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Eric Wedge vents a little before today’s game

Post by Ryan Divish on May 27, 2012 at 12:26 pm with 26 Comments »
May 27, 2012 1:14 pm

The Sunday pregame conversations with the manager can be unpredictable. Sometimes they are laid back with manager’s telling stories and making jokes. Other times they are informative with stuff on injuries and player development. Today gave Eric Wedge a chance to vent a little about his team.

Here’s a few of his comments …

— “When you are playing this many young kids without a veteran bopper in the middle, that makes it tougher.”

— “What I don’t like and this is what bothers me more than anything is when I see guys moving in the right direction and then sometimes they will back it up to the point where they were when they started. They will retread over the same real estate. That pisses me off. I don’t like that. That’s a discipline. That’s more concentration. That’s a focus. That’s the one thing that bothers me. That’s what we aren’t going to accept. When I get upset it’s because of that.”

—“Everybody has to understand something lineup-wise, let me just educate you hear a bit. You are not going to have a consistent lineup until you know what your players are capable of doing. They are too young. So for all the yahoos out there that say you should play the same players every day, that you haven’t had a consistent lineup every day, you don’t know $%&*. Period. You can’t do that until you know what you have. You can’t do that until they develop as major league players. It takes time to do that. So throughout that process you get them in the lineup. You put the best lineup which you feel is capable of winning the ball – which should be first and foremost in all of our minds – and then you let it play out.”

— “Everybody’s focus is on the wins and losses, but the wins will win come as long as we progress to the point where we are now versus this time next year. If we progress to the point next year at this time, as we have to the point – and most people won’t understand it because they just look at wins and losses – it will be a good thing.  The start up is one thing. Once you get past that and playing in the big leagues for a little bit what you can do with that next full year of progression is pretty real.”

— “Everybody needs to understand that our first priority is to win the ball game. You have to create a winning environment. Part of that is manning up and being tough on the bad days and being humble on the good days. Like I said earlier, everybody walked out of here feeling pretty good three days ago and walked in here feeling whatever you feel today. You have to handle it.”

— “Part of being a pro is handling the good and bad the appropriate way where you never get too high or too low. You are never as good as you are and you are never as bad as you think you are. If you can live in the midrange and be honest with yourself and have the talent and ability, you can be a pretty good ballplayer. But having said that, there are certain moments in time when you got players up here developing that you are going to play a Liddi in left field, maybe you are going to let a pitcher face another hitter, maybe give a guy another at-bat, maybe hold them out of the game regardless because you need to hold them out of the game even though you want to put them in the game. That’s on me. If people don’t understand that, quite frankly I don’t care.”

— “Some of the painful moments we have to go through is just part of it. Now where most people get into trouble is they give into that $&#%. Excuse my french, ladies, they give in to that. And you can’t do that. You have to be tough enough and disciplined enough to stick to the plan and be convicted with what you are doing regardless of what everyone else says. That’s what you have to do.”

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  1. Lorca222 says:

    Ladies, here’s to the Mariners getting convicted of a winning record this year.

  2. wabubba67 says:

    This sounds like a guy that is getting increasingly frustrated with either Z (somewhat doubtful) or the ownership group (highly probable). I admire his willingness to be blunt and to do things his way (as every coach or manager should do in any sport), but worry about his future because of that characteristic.

    I like Wedge’s attitude, but don’t understand his game management at times. Letting Olivo bat in the 8th inning last night instead of pinch hitting Montero is one example.

    Overall, things will not change for Wedge and Z until a change of ownership occurs and Lincoln/Armstrong are sent packing. I wake up everyday hoping that will be the headline in the paper.

  3. I wonder if what Wedge is REALLY pissed off about is Armstrong & Z tying his hands & he can’t say that without getting fired.

    Ryan, any thoughts on that?

