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A little bit of justice for the latest fan plague

Post by Ryan Divish on June 30, 2010 at 12:22 pm with 7 Comments »
June 30, 2010 12:26 pm

You’ve seen them before when you watch games on TV. You’ve sat next to them at games and wanted to deliver a rabbit punch to the backs of their skulls. They are annoying. They are growing in numbers. They’ve almost become an epidemic.

They are …

Idiot fans talking on their cell phones.

Really there are two types of categories of people that commit this fan faux pas.

1. The guy that is on his cell phone because he’s telling his friends who are at home watching TV that he’s on TV. You see them usually behind home plate or behind the dugouts, frantically waving and smiling and giving the look-at-me-I’m-TV face. I hate these people. I despise these people more than Ed Hardy t-shirts and warm beer.

Nobody cares where you are sitting. Nobody cares if you are on TV. And if people really do care. Then they need to get a life.

2. The other kind of cell phone fan is the guy talking on his phone at the game and not watching the game. Apparently, his conversation is so important that he absolutely must talk during the game, in his seat, with other people around him. And of course, that fan never tries to keep his voice low and his conversation private. Never. They must talk just loud enough that it distracts you from the game. It’s  more annoying than somebody with a rally fries breath.

If you must have a phone conversation at a game. Then walk your self-important #@$ up to the concourse where you can annoy people who are waiting for beers or the bathroom.

But yesterday at the Mariners-Yankees  game, cell-phone guy got his comeuppance thanks to my fellow Montanan Rob Johnson.

Say what you want about Johnson’s batting, or his passed balls – and believe me many fans have. But this was pretty sweet. This is what you get for talking on your cell phone during  a game …

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  1. msfansince1983 says:

    I love it! Couldn’t have happened to anyone better than a Yankee fan. I consider it retribution for all of those bassholes that you used to throw coins, batteries and more at Jay Buhner during the ’95 playoffs.

  2. trustsatan says:

    Ha – where’s Steve Bartman when you need him!

    Seriously, I have a proposal for a #3: people who take pictures with their phone cameras incessantly rather than watching the game. Put the phone away!

  3. zombiehooliganfc says:

    Really? Cell phones are the problem at ballparks? How about families, little kids, mascots, garlic fries, pink baseball gear, signs telling people when to cheer and yell, hydroplane races, outrageous food prices, finding the hidden ball under a hat, or a crappy baseball team with incompetent leadership? Cell phones are not an issue, they come with the riffraff openly welcomed and pitched to by whorish baseball teams looking for cash rather than fans.

  4. zombiehooliganfc says:

    I mean, really, how many people at a game actually like baseball? I go and see people doing almost everything except watch the game. People constantly get up and go mess around, missing innings at a time. Last game I was at there was a dude working hard to start the wave, he didn’t watch the game for like 4 innings because he was so busy doing that. And kids stuff their faces and look for that moronic moose and get excited about the music blasted during batters. I remember going to games not too long ago and people just sat there and watched the games. If someone wasn’t bringing the food and drink drinks to you, you weren’t going to eat or drink.

    I took this same thing away from the two Sounders games I went to this season. People cared more about chants and clapping in unison than the game itself. At one point I had to ask the moron in front of me to move to the side so I could see a goal almost being scored. It’s apparent that most people at a soccer game dislike the sport altogether. This is happening to baseball.

  5. fuzzman55 says:

    Yeah, families and little kids are really the problem at the ballpark. Makes sense coming from a ‘hooligan.’

    BTW, that was sarcasm if anyone didn’t catch it.

  6. I thought it was just me: one of my top 5 pet peeves & my #1 bitch regrading individuals is RUDE people who talk on cell phones in public. Unless it’s an emergency, I really don’t want to hear about your business. People with cells in grocery stores & restaurants are the worst offenders.

    Let’s put cell phones back where they belong: IN THE CAR!

  7. westside_guy says:

    LOVE it – glad to see one of those guys get their comeuppance. I have to put up with morons like that on the Sounder, and even there it’s annoying as h*ll. Good grief, calling someone at 7am just to (loudly) drone on about pointless garbage (seriously, these phone calls are often at the level of “so I grabbed a danish on the way to the train, think I’ll get a taco for lunch, what are you eating…” – you called someone for that?).

    I was watching a game a few days ago. A fan who had really great seats (4th or 5th row behind the plate) was sitting there, obviously texting! Every time the camera was at an angle that showed her – she was there, head down, texting. If she’s not interested in the game, she should give the seat to someone deserving… like me!

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