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Clubhouse fun and a Mariners lineup

Post by Larry Larue / The News Tribune on June 9, 2012 at 2:18 pm with 21 Comments »
June 9, 2012 2:23 pm
Tom Wilhelmsen

The story that some found itself floating around the Seattle Mariners cluhouse Saturday morning was that closer Tom Wilhelmsen – who finished the 1-o no-hit  victory over the Los Angeles Dodgers Ffriday – wasn’t aware it was a no-no when he entered the game.

Wilhelmsen has a certain goofiness to his personality, but the story isn’t true. He knew what was going on, he just wasn’t putting it first in his mind.

“The best way I can explain it is, that was the item in my shopping cart that wasn’t on the list when I left home,” Wilhelmsen said. “My first thought was pressrve the win.”

Wilhelmsen did both, becoming the sixth pitcher used in the Mariners combined no-hitter, and yes, it created some history and a couple of issues.

First, the history: This was just the fourth no-hitter ever thrown against a team with the best record in  baseball, was the sixth interleague no-hitter thrown and Jesus Montero – 22 years, 193 days old – became the seventh youngest catcher to handle a no-hitter since 1900.

“It was tough, trying to take charge of the game with six different guys,”  Montero said, “but the guys pitched great. It was awesome.”

Felix Hernandez was in the clubhouse when the game began, but by the fourth inning he was afraid to go to the dugout.

Kevin (Millwood) hadn’t allowed a hit, and I wasn’t going to mess it up doing something different,” Felix said. “When Kevin came out of the game, I went to the dugout. It was unbelievable – it felt like I was pitching! It was a great game for everybody.

“I want one now more than ever!”

As for Millwood, he spent the morning getting an MRI on his strained groin muscle, and the results won’t be released by the team until post-game.

Now, the issues? Wilhelmsen kept the ball that was the last pitch thrown, but given that five other pitchers played a role in the no-hitter, he admitted he wasn’t sure what he should do with it.

“It’s in a safe place for now, and I have asked a few people what I should do with it,” Wilhelmsen said. “I’ll keep asking until I get the answer I want.”

Today, the Mariners throw a largely right-handed lineup at Dodgers leefty Clayton Kershaw:

Ichiro Suzuki      RF
Chone Figgins     LF
Jesus Montero         DH
Justin Smoak     1B
Kyle Seager        2B
Miguel Olivo          C
Michael Saunders   CF
Alex Liddi            3B
Brendan Ryan          SS
Jason Vargas

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  1. timeout says:

    Liddi has been used spariningly lately, and now he has to face Kershaw. I hope he surprises me.

    Good luck, Mr. Vargas.

  2. I’m concerned that the sporadic playing has harmed Liddi at least in the short run.

  3. VNHLNFAN says:

    Safeco just looks cold..

  4. timeout says:

    Liddi has options left, so he’s not in trouble the way Carp is. Don’t have a cow if Figgins is kept and Carp is dropped when Gutierrez comes back up.

    Liddi is back to his old whack-whack model at the plate, so yes, he has been hurt in the short run. But he’s quite young, newer to baseball than most MLB players his age, and an eager learner. I think he’s going to be OK; he just got ahead of the curve for a brief while.

  5. VNHLNFAN says:

    No Simms today…Excellent!

  6. timeout says:

    Well…nice of Fox to let the Dodgers bring their own announcers up, but they should have done a little prep on the M’s. E.g. Karros talking about what a dead pull hitter Montero usually is after he slashed that ball to right.

    I’m turning off that weak stuff and going to Rizzs and Blowers.

  7. timeout says:

    Muting while watching, is what I’m trying to say.

  8. wabubba67 says:

    Liddi is not ready…period. Send him back to AAA, he is wasting valuable learning (developmental) time by sitting with the big club.

    They would be foolish to sacrifice the potential (even if currently questionable) of Carp, in order to keep Figgins.

  9. timeout says:

    I’m not advocating keeping Figgins; I’m observing, based on what I see. Aside from your personal opinion on what should be done, what do you expect they’ll do, wabub? I’m saying Carp had better start hitting.

  10. When FG comes back, I would like to see Carp sent to Tacoma, Figgins released, Wells in Seattle (though he may suffer the same fate as Liddi if he rarely plays), Liddi also in Tacoma if he isn’t going to play & Olivo traded.

    That would leave 2 open slots on the 25 man, no clue who to fill them with. perhaps we can get a serviceable backup at some position for Olivo?

