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Game #49: Another walk-off loss for Seattle

Post by Larry Larue / The News Tribune on May 30, 2010 at 12:31 pm with 9 Comments »
May 30, 2010 4:18 pm

Ian Snell is making his sixth start of the season for Seattle, and he’ll face an Angels lineup without Kendry Morales and Torii Hunter – both injured in Saturday’s 10-inning, 5-1 Mariners loss.

That won’t help the Angels, obviously, but it won’t be as big a difference for Snell as you might think. Unlike the Mariners, the Angels have more than a couple of productive hitters.

Combined, for instance, Bobby Abreu, Hideki Matsui, Juan Rivera and Mike Napoli have 25 home runs this season.  The entire Seattle lineup has 21.

It’s Snell vs. Joe Saunders, the Mariners vs. the Angels, with ground to be gained or lost in the American League West.

  • Chone Figgins singled with one out and took third on a perfectly executed hit-and-run single by Franklin Gutierrez. Cleanup hitter Milton Bradley struck out. Mike Sweeney flied out. In the first: A missed opportunity.
  • Erick Aybar singled and, two outs later, Hideki Matsui hit  his seventh home run. Snell threw 29 pitches – hardly the aggressive start the Mariners hoped to see.  In the first: Los Angeles 2, Seattle 0.
  • The weirdness of this series continues. With two outs, Eliezar Alfonzo singld – and Josh Wilson hit a line drive off the leg of second-base umpire Brian Knight for a single. Ichiro singled home Alfonzo, but Wilson – trying to score from first base – was thrown out. In the second: Los Angeles 2, Seattle 1.
  • Snell pitched a scoreless second inning, but whatever aggression he showed out of the bullpen hasn’t carried over. To get six outs, Snell has thrown 49 pitches – walking two batters, going deep in the count to most everyone else. At this pace, he’s not long for this game.
  • Mike Sweeney singled to lead off the fourth inning and took third when Jose Lopez singled into right field.  With one out, Alfonzo homered, his first.  In the fourth: Seattle 4, Los Angeles 2.
  • Given that two-run lead, Snell seemed to change his approach – he retired the Angels in order on 10 pitches in the fourth.
  • Bradley walked and, with one out, Lopez walked. Casey Kotchman singled Bradley home, chasing Saunders. Trevor Bell in to pitch. Alfonzo singled – his third hit today – to drive in Lopez. Josh-not-Jack Wilson singled home Lopez, Alfonzo thrown out at thid base.In the fifth: Seattle  7, Los Angeles 2.
  • Snell cost himself the chance to ge5t a win, walking the first two men he faced in the fifth inning. That got him a hook. Now pitching: Jesus Colome. With one out, Colome walked Abreu, loading the bases. If Wakamatsu had a board handy, he’d likely whack Colome with it. Matsui popped out on the first pitch he saw. Juan Rivera walked, forcing in a run. Napoli struck out. After five: Seattle 7, Los Angeles 3.
  • In the sixth: Kanekoa Texeira pitching for Seattle. With two outs, Reggie Willits singled and went to third on Aybar’s double. Maicer Izturis walked, loading ‘em up. Abreu walked, forcing in a run. Shawn Kelley replaced Texeira.   Catchers interference was called, putting Matsui on first and pushing home another run. Rivera popped out.  After six: Seattle 7, Los Angeles 5.
  • It’s the bottom of the seventh, Kelley on the mound, and in the bullpen warming up: David Aardsma. Brandon League isn’t available, so it’s either Aardsma or Ryan Rowland-Smith after Kelley.
  • With one out, Howie Kendrick homered.  After seven: Seattle 7, Los Angeles 6.
  • Kelley got through the eighth, striking out two Angels along the way, and has delivered a one-run lead to the ninth inning and Aardsma. In a day of mediocrity on the mound, Kelley stood apart. Fine work.
  • Bottom of th ninth: Aardsma time. With the chance to gain a game in the division standings, win this series and pick up their 20th victory of the season, Seattle failed. Matsui led off with a walk. Rivera flied to the fence in center field.  Napoli singled off Aardsma’s glove. Kendrick homered. It’s a final: Los Angeles 9, Seattle 7.
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  1. westside_guy says:

    After sitting Saunders during the first game, Wak said he’d be playing the next two. Why isn’t he in this game?

    Really, the question is – why does Wak so obviously not “believe” in Saunders? He sat him when he was doing well, and seems to be doing what he can to make sure he never gets going. It’s not like he doesn’t give other young players (e.g. Rob Johnson) absurd amounts of playing time even when they aren’t doing particularly well offensively or defensively – so why is Saunders perpetually in Wak’s doghouse?

  2. Larry Larue says:

    westy – only room for one guy in LF at a time, one DH at a time. vs. LHP Saunders, Wak couldn’t resist getting Milton Bradley and Mike Sweeney in the game. they are hot – by seattle standards, anyway – and saunders likely won’t play regularly until one of them cools off.

  3. westside_guy says:

    Thank you for the response, Larry. I guess it just drives me a bit nuts that Saunders WAS rather hot and still got sat down for almost an entire week anyway. Looking forward, I’d think Saunders has more potential to help the team even this year than a guy whose back can’t even stand the “rigor” of four days in a row playing DH.

  4. themaintenancemngr says:

    Well here we go again, another late inning loss. When someone manages people you have to be able to know when to make the proper move with people that way you can head off misstakes before they happen and Wak is not doing this the Mariners need to take a deep look inside and see if Wak is the right guy for the job would franchises like the Yankees,Boston, LA Dodgers not at least try and give the Manager the best possible opertunity to win??Mariners Fans you need to wake up and do you part by not attending the games and not buying jersey’s and other memorabilia and send a message that we will not be hapoy with just getting by but only with winning a pennant and until the effort is put forth then we will not support them,coming from a mariners fan that has every ticket from every game ever attended including the goofy pink tickets from 1976 i love them but am very discrouaged,thanks for letting me vent.

  5. GaryW209 says:

    By now everyone should recognize that the 2010 Mariners are completely, totally and undeniably worthless as a professional baseball team. Once again I am faced with a baseball season filled with Seattle failures. I wish I could look forward to football season and the Seahawks but that thought only brings pain as well. When will it ever end?

  6. dondarla says:

    @#$%&!!!!!!! I am so sick and tired of this!!!! If they haven’t already set it, they must be way ahead of the pace for setting the record for late inning meltdowns and walk off losses!

  7. Sweeny at 1b, Bradley at DH, Saunder in lf, Kotchman on the bench.

    As I said a few threads back, it isn’t like we’re saving Sweeney’s back for the playoffs………..

  8. Parkland says:

    I think we’re quickly approaching the time when Wakamatsu needs to start cleaning out his office. Seattle has talent this year. When the talent’s there, and they still stink it up every game, that tells me there’s a serious leadership problem. I only have to go back to the TNT / Griffey flap a couple of weeks ago to see that, anyway. If you have Sweeney in a players only meeting wanting to start something with the young players, that says loads right there. Furthermore, with good leadership, there’s no need for “players only” meetings.

  9. I have started writing a comment and deleted it three times already. There is so much about the Mariners org that makes me angry, I’m not sure why I even care about the ball club anymore, they bring nothing but unhappiness and anger to my life. Thanks Seattle Mariners for a lifetime of crap with no hope of winning anything significant anytime soon. At least the team makes boatloads of cash, hooray for them.

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