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Saunders on life as Canadian (video)

Post by Larry Larue / The News Tribune on April 26, 2012 at 11:52 am with 21 Comments »
April 26, 2012 2:40 pm

It’s not easy being Canadian when some Americans know so little about the country, and Seattle Mariners outfielder Michael Saudners has known that since childhood.

Like Saunders, the stories he tells are good-natured. Yes, he loves the Great North, but he married an American woman he met in Arizona and loves all things Northwest.

In honor of the Mariners flying on to Toronto tonight, we bring  you Life As A Canadian. It’ll make you smile.

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  1. wabubba67 says:


  2. Is there a more likable guy on the M’s than Saunders? Felix, maybe. How about a co-interview with Kawasaki and Saunders sometime on the merits of Canada vs. Japan?

    By the way, am I the only guy in Seattle who thinks Felix looks kind of like Babe Ruth?

  3. Excellent timing, given tonight’s outcome. I really want to see this guy be a contributing everyday player.

  4. That was an amazing outcome! I don’t feel one bit sorry for Toronto, either, the way Beavan was getting jobbed. That two-run homer should never have happened. I guess the home plate umpire was trying to make the case for moo’s robot umps.

  5. This comment was brought about by tonight’s unthreaded game:

    It really looks like we are going to have a log jam of TALENTED players when Car & FG come back.

    All 5 of the players below should be playing on a daily basis (when Capr & FG return). Even forgetting that they are partially being blocked by the worthless 3 musketeers (Smoak, Figgins, Olivo) there isn’t enough room for all:


    4 positions, 5 strong players; + Wedge has shown little willingness to make the Musketeers permanent bench warmers as they should be.

    Z could pull a Mike Morse or a Doug Figgins & trade ‘em all away for mediocre prospects while keeping the Musketeers, that would fit his pattern……..

  6. bbnate420 says:

    Why no story about Pineda? I feel bad for the kid but, it makes the trade look pretty damn good for the M’s!

  7. Here’s a Pineda story; makes it sound as though Cashman is squirming a bit.

    The next M’s trip to Yankee Stadium should be interesting.

    And–it’s a bit early to declare Smoak worthless, don’t you think, moo? Let’s check back in on that one in September; I’ve been wrong before.

  8. Wish they’ld post some stories. Great game last night and The Pineda story. They got a lot they could write a out.

  9. Blog death alert. Come on, TNT……………

  10. Larry Larue says:

    sorry about the blackout. for whatever reason, we cannot file through our server from canada. will blog again as soon as i’m in tampa monday evening.

  11. Larry Larue says:

    bug –
    sorry about the blackout. for whatever reason, we cannot file through our server from canada. will blog again as soon as i’m in tampa monday evening.

  12. Whew! I was afraid they hadn’t sent you to Toronto and Tampa. It’s rough times for the journalism business.

    Look forward to your reporting from Tampa, Larry.

  13. Thanks Larry, I look forward to you guys getting to Tampa

  14. wabubba67 says:

    So….be creative and file a response that has the story buried in it. We’ll adjust for a few days. Adapt and overcome.

  15. Larry Larue says:

    will get back to you tomorrow from tampa, dude. then we can stir it up a bit.
    here you go, a question: with felix vs. Hellickson tomorrow, can mariners win and go 12-12 in April?

  16. Smoak and Ryan will have to produce…something, anything leading to a run or two..for a win. Olivo seems to be gradually working his way back to hitting mediocrity, a good thing. I’m going with a hit for Ryan and a win for Felix.

    On another subject: I’ve noticed over Ichiro’s career that when a bad pitch is called a strike, he won’t let another pitch go by in that at bat unless it’s off the world. It hurt him and the M’s today with the game still in play, Kawasaki on third and two outs. If the ump’s going to ring him up on a pitch six inches off the plate once in a blue moon, he needs to let it happen. With the tracer, the league gets after that stuff nowadays. He’s just not willing to let the ump get him out; but that turns the ab over to the pitcher, which is just as bad if the pitcher is any good at all.

  17. Re today’s game:

    I’ve been saying for weeks that in addition to his poor ba Figgins can’t play D, & he apparantly showed it again today. Jack Z needs to swallow his pride, & cut Figgins. He’s also blocking prospects in a rebuilding year.

  18. Stop me if you’ve heard this one. Felix pitches great again and the offense doesn’t show up.

  19. Well, that wasn’t pleasant. When League’s splitter isn’t working, his fast ball is too straight to get him by all by itself.

    And–that M’s ad where “Shawn” compares the bride to Dustin Ackley–am I the only one who has to turn the radio off when that thing comes on? The guy is squeaking, his voice alone drives me nuts, and the commercial has the worst double entendres since M-M-Mel sang “I’ve got the hoss and she’s got the saddle.” She’s got a great glove, etc., etc.–come on guys, get rid of that thing.

    Finally, for the folks who want people to stay away from the ballpark–there’s a home for you in Tampa if you don’t like Oakland. That place sounds like a mausoleum with six loud visitors. Less than 10,000 for that team? Gosh.

  20. wabubba67 says:

    Why is it that two people can comment on the game tonight before LaRue is able to post anything on line? How about a consistent game thread? He had 4 days to prepare to write something due to “server issues” that somehow do not seem to plague the competition….and we get nothing of any worth?

    Step aside and let Divish run this blog. It was more informative, entertaining, interactive, relevant….and just fun.

  21. Geez, wabub…that’s pretty tough. My opinion: Larry is an old timey newspaper guy (a plus in my book) who blogs because it’s required these days. He organizes his thoughts, sticks to the basics when reporting on the game, and doesn’t lecture or chastise the commenters.

    It just may be that Divish is more bloggerish than Larry, but Larry has the knowledge and perspective I want from a baseball writer. The Pony Keg has plenty of work to do. The guy who writes the blog should be the one who’s attending the ballgames. And if you think the TNT is going to send two writers on road trips…well of course you don’t, because you’re aware of the current economics of newspapers.

    Larry can speak for himself, but I’ll bet he regards his most important post-game responsibility as doing a solid game write-up for the newspaper. I respect that.

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