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Game #32: And now, for some baseball

Post by Larry Larue / The News Tribune on May 11, 2010 at 5:03 pm with 22 Comments »
May 11, 2010 5:05 pm

Mariners vs. Orioles, game in the fourth inning – and all those who believed they’d see a Seattle lineup with Ryan Langerhans batting fifth and Josh Wilson sixth, raise your hands!

Cliff Lee and David Hernandez have shut out the offenses through four innings in a steady drizzle that’s supposed to get worse. One run might go a long way toward a rain-shortened win tonight.

Everyone seems awake – including me.

  • Mr. Langerhans has gone deep. Should have been hitting fifth his whole career. It was a shot to right-center field, his first of the year. In the fifth: Seattle 1, Baltimore 0.
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  1. chopkoski says:

    Egads, Waku is playin’ socko with his making you out to be a liar. I do not believe him one bit. Much as I never believed his express belief that the Mariners would be a top contender. The man is a mouh piece for an outdated establishment. Anyway, they have Dreyer doing the mouthover on how Junior Never Sleeps trying to make you look like an Organ Grinder Monkey. It don’t work for me. Congrats on givning us some truth, Buddy, it is sorely needed in this town. And who just had a home run? Langerhans! Yesirreee!

  2. VisitingFan says:

    Mr. LaRue, since the M’s didn’t take batting practice, was Erik able to get any work in? Bullpen, play catch?

    A commenter on one of the entries below mentioned that you received an award for one of your stories. If I may speak frankly, I think the quality of your blogging is uneven – but, I think you do a very fine job in your feature writing. That does deserve to be recognized. Congratulations!

  3. westside_guy says:

    Wak is doing his job – standing up for his player. Even if Larry’s blog post from yesterday is word for word true – and I believe it is – it’s not Wak’s job to “out” his players. He’s protecting them to the best of his ability.

    Now hopefully the rest of Larry’s post comes true really soon, and Wak does indeed ask Jack for help. Personally I’d like to see a young guy filling that spot right now (e.g. Tui) until a trade becomes possible; but Griffey being who he is, they’re still giving him a heck of a lot of rope.

    BTW having broken down and watched Cliff Lee Day (!) today, does anyone other than me remember the young Griffey who’d get pissed off and then go out on the field and basically take it out on the opposing team? I find it telling that under the current circumstances he was 0-fer with a walk. Tui or Carp could do that, and more.

  4. Larry Larue says:

    fan – erik will either throw his simulated game wednesday or, if he’s rained out, could fly to arizona and extended spring training to get it done. thanks for the compliment – i think. lol.

  5. Larry Larue says:

    chop – wak, and every other manager, has to back his players and his team. it’s part and parcel of the job description.

  6. snydro81 says:

    Cliff Lee made Larry LaRue leave the room before he would continue his post game press conference.

    That made my night.

    Funny how for years I have criticized Larry for not ‘participating’ in this blog. He rarely answers questions on here, and is usually good for one fluff post per day to meet his quota. Now all of the sudden he is responding to everyone.

    Probably because it’s lonely in Baltimore.

  7. wabubba67 says:

    You are a bitter and small man (part II), snydro.

    Didn’t I see you on VH1’s Tool Academy?

  8. snydro81 says:

    You need to get over your man-crush. I’m just not that in to you.

  9. kurtisballard says:

    the thing is, larry took away the chance for a clean break. the inevitable was going to happen. the team was going to ask jr. to retire. he was going to have the option of bowing out gracefully without a mess. he can still go out like a gentleman, and i hope he will, but the chance at the clean break he deserved was taken away by this “story”. larry larue’s first commentary in a year. let’s call it what it was: a slander piece by a man with a 15 year old vendetta.

  10. Snydro, You & I have agreed on a number of things in the past, but i wish you would moderate a bit on this. Larry is not evil.

  11. bucklinhill says:

    Hang in there, Larry. Bring bad news to anyone who values loyalty above performance and they always shoot the messenger. Now, what I started to wonder when I read your original article is if you’ve got a source in the front office who talked to you about imminent action on Griffey. If so, and if you wanted to protect the source, the nap story was the perfect red herring. If that’s the case, my hat’s off to you, you’re a heckuva reporter. (Sorry for all the cliches in this post; I put them in so the chowderheads who want you drawn and quartered would understand it.)

  12. Bubba: can I get permission to use that post? Genius.

    Bucklinhill, took the words right outta my mouth.

  13. footballscaa says:

    I see this thread is now drawing flies.

  14. wabubba67 says:

    Feel free, Squid.

  15. bigmike04 says:

    •Ken Rosenthal of FOX Sports asked Ken Griffey Jr. about retirement, and Junior said, “I’ll figure it out when I get to that point.” The Mariners, meanwhile, have made a villain of Larry LaRue, the reporter who quoted a couple of unnamed players about a recent Griffey in-game clubhouse nap. is reporting this, now larry LaRue how you feel about making TNT looking bad and creating a stir in lockeroom come on.

  16. wabubba67 says:

    mike–your grammatical skills give me a headache when I try to wade through the carnage of subjects and predicates. Please, in the name of all that is holy, edit before posting. (If nothing else, read it out loud to see if it makes sense to you.)

  17. Larry Larue says:

    mike – i don’t think a paper looks bad when it prints a story just because the story isn’t popular with players.

  18. snydro81 says:

    I’ve been informed by Divish that it is the editors of the TNT which remove posts which take issue with Larry’s journalistic integrity, not Larry himself.

    Shame on them.

    I understand removing a post which contains expletives, but not ones which are well thought out and articulated. It reflects poorly on the blog’s authors. It insinuates they do not a have decent rebuttal and cannot defend their own actions.

  19. bigmike04 says:

    I dont have beefy with you mind you, I got beef with the story you did, pretty much you didn’t do you job which is to get it cofirm by griffey jr or wak, instead you got it from 2 young guys that you wouldn’t name and you want to take full blame instead of passing blame on guy who said it, seem too much the president that America has when he taking all blame with economy when it falls on Bush shoulders as it happen on bush term not obama.

    If you find that you were wrong in your case than you think team going to say by gone be by gones. You do a great job on the paper with the game but maybe just stick to that and let someone else handle the other duties because it cause a lot of backlash, I think Griffey Jr has something in his bat but shouldn’t be playing everyday and I don’t think Mariners need 2 guys who cannot play the field anymore on the 25 man roster it time to cut Sweeney, keep griffey just for occasional DH and PH that what he was brought back for not to start everyday.

    I do hope who every says what they said about griffey come out because everyone at the ballpark saturday night was sleeping and who can blame them for team that started the home stand on losing note this last week, just maybe your story was taken out contend when the player was angry and frusterated, if that the case why take what he said seriously when you didn’t get cofirm by manager or griffey or better yet proof just spectulation it what you wrote.

  20. Snydro,
    Don’t be putting words in my mouth. I said that Larry doesn’t know how to remove posts. But that our editors do. And being that it is the News Tribune website, they have the right to remove comments if they feel are inflammatory or threatening.

    I don’t know what your post was, but put it up again.

  21. Larry Larue says:

    mike – i don’t have a beefy with you, either. you may word things in a goofy way at times, but i’ve written some garbled sentences myself. we’ll just have to agree to disagree on this one.

  22. Folks, while I disagree with much of what Big Mike says, I’d appreciate it if we could stop teasing him about his grammar. I am ASSUMING that English is not his first language. many other languages have a very different syntax then English.

    Now, of course my dreadful spelling is fair game!!

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