  11. timeout says:

    Since Carp is out of options, the course of action you recommend would likely purge both Carp and Figgins, moo. Unless no one picked Carp off waivers, which despite his recent troubles isn’t likely.

    When the fan took that foul ball away from Carp…well, I wouldn’t want to be on the receiving end of whatever it was Mike said. He’s not a very happy camper at the moment, and I don’t blame him. He needed to do something in that pinch hit appearance to contrast himself with Figgins.

    It’s as though they’re in a race to the bottom. Who knows how Carp would be doing now if he hadn’t sustained that shoulder injury in Tokyo.

  12. timeout says:

    Ryan Divish looked a little tight doing the postgame. Apparently he doesn’t have the lust for the camera like Baker. Solid job, Ryan–relax next time and let your personality loose a little more.

  13. wabubba67 says:


    I’m kind of thinking that the 25 man roster will soon (by the end of July or August) have a few vacancies available. I envision that Millwood, Ryan, and League will be traded (along with maybe Vargas…will be awfully expensive for a team supposedly loaded with younger, more talented arms), and that Figgins will likely either be DFAed or traded. The former more plausible than the latter.

    If that is the case, 4-5 spots open up. Only League (if he reestablishes himself) would bring back major league talent in return.

    Regardless, Liddi needs to go back to AAA Tacoma in order to receive consistent ABs and defensive experience. So that is 5-6 spots available.

    FG returns along with a possible major leaguer for League….giving the organization 3-4 spots to fill.

    I would call up Franklin or Truinfel (to replace Ryan)…taking one spot. In addition, Hultzen and Peguero are deserving…leaving 1-2 spots left. Either filled by Ramirez and/or a player received in return for a trade.

    Carp stays…for now, because he has no more options and due to the fact that I don’t think that 2011 was a fluke.

  14. wabubba67 says:

    Forgot about Wells to fill one of the spots, too!

  15. I keep forgetting about Carp’s lack of options.

    Re Peguero: it’s been a few days since I checked, but last time I looked his ba had dropped around 50 points, so not sure if he’s ready to come up. Has he gotten hot again in Tacoma?

    Also, as Liddi has proven & was previously shown by players like Morse & LaHair, we don’t want to bring up top prospects unless they’re going to play every day.

    And short of trading Ichiro (LOL), trading FG (unlikely)& releasing Figgins, that o.f. logjam just isn’t going to open up. Trading Olivo also would clear a spot, but the person would have nowhere to play on a daily basis.

    If Franklin really is ready, they’d best be shopping Ryan.

  16. To add to my last point, I can see lots of available room on the pitching staff (imo untouchables are ONLY Felix, Pryor, Luetge & POSSIBLY Vargas (for a short while in Vargas’ case), but regarding the O:

    C: As much as I want him traded or ufa’d, Olivo ain;t going nowhere. Montereo ain’t going no where. I hope Jasso stays.

    1b: Z isn’t trading Smoak this year.

    2b: Ackley

    SS: this could very well be an opening if either we get a decent offer for Ryan &or Ryan keeps hitting .160. But unless Franklin is ready, who do we put here?

    3B: I hope this is Seager for a long time. With my luck, he’ll get traded………

    OF: LOGJAM. Carp: no options. Ichiro: The God. FG: could be questionable (i.e. trade bate of on ir all year), but there’s that awesome D if he ever gets healthy. Saunders: desrves to play eveyday. Wells: deserves the chance to show if he can play everyday. And it would be nice to get some production out of the Fister trade! Peguero: is he ready yet? Figgins: The M’s seem to be unwilling to eat his salary.

    DH: Montero/Jasso/Wells/Peguero/Liddi possibly Carp or Saunders when FG comes back: see catcher & of.

  17. wabubba67 says:

    Olivo will be traded before the end of the year if he continues to hit. He will be a FA after the season, and the Mariners won’t resign him. The only way he is not traded is if the Z sees more value in a compensation pick (maybe at the end of the 1st round) instead of what they would receive in a trade.

    To not trade him, is to waste an asset.

  18. VNHLNFAN says:

    It pains me to even see the words trade and Seager in the same sentence. It’s not going to happen. If they do that they should move the fences out as well.

  19. wabubba67 says:

    Seager is not going anywhere.

  20. Bubb, are you sure on Olivo? I thought he was signed through 2013.

  21. Re Olivo, club option in 2013, so it’s up to the M’s.

    Re Liddi, I guess the M’s are waiting for a replacement to be ready who can also defend. He needs regular ab’s in my opinion too.

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