  4. I don’t think he likes having to carry Figgins on the roster. I would imagine meddling from two people that think they know baseball but really don’t would be irksome

  5. Here’s some more good news: according to Francisco Martínez (the “center piece” of the HORRIBLE Doug Fister trade) is currently batting .240 with 1 hr & strikes out 20% of the time at AA.

    Z, you really blew this one.

  6. twhitehead1081 says:

    I agree. You could see it a few days ago in his cooments about Casper being sent down. Trouble is Wedge has his superiors and while I like Z, i think there’s this misconception from the higher-ups that Seattle has all this patience. I think they’re reaching a point where fans will start giving up if they haven’t already. Generally a team follows a progression of highs and lows throughout it’s history. Our beloved M’s seem like they’re never destined to reach that stretch where they’re good for a while. We got glimpses in ’95 and ’01 and they just haven’t been able to keep it going.

  7. Have they even had a winning season since ’01?

  8. The only constant in the lineup is Ichiro batting third. What has he done to merit this honor? Does Wedge need written permission from Japan before he drops him out of the #3 spot?

  9. Ryan, your opinion is sought. What effect does a lingering double standard regarding an aging superstar have on the morale of a young team?

  10. On Wedge for a quick comment..maybe it is not what he would like to do but what he isn’t capable of doing! Maybe he should show some frikin fire when the team gets screwed by the umps on certain plays. Get kicked out for a change. Then your team may think you have their back for a change! What I hear many of them don’t think so right now and I don’t blame them. As far as my comment for you on Ichiro not being thrown out? Guess what…he hasn’t attempted that many steals. It seems the primma donna is more worried about having a high percentage of stealing instead of actually going more, being successful, and helping the team! There is no excuses whatsoever for him not going more. None at all. He still can run, but he won’t! And of course noone can tell him anything to do because he can do what he wants! Well, isn’t time to take the freedom away? Or is the team just letting him playing it out his way because winning is not the teams goal!

  11. I hope Ichiro retires after this season or finishes his career in Japan. As I sure hope he doesn’t need any more money, that would seem to be the most respectful solution for all concerned.

    And Z has publicly stated that winning is not the goal this year. I would ok with that under the circumstances, but NOT while keeping deadwood like Figgins & Olivo on the roster. At minimum, Liddi & Pegeuero should be playing everyday.

  12. I really think the performance we saw from the Mariners on Thursday against Dan Haren was reflective of the decision to send Wells to Tacoma and keep Figgins. That looked like a disinterested team out there.

  13. VNHLNFAN says:

    I think Z should package up ryan,figgins,olivo and ichiro and see if we can get a couple bats. Oh… and he can throw in simms as a bonus.

  14. wabubba67 says:

    moo–Martinez is 22 years old. He is batting .250 and has an OBP of .329 (21 BBs), OPS in the mid .600s, 18 steals (possibly still leading the Southern League), and a frame that we hopefully support more power in the future. His best postion might end up being CF, rather than 3B.

    Fister is 0-2 with the Detroit Tigers’ offense backing him up. Do you think he would be much better with the Mariners? He is averaging less than 6 innings per outing and has given up 3 HRs in 29 innings (an increased rate over what he has done historically, but a still small sample size). He is a good pitcher on a good offensive team. I’m not sure what the infatuation is with him.

  15. wabubba67 says:


    Any idea what is going on with Chance Ruffin in Tacoma? I just looked up his stats and they are UGLY and do not fit at all with what he has done before at the AAA level while with the Tigers. Injuries, change in mechanics, new pitches to develop??

  16. wabubba, per ESPN Fister’s 2012 era is 1.84. Not his fault if Detroit isn’t hitting when he pitches. No M’s starter is anywhere close to being under 2. Felix 3.17, Vargas 3.39, Milwood 3.72, Beaven 4.38 & Noesi 5.01.

    Actually not that bad, but Fister would be our #2 starter behind Felix.

  17. wabubba67 says:

    With the current offense do you think that Fister would have any more wins than he currently does (0)?

