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Will Edgar Martinez get voted into the Hall of Fame?

Post by Ryan Divish on Dec. 28, 2009 at 4:06 pm with 14 Comments »
December 28, 2009 4:38 pm
TNT file photo
TNT file photo

Well, he won’t get a vote from me … not because I wouldn’t vote for him. But because I don’t have a vote. I’m fairly certain Larry has a Hall of Fame vote, and I know TNT columnist John McGrath has a vote. Perhaps, I can coax either of them to share their ballot.

On today, senior editor David Schoenfield makes a lengthy and convincing case for Edgar to be voted in.

But he isn’t alone, Michael Weddell of the very smart Baseball Analysts also offers up his thoughts and reasons for Edgar to be inducted.

ESPN’s Rob Neyer had two different posts on his Sweet Spot blog. Here’s his first and his followup.

We know of a few people who have voted for him. Lynne Henning of the Detroit News voted for Edgar, as did Phil Hersh of the Chicago Tribune, joining them was Hal McCoy of the Dayton Daily News. Two of Hersh’s colleagues at the Tribune – Mark Gonzales and Fred Mitchell did not vote for Martinez, neither did Jon Heyman.

I’m sure we will hear and read more and more hall of fame ballots in the coming weeks. My gut feeling is that Edgar won’t get in this year. But after reading the couple pieces linked to above, I know I would have voted for him … if I had a vote.

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  1. judman25 says:

    If Edgar had been on an east coast team he would almost definetly be inducted. Being that his career was in the PNW, well…

  2. footballscaa says:

    Edgar will not be voted into the Hall on his first ballet. I really think he’ll be lucky to garner 20%. And that’s from a wishful Mariners fan. Egar is an icon in the NW, but his numbers and the fact he rarely played the field make him borderline, at best. We can all look at his stats and try to turn them one way or another, but the Hall of Fame is reserved for legends. The baseball Hall has iron doors, not the plastic ones of the football Hall, where anyone who’s even remotely popular will be enshrined at the end of their careers. I would like to be wrong, it would be nice to see two M’s caps in the Hall. Randy will likely go in as a Diamondback. I’m not sure KGjr is first ballet either, but he will in the Hall long before our beloved Edgar will be.

  3. dave8557 says:

    Only if there is a special “DH wing” in the Hall of Fame.

  4. snydro22 says:

    Right next to the “relief pitcher” wing.. Oh wait, that one exists.. (credit USSM and David Schoenfield)..

  5. SharkHawk says:


    Did you seriously say you’re not sure if Ken Griffey Jr. is a first ballot hall of famer? Look at his stats alone. He compares directly to Frank Robinson and Willie Mays, who may have been the most surefire first ballot hall of famers to ever play in the modern era. 10 time gold glover, 13 time all star, and an average season of .285 39 112. That was all done not under suspicion of pharmaceuticals as well.

    You won’t find many more valid arguments for a first ballot hall of famer for a position player coming out of this particular generation of players than Griffey and then of course Pujols in the next crop. Those guys are locks.

    If Griffey doesn’t go in on the first ballot then I’ll foresake baseball for the rest of my life. Seriously. So maybe you guys should push for that so you don’t have to ever see me around here anymore.

  6. footballscaa says:

    I did seriously say KGjr may not be a first ballet haller. He lacks one thing. Being a winner. Having never even played in the world series is a stat I see. What do all first ballet hallers have in common? They were winners. Maybe somwhere along the line in the annals of B-ball history there is someone who was not. But, SharkHawk, like many NW fans love their icons and truly believe in them. That’s great. I was just taking a nod at the truth of the matter.

  7. snydro22 says:

    That’s ridiculous.

    There are a ton of great players, and hall of famers, who never won a championship.

    In Seattle alone, and I’m going to mix sports a little bit, but we have guys like Steve Largent, Walter Jones, Edgar Martinez and Ken Griffey Jr. whose only misfortune was playing in Seattle. It doesn’t take away from their greatness..

  8. snydro22 says:

    “I’m not sure KGjr is first ballet either, but he will in the Hall long before our beloved Edgar will be.” – footballscaa

    Ballet? Whatever you say, twinkle toes..

  9. SharkHawk says:

    What is so utterly asinine about this entire thing, is that this is the VERY argument Yankee fans use to justify the fact that they have so many overrated players that are in the Hall. They claim it is because they were “winners”. No… they just happened to play on winning teams.

    So should Bernie Williams be in the Hall instead of Ken because he was a “winner” or did he have the benefit of playing on a team with a payroll a thousand percent higher than the Marlins and twice as high as the M’s? Be serious.

    Baseball is the ultimate team sport. It isn’t basketball. If Ken Griffey were in the NBA and had the same impact on the games there, he would have been like Michael Jordan or Kobe Bryant, and YES, he would have won a ring. As it stands, he has been a part of many winning teams. He joined an absolute laughingstock of an organization, and within 6 years they were in the ALCS. Doesn’t that mean that he was a winner? That was his and Edgar’s team.

