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Mariners minor league pitcher Pauley suspended for 50 games

Post by Darrin Beene / The News Tribune on Aug. 24, 2012 at 4:13 pm with 49 Comments »
August 24, 2012 4:13 pm

Tacoma Rainiers pitcher David Pauley has been suspended 50 games for a drug violation, the ccommissioner’s office announced.

Pauley was penalized for a second violation for a drug of abuse.

Pauley, a 29-year-old right-hander, pitched in the majors this season for Toronto and the Los Angeles Angels. The Mariners signed him as a free agent on July 12 and assigned him to Tacoma. He went 1-2 with a 3.14 ERA in 28.6 innings for the Rainiers.

Also, the commissioner’s office announced two other drug suspensions.

Detroit minor league outfielder Darren Driggers was banned after testing positive for a metabolite of Drostanolone. He was in the Gulf Coast League.

Chicago White Sox minor league shortstop Carlos Gonzalez was suspended after testing positive for metabolites of Stanozolol. He was in the Dominican Summer League.

There have been 82 suspensions under the minor league drug program this year and five in the big league program.

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  1. klondiko says:

    What’s wrong with these people. Using the talent given them just isn’t enough. Ban them from the sport for life. They know the consequences.

  2. SirBeefy says:

    Just to clarify, the article is not very clear in stating that this was NOT a PED/Steroid issue (according to the Seattle Times article). This was recreational drug abuse.

  3. Harry_Anslinger says:

    Pauley’s inability to stick in the majors proves this is NOT a PED/steroid issue. Just kidding.

    Likely this is the presence of THC metabolites, or a stimulant like adderall.

  4. bbnate420 says:

    I guess they’re not perfect like you, klondiko. People in glass houses, fool.

  5. I’m using the latest blog entry for this post because there’s no game thread or entry today. Neither the TNT nor the ST sent anyone to Chicago to cover the games this weekend. WOW. Since national news isn’t covering Joe West’s decision to first cool off Kevin Millwood and then have him pitch, followed by not allowing the game to continue once the White Sox were in the lead, I had hoped to get a local writer’s take on it. You know whom I bet will cover it? Shannon Drayer. If she does, I’ll post a link.

    An aside about Shannon Drayer. Because she’s not a school-trained journalist, she comes in for criticism, and some folks call her a homer. Geoff Baker has ridiculed her in print. If he were half a man, and possessed any self-confidence, he wouldn’t have done that. Shannon does personalities as well as any writer in the area, and she writes from the heart. She actually likes some of the people she covers, and it comes through. Bottom line, she tells the truth as she sees it. And that is what journalism should be about. She’s a must read for me, along with Larry and Larry.

  6. Here’s Greg John’s game account:

    Why did I say Joe West? That was Jim Joyce, not Joe West, making the decisions to first delay the game and then to stop it. And since Greg Johns won’t write it, I will: this result proves that Jim Joyce is more effective at icing a Mariners pitcher than Joe Maddon. (Or maybe it has something to do with the fact that it was Millwood who was iced this time and not Felix.)

  7. bbnate420 says:

    Baker is a douche bag, but he is pretty knowledgeable about baseball. Also, he will call the M’s upper management out.

    Weird that neither the TNT or ST is covering the Chicago series. Is there a reason? Money issues? I know times are tough in the newspaper biz, but not covering the news won’t exactly bring in more revenue.

  8. Zunino is hitting .400 with power in AA…

    Brutal call last night to let that game continue into the 7th inning. When the 6th ends, umps need to be pretty damn certain about the ability to finish a game. The White Sox would have been livid if they would have still been down a run when the game was called (let’s say for the sake of argument that the 7th inning gets completed before the tarp comes on).

  9. Over at the Times, in an article written by a local (Chicago) stringer, Bruce Hurst, Millwood owned the lost. Says he threw a good slider, then a poor one. Wedge wanted to finish the game. The way Jim Joyce handled it made everyone in Chicago happy, at least. Three one-run losses in a row for the M’s.

