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Mariners add seven players, trade one

Post by Larry Larue / The News Tribune on Sep. 4, 2012 at 2:56 pm with 14 Comments »
September 4, 2012 3:17 pm

Luis Jimenez

The Seattle Mariners added seven players to their roster – including true rookies Luis Jimenez and Carlos Triunfel – and traded Tacoma catcher Guillermo Quiroz to the Boston Red Sox.

Three days after bringing up outfielder Carlos Peguero and pitcher Erasmo Ramirez, Seattle added Jimenez, Triunfel, Mike Carp, Casper Wells, Alex Liddi, Shawn Kelley and Hector Noesi.

Quiroz, 30, caught 89 games with Tacoma this year and batted .278 with 15 home runs. He was dealt to Boson for ‘cash considerations.’

As for the call ups, only shortstop Triunfel and first baseman/DH Jimenez are in the big leagues for the first time. The other five players recalled had spent time with the Mariners earlier in 2012.

 The moves give manager Eric Wedge considerable room to change his infield and outfield allignments, the starting rotation and the bullpen. Will he?

Only one of the players brought up – outfielder Wells – is in the lineup tonight vs. Boston.

“The No. 1 thing we want to do this month is win games,” Wedge said.

To add Jimenez to the 40-man major league roster, the Mariners designated Class AA outfielder Johermyn Chavez for assignment, giving them 10 days to trade, release or outright him.

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  1. timeout says:

    No Zunino, and no big three, none of ‘em. Time for the Fall League, boys.

  2. timeout says:

    In the pregame, Shannon scores another point with me by pronouncing Tri-un-fel properly.

    And, someone explain to me, please: when Larry doesn’t post, people come out and complain. When he does post, crickets. I don’t get it. (I’m not trolling; I’m truly curious, not looking for hot talk.)

  3. timeout says:

    Oh, one more thing. I’ve purchased my last ticket for the year, Baltimore September 18th. If you have any notion of going to a ballgame, prices are WAY down for the Baltimore series. My usual CF bleacher seat–I like to wander around the Safe and watch the game from various angles–cost $5, and I believe you can get a left field bleacher seat for $12.

    Welcome to football season in Seattle.

  4. Palerydr says:

    I like Larry just fine and think he does a credible job. I post when I see something I like to talk about mostly or someone makes a really misguided statement that I call them out on.

  5. Palerydr says:

    Just because:

    State of the Mariners according to me.
    This was first broached by Timeout I believe but I really like the idea so in FA I sign David Wright. That’s gonna cost us at least the 18 mil from Ichiro plus a bit more somewhere in the 20 mil range for 4-5 years. The Red Sox dumped 220 mil of total salary so I expect them to make a run for Josh Hamilton.
    1B I really like Smoak as a person and want him to get a base hit every time a see him at the plate. That said it’s just not happening enough. Possibly he should spend the off season with Saunders and give up switch hitting to focus on just getting better at his strong side. I foresee Montero moving to 1B as well as dh’ing and possibly catching. If Montero can’t figure out how to hit RH pitchers as well as he does LH then he becomes a platoon player with Carp or Smoak. You have got to have a big time power threat at 1B in the American League.
    Catcher pencil in Zunino for the next 8-10 years and keep Jaso around till he can’t back up anymore with the very occasional start for Montero. I’ve seen enough WP/PB from Olivo to last a life time let him go in FA.
    2B by signing Wright we move Seager to 2B and Ackley to left. Seager has all the tools to be a complete 2B I would expect his avg to rise another 30 points next year.
    3B Wright isn’t a great defensive 3B I signed the guy to bash the ball. I can live with an avg defensive 3B.
    SS Love Brendan Ryan as a SS he brings everything to the position you need except offense. Will he ever reach the .290 he had a few years ago? Probably not however I do see him as a good club house guy and phenomenal defensive SS. If the rest of the offense improves you can carry an all glove no hit guy at SS.
    The Outfield Lf ? CF ? RF ? Lot of questions here all the way around. I’ve already put Ackley in LF but his avg needs to improve and I believe he can do that. CF you have Guti who is the best defensive cf in baseball or is top 3 at worst. Guti however is not a great hitter and I see no signs that he ever will be. I would be happy with a .260 avg and 20 plus HR. Saunders seems to be on track to getting it figured out he has solid range and a decent arm. He has to keep progressing to keep a spot in the rotation. Wells, Robinson and Thames all have holes in their game. Wells just can’t seem to hit with any consistency he has the arm and speed but at present not the batting eye. Robinson can’t throw but other than that seems to have gotten his act together hitting and catching the ball. Thames really scares me with the angles he takes to get to balls his weakness so far is defense and possibly hitting as well.
    Starters Felix nuff said. Despite what he says we need to get this guy as winning team in the next 2 years or I fear he’s gonna walk. That would really piss me off if he walks for that reason.
    Vargas gives up too many fly ball outs which turn into HR otherwise he’s a fine #3 pitcher.
    Beavan just doesn’t seem to have the fast ball needed to succeed at this level. With 3 talented arms in the minors I doubt he makes the roster in 2013.
    Iwakuma has done well as a starter and I think he should continue to get the ball every 5 days.
    In my eyes Millwood is done we can get the same numbers from Erasmo Ramirez with the potential to get better not worse.
    The pen is solid I no longer turn off the game with a runner on 3rd and less than 2 outs with the game on the line. They can actually get the outs. I also like the balance of LH and RH pitchers. Capps and Pryor need to get better with their control and I think they will.
    There you go one mans opinion

