantasies. Again, you’re too stupid to even check basic facts before you post. I will always take minor grammatical errors over the BS spewing from you. In 8 and 2/3 seasons in Cincinnati, Griffey only hit below .250 twice. And they were .247 and .249, which was in the 2/3 of a season. Do you realize he was injured a lot in Cincinnati? A lot of which probably stemmed from destroying his legs in the Kingdome for 10 1/2 years? Also, Griffey’s OPS was between .898 and .946 in 4 of his seasons in Cincinnati. Your logic is weak, and so are your research skills.

  14. Palerydr says:

    Mr Carleone you have a lot in common with a bag of hammers, mentally.

    As for fact checking I use If you are a fan of Baseball then you need to bookmark this site.

  15. bbnate420 says:

    Palerydr, that’s where every stat I referenced was from. Great site.

  16. Nate, we may disagree from time to time about strategy, roster management, talent evaluation, etc., but I applaud your absolute destruction of those idiots. Kudos, sir.

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