    Re no coverage, my guess is that it’s par for the course for the TNT–they’ve done it before this year–and some kind of tweener situation for the Times, which has both Baker and Stone available to cover games. In years past I’ve preferred the TNT sports page to the Times’, by a long shot; but, primarily for financial reasons, I think, the TNT has been losing ground rapidly. It’s kind of a Catch 22; this is why I don’t care to buy newspapers anymore, but if no one buys newspapers…

  10. Here’s Shannon Drayer’s note on the game.

    Not anything added to what Hurst sent the Times, but an interesting take on what’s going on with Danny Hultzen. Brief game coverage in the first note.

    She also says in a tweet that Guti is expected to show up in Minnesota tonight for the Twins series. Since Saunders tweaked his hip in the collision with Thames, I wonder what tonight’s outfield group will look like? I’ll bet Wells will play…

  11. Just heard on KIRO 710 that Guti has been sent up and.–guess who–Caspar Wells has been sent down. So much for my guesswork. I wonder why I wasn’t consulted on this. :) At least Wells goes down on a good note…

  12. He’s not going down for long, obviously. I wonder how the team is going to address the glut of ‘AAAA’ (as I perceive them now) outfielders they have. If (yeah, right) Guti is healthy for a full season, then he is in center. Saunders has finally started delivering on his potential, so he is another starter. I don’t know if his arm is good enough for right, but it hasn’t been an issue in center. Robinson has wheels, has flashed a good glove (even with horrible routes), but can he hit .270 and steal 30 bases? He definitely doesn’t have the arm for RF. Thames has shown some flashes and has been clutch, but his defense is average at best. Wells is the nest defender of the 3, with the best arm, so he is the best fit for RF. But can he avoid the prolonged slumps that have been his downfall? I don’t mind strikeouts if they correlate with 30+ HR’s…

  13. The problem for the M’s is, how do you maintain the current level of defense–a very good thing in the Safe–while finding a way to to average four runs a game at home and five a game on the road? The outfield and first base are the keys to finding extra run production, I’d say. It’s Jack’s job to pull that off, and the M’s can’t afford another Figgins in the process. Good luck.

  14. Times and TNT aren’t covering the Minnesota series either; Times has a stringer doing Baker’s blog. So, Greg Johns on the M’s website and Shannon Drayer for the game summaries, I suppose.

    I’m beginning to understand how moo feels. At least I can watch the game, but I like getting a second take from a sports reporter or two. Oh well.

    Anyone on the TNT editorial staff care to comment? I’d be interested.

  15. wabubba67 says:

    Drayer gets her paycheck from the Mariners…isn’t that the definition of a homer? She is not exactly unbiased.

  16. wabubba–get your facts straight–Drayer gets her paycheck from KIRO, not the M’s. And no, being paid by the M’s is NOT the definition of a homer. Here’s one definition, from the Urban Dictionary: “Someone who shows blind loyalty to a team or organization, typically ignoring any shortcomings or faults they have.”

    If you read what Shannon writes, you’re aware that players like Yuniesky Betancourt and Ichiro, among others, have received regular criticism from her, and that she critiques the team from time to time. If you want to submit some facts or anecdotes in rebuttal, go ahead. It’s true she’s not motivated by creating controversy that will jack up comments on her blog.

    Shades of Savannah…

  17. wabubba67 says:

    Who does the Mariners broadcasts?? Hint: It starts with a K, has four letters and ends with an O. She draws her water from Howard and Chuck’s well…as such, she is exceedingly slow to criticize anything related to the current regime.

    She’s a hack.

  18. Try this just once, wabub: I…was…wrong. It will only hurt for a little while.

    You think she’s a hack, I think she does personalities well and gives insights to the team you won’t get elsewhere. Those are opinions. But at least I’ve backed mine by linking to her work and giving a couple of examples.

    A couple of examples of her hackery, please, so folks can judge for themselves. Or are you working from hearsay?

  19. Palerydr says:

    Not sure I’ve ever read a positive comment from Wabubba ever. I’ve also heard Dreyer criticize players most notably Ichiro when he laid down a bunt with 2 outs.

