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Zduriencik comments on the Lee trade: “No Comment”

Post by Ryan Divish on Dec. 15, 2009 at 1:32 pm with 10 Comments »
December 15, 2009 4:21 pm
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AP photo

Obviously, the Carlos Silva-sized elephant in the media room at Safeco Field was the blockbuster trade that is in the works that we’ve written about, fans have discussed and analysts have debated endlessly for the last 30 or so hours.

But true to his guarded fashion, GM Jack  Zduriencik was very tight-lipped today when it came to Cliff Lee or any other moves.

The media was asked to keep any questions during the main press conference related to Chone Figgins and his signing in Seattle. But once that was over, Zduriencik took questions from a small group of reporters.

The second question? You guessed it.

Q: So about Cliff Lee, what’s the status right now?

I have no comment. Quite frankly, today is all about Chone Figgins. And any other things that we may be talking about – and we have a lot of balls we’ve been juggling, I’ve said that all along – that will be at another time. Today this is about Chone Figgins.

Well, it was to start. But  it didn’t stay that way.

Q: The fact is, you can’t stop with signing Chone Figgins if you want to reach your stated goals, can you?

I’ve said all along we’ve had a lot of discussions going on. We’ve had a lot of balls we’ve been juggling, a lot of options. We’ve been looking at them, investigating them, this (the Figgins signing) is one that’s in the fold. And we’ll see if (there is) any other discussion or further discussions.

Q: With the internet and twitter and blogs, fans get bombarded with all this information and speculation. They really just want some kind of measure of how accurate this Cliff Lee business is. Is there anything to it?

Sure absolutely, (but) I have no comment on that. I go right directly to the point. I have no comment on anything that’s ongoing.

Q: Is it frustrating dealing with all this on-line age with all the rumors?

No, not at all. You are always asked questions about a lot of different things. You have a job to do, I don’t blame you. I would be curious as well about a lot of things that are read or said. But from my standpoint, we’re here to talk about a guy we HAVE in the fold. And that’s important to us because he’s going to mean so much to us. And any other thing that’s in the works or we’re having discussions about will be for another time.

Q: You talked about juggling balls, and with regard to Chone’s situation, how interested is this team in Adrian Beltre?

It’s what I’ve said. It’s hard to comment on a specific free-agent player. It’s hard to comment on any possible trade that’s in the work or that you are even talking about. What’s important, with a player like this (Figgins), we have versatility and flexibility.

Q: What is the status of Russell Branyan’s back and what do you know about it?

I think I know quite a bit. I don’t know where all this going to end up. I don’t know how this club is going to look when we open spring training. Certainly Russell is one that we’ve had discussion with and talks with. I know that Russell is working hard to get himself healthy if you will. We’ll see how this thing unfolds.

Q: Is there more healing that needs to happen?

Any time a player ends the season injured, there’s always rehab and other question marks. But I know he’s working hard. We’ve talked a few times this winter. I know he’s working hard to get himself in good shape.

Q: What about the decision to non-tender Ryan Langerhans? And are you looking to bring him back?

We have strong desire to bring Ryan back. I would hope that may get done in the next couple days.

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  1. I just posted the following on another board, but it makes sense here also:

    I think the M’s perspective is:

    1. There is no way in hell the Mariners are going to give Lee a long term at 20 mil per.


    1. They are hoping to win the AL West which may be doable as Anaheim has made some personnel errors.

    2. They MUST sign Felix Hernandez to a long term extension. Felix has stated that the big thing for him is the M’s need to prove to him they will be a winning team.

    3. If the M’s are not in contention for the West, we turn Lee at mid season for way more then we gave Philly

    4. If Lee stays for the season & is a type A FA as expected, we get 2 1st round picks pretty much replacing what we gave up, but letting Z draft them rather then Bavasi the clown.

    The nightmare scenario for the M’s would be an Eric bedard like injury to Lee, but I’m much more ok with this then I was when Saunders & Morrow were being included.

    Morrow needs to go, but not for a rent a player, & Saunders may have the skills to be a starting left fielder.

  2. snydro22 says:

    Wait, Jack Z talked about “juggling balls?”

    This sounds like on heckuva press conference!

  3. snydro22 says:

    I really hope we re-sign Langerhans.. And I hope his hunting buddy, LaRoche, signs too..

  4. As my Grandpa woulda said, “that guy is cool as a cucumber.” Are all these rumors frustrating? Nope, I know you have a job to do – I’d be curious too if I were you. Now, back to Chone…

    Talk about a guy comfortable in his own skin. Compare and contrast to oh, say Jim Mora.

  5. snydro22 says:

    There is another aspect to this Cliff Lee trade worth noting here –

    Lee pitched 6 complete games last year. Great, right? Well, from a baseball standpoint that is a welcome addition, and our bullpen will benefit greatly.. But, more importantly, this means 6 less posts from Dave5887 about pitchers not being allowed to pitch deep into games.. Woooohoooo!

    I’m not Dave Cameron, but I will try to throw some numbers out there –

    If Cliff Lee can throw 6 complete games, Felix doubles his total from last year and throws 4, and one of our other starters tosses one, we could see 11 complete games from Mariners pitchers.. Now, if the opposing teams can muster 6 complete games against us, that only leaves 145 games on the schedule for Dave5887 to rant about!

  6. dave8557 says:

    comments are closed?

  7. dave8557 says:

    I guess not. We’ll try this again. Cliff Lee and Felix Hernandez are two of the top 10 pitchers in baseball. Lee was even allowed to throw about one complete game per month last season. Imagine that. Unfortunately, he won’t be allowed to do that with the M’s. He’ll be turned into another six or seven inning pitcher. What a shame. I would rather have seen Lee and Halladay with the Blue Jays pitching back to back complete games once per month. Imagine that. For that reason, I’m sorry to see Lee come to Seattle. He’ll go from potential greatness to ordinary, just like Johan Santana with the Mets.

  8. kurtisballard says:


    dave, you are a joke.

  9. Pray4Peace says:

    I think it’s great to have a guy like the Z man at the helm. He definitely knows what he’s doing and I for one, refuse to be a “Keyboard Coach” and try and second guess him. We’re finally getting some quality players and I really think we’ve got a shot this year.

    I’m anxiously awaiting Spring training.

    GO Ms!!

  10. snydro22 says:

    Right on cue, Dave..

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