    Pitching is not the problem in this organization…we have to trade some of that pitching for offense (Wells and Martinez). Both are young. Give it some time.

  18. And my original point was if Martinez can’t hit over .240 @ AA, it doesn’t bode well for his ba in the bigs. WE DON’T NEED ANYMORE PLAYERS WHO CAN’T HIT! We’ve already got the market cornered on them.

    Do you think we really have ANY future stars on the offense side of the current 25 right now? MAYBE Ackley & Montero would be my answer. I’m a bit concerned about Ackley at the moment; hopefully he’ll get hot soon & finish at the .290 or so we need him to be at.

    In a perfect world, Liddi & Seager will be very serviceable long term players. If one had a GREAT offensive team (& God knows we don’t) Ryan would be an asset for his glove. But we can’t afford his below the Mendoza line b.a. with this team.

    Other than that, imo, the entire non pitching part of the 25 man is pretty weak. I wanted to be on the Carp & Saunders bandwagon, I really did (& I was for around 2 years). But………

    Other than Luetge, I’m not remotely sold on this bullpen either.

    It’s obvious Millwood will be traded since he’s pitching well & way to old to stick with a rebuilding team with 4 potentially great starters at AA & AAA. Hopefully, we’ll get quality in return for a change.

  19. VNHLNFAN says:

    Wedges frustration about this FO is starting to show. How long is he supposed to carry and manage dead weight? His hands are tied and it’s a shame. What’s next? They sign ichiro to a 5 year 150 mill contract extension? What a joke!

  20. If they sign Ichiro to a big $ extension, I’m done. Mind you I don’t think it will happen. Worse case scenarios in my mind would be something like 2 years, 10 mil; & I think from a Japanese cultural pov that would seem disrespectful; which is why I hope/believe he will retire.

    We’ve been fortunate to watch a future HOF’er all these years, but it’s time. Ichiro did see Griffey stick around too long, so hopefully he gets it.

  21. bbnate420 says:

    moo and wabbuba67, Martinez DOESN”T turn 22 until 9/1 of this year. He is hitting .250, which is over .240 if you didn’t know moo. His lack of power this year is troubling but, he is still young. Doesn’t seem like a corner infield type of hitter right now. I still don’t like the Fister trade as well moo but, there are some piece that could develop from it. Problem is, players like Wells won’t develop at the big league level if they are sent down for GARBAGE like Bilbo Baggins, excuse me Figgins!

  22. bbnate420 says:

    Honestly, the best thing for this team would be to send Bilbo Baggins AND Ichiro packing RIGHT NOW! Put Peguero out there in RF EVERYDAY! It won’t happen because as Ryan has said, the decisions in this organization are made by 2 MORONS that think they know baseball but DO NOT! The M’s will probably be losers as long as this is the case. Couldn’t be any farther from the team running the Hawks, thank god. Maybe Chris Hansen would be willing to forget about the NHL and own the new Sonics and the M’s. ONE CAN DREAM!!!!

  23. wabubba67 says:

    moo–young hitters often struggle in the minor leagues (especially at AA ball). I can go back and pull up several players that ended up with Hall of Fame careers that struggled at that level if you would like. Be patient…scouts get paid for a reason. I still like Smoak, Montero, Ackley, Carp (Liddi has some promise but I am skeptical of his SO numbers…Vinny Cat. is a better long term option). Remember where this organization was three years ago when Z took over. There was no talent (other than Felix and Ichiro) on the major league roster that anybody else wanted and no promising players in the minor leagues. Given that it is pretty remarkable where we are today.

    bbnate–Chris Hanson, Paul Allen, Mark Cuban, Steve Ballmer or anyone else with deep pockets whose primary motivation is to win would be welcome.

  24. wabubba67 says:

    Of course, I overlooked Seager too.

  25. bbnate420, as of May 27th at 3 pm said he was hitting .240.

  26. I like Seager also. Concern is there seems to be a logjam at .3b: Seager, Liddi & possibly Martinez.

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