    From another thread IF the Mariners were to sign David Wright that would give them 2 RH hitters capable of hammering LH pitchers as well as avg power against RH pitchers. You then move Ackley to LF and Seager to 2nd leaving Wells and Robinson as the 4th and 5th OF. With Zunino’s progress it appears he may be ready for the Majors next year. I believe Olivo’s contract is done this year so buh bye. they might actually score 4 runs a game next year.

  20. Re Zunino, if they brought him up tomorrow he might be the best defensive catcher on the M’s. But really, that’s not saying much. I’d like to see them lay a bit more polish on the kid and give him more professional ab’s before bringing him up. Maybe mid-season next year if he continues to tear up minor league pitching. But I believe that Roger Hansen, Jeff Datz and Eric Wedge will make the right decision if they put their heads together.

    A little more on catching defense. One of the reporters noted the same things I did on Montero’s work behind the plate last Friday night, which was one of his spottier performances:
    “Friday night it went largely unnoticed, but Jesus Montero did not have a good night behind the plate. A throwing error and failure to block a slider helped lead to White Sox runs. Josh Kinney was credited with the two base wild pitch but Montero could have done more to try and block it. He in fact didn’t try to block it, he tried to backhand it rather than get his body in front of it. He should have had time. This was a Josh Kinney slider, not a Brandon League splitter or nasty Felix pitch.”
    That’s Shannon Drayer, by the way.

    I see a lot of DH’ing, a little catching and maybe a little first base in Montero’s future. Aside from his skillset, I think he’s a bit too happy-go-lucky to lead the team behind the plate.

  21. Without a good defensive catcher on the roster in front of him, there is nobody to lead by example for the catching corps. Olivo is awful, and Jaso, while better than expected, in in the lineup for his bat.

  22. wabubba67 says:

    It’s not difficult for Drayer to criticize the obvious (timeout’s examples of Betancourt, Ichiro bunting with a runner on 2nd and two outs, or Montero’s defensive ability), especially when those issues are brought up first by managers (Piniella, Melvin, Hargrove, Wak, and Wedge regarding Ichiro….Wedge regarding Montero), or other more established players (Ibanez regarding Betancourt). At that point, and only at that point, do they become fair game for Drayer.

    Drayer does feature stories well on player personalities because she is the the only reporter that has that type of access to players (due to her relationship with the Mariners).

    As for me not mentioning anything positive….how about this? Ichiro is gone and this organization (at least Wedge on the field and Z in his office working within tight budget constraints, not Howard/Chuck) can truly worry about winning being the top priority. Oh yeah….this blog will be better next year with Divish than it was with LaRue. There’s two for you palryder.

    I’m with you regarding Larry Stone, though. That guy is a gem. (make it three in one post, palryder.)

  23. Wabub, I’m still disgusted with your description of Shannon Drayer as a hack. Perhaps it’s related to your definition of hack, which commonly means “a mediocre and disdained writer”. In the old days it meant someone who was paid by the word to write for penny dreadfuls. Shannon Drayer has gone from barrista to radio commentator and is now also writing. She was indeed mediocre at first, and has steadily improved. She’s now an excellent source of commentary on the M’s, in my opinion. Whether she could handle a beat job is another question, and not the question here.

    Most people who “disdain” Shannon Drayer either incorrectly believe she is paid by the M’s–as you did–or believe what her critics say without regularly reading her work. She’s not going to be the next Ring Lardner or Red Smith, or even Larry Stone; but she’s a good, serviceable source of info about the M’s, and doesn’t deserve ridicule. I think she’d be a good example for your daughter (if you have one) or my granddaughter, because through guts and hard work she has done very well.

    That’s my beef, and now I’ve said enough on the subject.

  24. Palerydr says:

    Congratulations Wabubba keep up the good work.

  25. wabubba67 says:

    Thanks, Paleryder….I know you mean it.

    Timeout, I meant that she is a hack because she is paid by the Mariners (through their contract with KIRO). That gives her access that other reporters are not granted, and as such, makes her a biased source of information. “Shill” might have been a more accurate choice of words. Sorry to pick on your girlfriend, by stating what is truthful.

  26. “Sorry to pick on your girlfriend…” Cute. That’s about as likely as your being upset because she rejected you. Too bad you can’t just stick to the discussion to make your point.