    If Randy Johnson had never made it to the Diamondbacks would he have been any less of a hall of famer? He’s the exact same pitcher there as he was in Seattle, only he happens to be surrounded with a team that was pushing for more and won a World Series. Now he’s a hall of famer, right?

    You want to know how many world series Hank Aaron won? Look it up. He won 1 World Series. If the cards had fallen wrong and they had lost a game here or there and not made it then would you say that Aaron wasn’t a winner and therefore the man who was voted by many as the greatest player ever to play the game didn’t belong in the hall? Then you go ahead and tell me that he doesn’t belong in the Hall of fame….. just like Griffey. I mean Jeter has won WAY more World Series titles than Hank Aaron. So he must be more of a hall of famer than Aaron right? I even saw Shane Victorino win a title. So he belongs in the HOF. He’s a winner. Same with David Eckstein. It’s all about winning and Griffey never carried a team to a World Series like Jim Leyritz…. another should be hall of famer. Stupid stupid stupid.

    I don’t look at Griffey as great for Seattle. He is great for baseball. He wasn’t like Rupert Jones where he was the best we had so we cheered him on. He was the biggest name in the entire sport. He had the most endorsements of any baseball player, and he brought legitimacy to this franchise and we went from a laughingstock to the team that everybody was afraid of in a few short years. He has had a hall of fame career and anybody who can’t see it should probably just stop talking.

  10. footballscaa says:

    snydro I’m glad you have your spell check on. And SharkHawk. Save your endless diatribes and read the posts I’ve made. I never said Edgar or Jr didn’t belong in the Hall. Quite the opposite. But, you as well as snidro read a couple of words, then freak out that your icons are being bashed. The entire world of MLB (with the execption of the NW) knows what winning means. A league championship at a minimum. Rinky dink division titles are a joke. 116 wins? So what. People like you are posting on national sites, talking smack, and the M’s have done – squanto. And by the way, the players on winning teams, are winners. Not Hallers, but winners. Go pop in the 95 highlight tape, you’ll feel better. But, turn it off before you get to the finish.

  11. SharkHawk says:

    No I won’t be watching any highlight tapes to make me feel better (WTF?)…..thanks for the lecture though. I will say what I want when it comes to baseball, especially since there are obviously completely uneducated fools who feel they can say random idiotic things and not be challenged. Say what you want… but have the FACTS to back it up. Otherwise sit down quietly, do some reading, work on the writing skills, and come back with a cognizant response.

    You have nothing to justify your points. Your communication skills are horrible, yet you have the nerve to come here and antagonize people who obviously do have some knowledge about the sport.

    If you want a sounding board like you are looking for, then go hang out on Jim Rome’s site and drop your “takes” all day. If you want to analyze things and have some valuable and reasonable information to back up your argument like the rest of us do, then I’d love to read it. Unfortunately you are just being a disrespectful punk who has little to no knowledge about how a baseball player’s career is judged.

    You are now saying 116 wins doesn’t mean anything…. “so what” in your words, yet earlier you said it’s all about wins. Which is it?

    I have a great idea for you. Send Hank Aaron an email and tell him he doesn’t belong in the hall of fame due to getting lucky and getting just a silly worthless ring one lucky year. I’d LOVE to hear what he says back. And yes… Mr. Aaron is approachable and forgot more about the sport over the last 48 hours than you’ll ever know. Let me know how your conversation with him goes.

    E-mail Divish and Larue and tell them that you want them to start a petition to withhold first “ballet” hall of fame votes from Griffey Jr. I’d LOVE to hear their response to you. I know that I personally can’t stop laughing at what mess your posts are and how you can’t stick to one point of view and see it through with any sort of a thoughtful discussion that uses an actual factual basis. Show me one guy who put up the career numbers that Griffey has that wasn’t a first “ballet” guy and maybe that might be a good first step if you’d actually like to have a discussion. Other than that? I’d say you’re on the fast track to being completely and totally ignored.

    Good day.

  12. footballscaa says:

    OK. This my last post on this (debate)?! After this, you can have your last word and be happy.I was just being honest, not passionate, honest. My opinion. That’s it. I hope Edgar gets in Hall. I hope it’s this year. And I hope he’s on 100% of the “ballets”. Not because I’m a Mariner fan, but because he was great pure hitter, and he has earned the right to be there. I truly hope (and know) KGjr will teach ballet on his first ballot entry to the Hall. Your mention of the Yankees and their “overrated players” in the hall was odd. Nobody questions that Babe Ruth, Joe D, Mick and Reggie were overpayed for their times. Evidently they were “overrated”? This disrespectful punk, would like to see your stats on which of the 116 regular season wins really matters now. You mention baseball as being the ultimate team sport, and yet individual achievements seem (to you) to be the key the being first “ballet”. So if the team wins or loses in their quest for one meaningless ring, it means nothing? I’m glad you are amused by my posts. Quite frankly I could care less about your self-righteous rants. I’m glad you like baseball. I just don’t care. You want to jump on snydros pea-brained bandwagon you do that. You want to slam my posts, do that too. But, please do me one favor. Completely and totally ignore me. I’ll get over it.

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