  6. bbnate420 says:

    I brought up Wright first. I think he is a pretty good defensive 3rd baseman. Not as good as he used to be, but he is definitely not going to hurt you there IMO. I think Seager can be as good at 2nd as Ackley has been. Ackley should be better than Robinson in LF.

  7. bbnate420 says:

    BTW, the dude has a WAR of 5.9, and 1.8 of that is defensive WAR.

  8. I didn’t know it was bbn, but I certainly wasn’t first with the Wright suggestion. I still like it. As for “Not as good as he used to be”, that sounds ominous, since he’s only 29; will be 30 in December. He should have several good years left unless he’s breaking down.

    Couple of things re tonight’s game: Thames must have had a cramp last night, he’s moving around fine tonight. And: Beavan was Beavan. Since he has an average major league fast ball, he needs another pitch that is above average, a la Vargas’ change. Right now he’s a so-so no. 5 at best in my estimation.

    Finally, Gutierrez–Oy vey!

  9. Palerydr says:

    Ok Nate my apologies I always try to give credit for another posters ideas and not claim them for my own. That has happened to me several times on the Seahawks blog and pisses me off to no end. I’m not a saber metrics guy so I’m happy to see Wright isn’t that bad defensively as the strength of this team is defense. He will be an injury risk going forward however if he were to go down for any length of time Seager has proven he can handle the hot corner more than capably. I think you’re referring to Guti being pulled from the game last night with another inj Timeout? If so then yes I agree the guy can’t stay on the field very frustrating.

  10. bbnate420 says:

    I don’t really care, Palerydr. I was just pointing it out. Probably won’t happen anyways so who cares. The 2-headed moron will probably just pocket the 20+ mil.

  11. bbnate420 says:

    BTW, I only meant that Wright wasn’t quite the defensive 3rd baseman that he used to be. He is having a great offensive year, especially considering the park he plays in at home. Sound familiar?

    And actually I think someone on here might have mentioned trying to sign him awhile ago? Maybe it was last off-season before his option was picked up? I just mentioned him because I don’t see any good free agent OFs that the M’s could sign. Hamilton is really the only good one out there with power. Maybe they try a trade for Upton? BJ Upton is a free agent, but he doesn’t provide much power. Maybe a replacement if they give up on Guti?

  12. Palerydr says:

    Yea I get what you mean about the 2 headed Moron Lincoln and Armstrong. I mentioned Hamilton in my post above and I believe he will be with the Red Sox next year after they cleared so much money.

  13. timeout says:

    I’ve had a brief discussion about Hamilton with a Boston pal. He thinks I’m nuts because I feel a five-year contract for Hamilton, given his injury history and substance abuse problems, would be iffy if the annual pay numbers are too high. What would be a reasonable contract for Hamilton? I’m especially interested to know what wabub, Paler, Coach81, moo, and bbnate think. Not to mention Larry and Ryan, of course. You show me yours and I’ll show you mine.

  14. bbnate420 says:

    Given his injury history, I think about 18 mil a year would be fair. I would bet that someone will give him 20+ mil a year though. So that’s his market value.

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