    At least you finally got your terms straight, although you’ve not given an ounce of proof of your accusation. Bah.

  27. wabubba67 says:

    “Good example for your daughter or my granddaughter.”
    “…through guts…she has done very well.”

    What, exactly, makes her so “gutsy”? I really did start believing that a marriage proposal was forthcoming.

    To answer your question, it has much more to do with what is left unsaid and unwritten than what is actually uttered or scribed. Proving a negative is difficult…that is why people have been given the ability to discern and read between the lines.

  28. So it’s not what Drayer writes, but what she doesn’t write… Your opinion speaks for itself. Coleridge: “…green and yellow both appear yellow to the jaundiced eye.”

  29. You know I can’t comment.

  30. Well,Ryan, hopefully you’ve gotten a chuckle out of this mess at least.

  31. wabubba67 says:

    Yes, Ryan, I have a feeling that there are many things that you could be writing to sway this conversation right now….none of them appropriate for family viewing and all of which might get you in trouble. :-) I’m guessing that she might be too busy to contemplate a marriage proposal, anyway.

  32. Ryan, this is what happens when there are no new blog entries for 5 days…absolute chaos.

  33. wabubba67 says:

    Yes…the natives get restless. Apparently, the Mariners are now longer playing in Larry’s world.

  34. Yeah, I’m pretty engulfed in Husky content right now. Other than that, I wish I could help out a little more.

  35. wabubba67 says:

    Understandable. Until they start paying you two salaries, it’s best to let Larry hang himself. I’m sure that he is already working his new beat about the crazy cat lady down the street.

    Too bad that there’s nothing for him to comment on….Mariners playing well, Felix’s bid for another Cy Young, Wells being sent down (again), the development of the minor leaguers (Hultzen, Franklin, Zunino in particular), budget issues with ownership and a TV contract that the Mariners refuse to re-negotiate for some reason (though contractually they have the ability to do so), the future ownership group and possibly selling. Nope…not much going on here, move along people.

  36. Since wabub knows what you’re thinking, Ryan, he should write it all down for us, if he can just take time out from whacking away at that marriage proposal straw man he’s built.

    Meanwhile, the ST continues to cover this road trip with stringers. Disappointing.

  37. wabubba67 says:

    timeout…I’ve had this exact conversation with Ryan, so yeah, I do kind of understand what he might be thinking in this situation. Have a good night.

  38. It would be a better night if Vargas had pitched better–and you have a good night too.

  39. bbnate420 says:

    God, could the M’s put out a more pathetic lineup if they tried???????

    Although mean, wabubba’s points were very valid.

  40. Well, bbnate, I’m curious to know what “this very conversation” wabub had with Ryan. Did Ryan say that Drayer is an M’s employee? That she’s a hack? That readers want to propose marriage to her? That Ryan’s a better blogger than Larry? I’m not sure what he’s talking about.

    But I’m not VERY curious, because one of his opinions I agree with completely–there’s lots more significant stuff to discuss on this blog, and the TNT (collectively, since it’s not just Larry blogging here) isn’t addressing them. Which, as Coach81 points out, can send things spiraling into nonsense.

  41. Since there is nothing new on the blog to discuss, let’s talk about potential off-season moves that the M’s can make.

    First, let’s take a look at the division and ponder our competition…

    Texas: Their starting pitching is showing that they don’t have an ‘ace.’ What will free agency do to the lineup? Can they afford to keep Hamilton? Obviously, they still have enough bats to score plenty of runs (especially in Texas), but if they don’t break the bank for Hamilton they will come back to the pack a little bit.

    Angels: Trout and Trumbo are obviously stars. Pujols rebounded nicely from his awful April. Morales is looking more like the player he was before the injury, but will he ever fully get back to that point? The rest of the lineup is either a) old, or b) lacks punch (similar to Seattle). Their pitching staff has struggled recently, and Wilson/Greinke have not been worth the money/prospects so far.

    Oakland: Intriguing roster Billy Beane has put together, and one that has exceeded expectations. Career years for Reddick and Crisp, but will that be maintained? Is Cespedes going to build on his rookie season or will pitchers adjust? And, as is always the case in Oakland, how long until guys have to get traded because of money issues?

