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Mariners are up, but Figgins goes down

Post by Larry Larue / The News Tribune on Aug. 1, 2011 at 9:05 pm with 4 Comments »
August 1, 2011 9:05 pm

The Seattle Mariners had 13 hits in their first five innings tonight, leading the Oakland Athletics, 7-1 behind Blake Beavan’s pitching, but they lost third baseman Chone Figgins to injury.

Figgins left the game after the first inning with a strained right hip flexor and is listed day-to-day in availability. It wasn’t reported how the injury occurred, but Figgins made a diving stop in the top of the first inning, then ran the baess in the bottom half.

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  1. wabubba67 says:

    Because I have missed the NFL and have stayed away from anything written about the NFL during the lockout (but miss it nonetheless), here is my 18 Things That I Think I Know About The Mariners (after studying them intently on a bleary-eyed Monday night at the Red Hot):

    1.) That Chone Figgins has completely quit on the organization that rewarded him with a $36 million dollar contract over four years. He is either too disinterested, stupid, or ignorant to know game situations while playing 3B. After fielding a ground ball at 3B, Figgins then attempts to tag out a runner who was retreating back to 3B (on, at best, a 50/50 play) while ignoring the chugging, listing tugboat of a runner that is an aging Matsui trying to make it to first base. Hey Chone, you got the runner on 3B to retreat….now is the time to help a young pitcher by getting the first out of the first inning while he is in a tough jam. Just dumb.

    2.) That Ichiro has no idea (or doesn’t care) what a lead-off man is supposed to do in a given situation. After Beavan had worked his ass off in the fist inning getting out of a bases loaded with no one out situation, Ichiro swings at the very first pitch offered to him in the bottom of the first….lining out to LF. Would it kill Ichiro to take a pitch or two, or perhaps tie his shoes, maybe even lose a contact lense in order to help his rookie pitcher? This is a team game, right?

    3.) That if you swing at the first pitch after the leadoff hitter did the same, you better be able to produce. Congrats Brendan Ryan, you just avoided the curse of the mustache that doesn’t flinch.

    4.) That scorekeepers have no idea what they are doing. On the play that Figgins fielded a ground ball cleanly and then chose to dive back into third base in an attempt to get a retreating runner, Matsui was given a hit. Later in the game, Ichiro hits a similar ball and the fielder hesitates before attempting to get Ichiro out at first….Ichiro is given a failed fielder’s choice. A little consistency please (they both should have been fielder’s choices).

    5.) That Blake Beavan is equal to Doug Fister of 2009.

    6.) That Brendan Ryan is what is right with the 2011 Mariners. Gritty, fiesty, pain in the ass that refuses to give in to the mediocrity around him. Fans in St. Louis are cursing Tony LaRussa’s ego if they are paying attention to Ryan’s play.

    7.) That there is nothing like the sight of an older brother (A’s fan) teasing his younger brother (M’s fan) about how bad his team is. These are obviously kids that were picked last and second to last on their recess kickball teams while in grade school.

    8.) That it is good to see Miguel Olivo maximize his somewhat limited potential during his second go-around with the Mariners. After the first, he was very nearly out of baseball. He plays the game the right way, though his talents don’t always allow his body to do what his mind wants….welcome to the club, Miguel.

    9.) That Jack Wilson has more immediate potential trade value than Chone Figgins and does not deserve to be hidden on the bench. Highlight is defensive prowess and pray to God that he can get a few hits….if that happens there will be a team in contention that would like to pick him up as SS insurance before the end of August. Figgins?….no chance given his contract. This is an EASY call Wedge, and one that I don’t understand why you have chosen to play it counterintuitively.

    10.) That Justin Smoak still doesn’t know what Justin Smoak is capable of….and neither do we or Zduriencik. How much did losing his father effect his performance? Heightened performance immediately upon return followed by malaise afterwards sounds awfully human to me….it’s not as though he has had a pennant race to distract his thoughts this summer. He is deserving of a complete 2012 season before judgments are rendered.

    11.) That if Keith Law’s claims that Zduriencik overruled his scouting department in the final hours before the 2011 draft and selected Hultzen instead of Franciso Lindor are true, Zduriencik better hope that Lindor resembles Rey Quinonez while Hultzen becomes a poor man’s Randy Johnson….this is a potentially fatal offense for Z, who prides himself on the work that his scouts accomplish. I find it difficult to believe.

    12.) That Dustin Ackley is going to be a VERY good player for a VERY long time. Think Steve Sax with much, much better defense….and a beard that makes you think about NASCAR, bootlegging and BBQs with friends.

    13.) That Mike Carp is currently undervalued by Zduriencik, but gaining respect more respect with each game.

    14.) That Dave Sims Bobblehead Night occurs whenever Zduriencik is within a 10 foot radius of our most loathed broadcaster since Ron Fairly “Obvious”.

    15.) That Ichiro has lost two full steps since 2005. A ball hit in the hole that pulls the 1B off the bag while fielding it (with the pitcher forgetting to cover 1B) would have had NO CHANCE of being an out six years ago….today the first baseman beats Ichiro by a step.

    16.) That Blake Beavan is better than I ever imagined he would be…right now…and he is going to improve from this point. (With some inevitable rocky starts along the way.)

    17.) That Jamey Wright is nearly in the same category as Wilson/Figgins when it comes to a potential trade. Bag of baseballs or two Capt.&Cokes anyone?

    18.) That Chone Figgins has a lot in common with my two cats and is content with merely cashing his checks after signing his lucrative free agent deal. Shame on the Mariners and any organization that does not a scout a player as intensely psychologically as they do physically.

  2. Great post! i agree with much of it, especially 1, 9, 12, 15 & 18.

  3. monmornQB says:

    wabubba67 I almost agree with your post. Just that how do you get Wilson in the line up? Sit Ryan who is the only real all out never quit baseball player we have or sit Ackley the only player that is producing.

    When I first read this post I was hoping that by “Figgins goes down” it ment goes anywhere but in this organization.

  4. wabubba67 says:

    I would play Wilson at 3B nearly every day and rest Ryan at least once (maybe twice) a week throught August in order to show other teams that Wilson can still play more than adequate defense.

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