    Houston: Do we really have to say anything? They are 5 years from competing for the Division title, minumum.

    Which brings us to Seattle. Guys like Robinson and Wells have a month to show they are part of the future (and Smoak to a certain extent) as starters. Can Guti ever be healthy for 162 games again? Will they finally bite the bullet and DFA Figgins? Who do you guys think they should target in free agency (or through trades) for next season?

  42. Talked to a guy I know last night who used to work for the M’s, working with players. He can’t figure out why they’ve kept Figgins, or what they hope to do with him. It’s a mystery.

    Another mystery is Guti’s health. Wedge, at least publicly, is still hopeful, so I’m going to allow myself to be hopeful too.

    Do folks who read this blog want Josh Hamilton? I wouldn’t mind having him, but at a salary level that won’t pull him. I’ll bet that he and his agent look for a place like Baltimore, or back to Texas, or even to the Yankees, where the ball parks are more friendly to his game. Whatever happens with the Safe in the off-season, they’re not going to bring the fences in 25 feet.

    I don’t like the A’s, because I despise their ballpark. If I lived there, I wouldn’t got to many games either. But Beane knows how to put together a winner. Remember the flack that Bob Melvin, the guy with two first names, took around here? Most years I’m surprised at how well they do.

    Finally, those more frequent trips to Texas are going to add to the M’s travel woes. But then, there’s the heat in Texas, the lousy ballpark in Oakland, and putting up with Mike Scioscia in Anaheim–oops, maybe that last one’s not such a problem. If I were a ballplayer, I think I’d want to play for the Angels or Dodgers above all other teams (now that the Dodgers’ ownership problems are sorted out). You don’t just snap your fingers and become a winner in MLB.

  43. While I would love to add Josh Hamilton to play LF and hit 3rd or cleanup, I don’t think $20 mil/yr for 5-6 years is a smart move for a guy who hasn’t shown the ability to be healthy for 150+ games every year.

    The Oakland Coliseum is a dump. I lived down there when I was a kid and went to quite a few games and the fan experience was/is miserable.

    Who do you think we might target in free agency?

  44. Here’s a list of potential 2013 free agents from Brian Gramling. (No, I’m not in love with Brian Gramling.):

    My personal favorite on the list of outfielders–which is where I’d look first for improvement–is Carlos Quentin, despite some injury history. Tough guy attitude, can put a dent in the ball…don’t know about his defense, but I see him as an upgrade over Thames, Robinson and Wells.

    For infielders I’d go with David Wright, who was brought up on this blog earlier. That would necessitate some position shifts, as would this final idea:

    Dream signing that ain’t gonna happen for any number of reasons: Robinson Cano. First, because the Yanks will either extend him or pick up his option, and it continues from there. But I enjoy watching him play.

  45. And here’s what I get for using such an old list:

    “Quentin has hit two homers in his last three games, giving him 12 on the season, but it seems the Padres are intent on resting the man they extended for three years and $27 million in July somewhat regularly.”

    Forget Quentin. Brian Gramling, you are dead to me.

  46. I thought Quentin recently signed a 3-year extension with the Padres?

    Looking at that list, there doesn’t seem to be too many young-ish options in free agency. And any trades the M’s would want to make for an impact bat would require them to give up at least 1 of the Big 3, as well as a guy like Nick Franklin. No thanks.

    I like the idea of David Wright at Safeco. The ballpark wouldn’t mess with his head, coming over from Citi Field. Seagar goes to 2nd, Ackley to LF. Which, assuming Guti is healthy, puts Saunders in right and Robinson, Wells, and Thames battle for the 4th OF job. Interesting.

  47. wabubba67 says:

    I’m against signing any National League players…especially older National League players. Historically, it seems that you can deduct at least .050 from their BA for making the transition to the American League.

  48. Wright is 29, wabub. What do you think about him?

  49. wabubba67 says:

    I would be a lot more excited if he was 24 and from the AL. I would be inclined to stay away and try to develop young (and cheap) talent from within the organization. Not immediately gratifying, but probably the best long term course….I would be wary of getting stuck with a player that is getting old with a big contract (no trade value).

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