Mariners Insider Mariners aren’t good, won’t improve

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November 16, 2009 12:25 pm

One doesn’t need credibility to land an internet gig, apparently, a fact that’s once again proven by Sports this week.

In their online breakdown of the American League West and what all four teams are doing this off-season, Cliff Corcoran has wonderful things to say about the future for the Angels, Rangers and Athletics.

The Mariners? Not so much. Start with this quote:

“This is not a good team, it’s not getting better, and no amount of offseason tinkering is going to make it a good team.”

Under the category of what the Mariners are building toward, Corcoran writes: ‘Nothing.’ And Seattle’s off-season targets? ‘None.’

He also suggests the team stand pat, since ‘they have nothing to gain by doing otherwise.’

If you want to read the rest, here it is. If you need a large dose of silly pessimism, this will do.

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  1. kingfelixcy35 says:

    Mariners have nothing to build on? This guy has no credibility at all. They won 85 games, yes the offense isnt that good BUT GM Z is a genius and they have lots of money to spend.

  2. oldcenturian says:

    It would be interesting to see what Mr. Corcoran’s record of accurate prognostications is, or if he is just another “Know Nuthin”. One potential clue: The word “Corcoran” means “Clown” in Gaelic.

    Keep up the good work, Larry.

  3. hellomouthbreathers says:

    Like there weren’t idiot writers for the newspapers? Weren’t Mariotti, Bayless, and Hayes newspaper men? And honestly, besides the pesimistic thought of not doing anything because ther isn’t a point, which it feels like here quite often, what have they done? Their offense is not “bad” it is horrible. Their pitching is Safeco-reliant and suspect. And “Z” hasn’t proven himself to be a genius, not even close, he hasn’t had enough time. As for the loads of cash the M’s will spend, talk to me after they really spend it. A lot of money can buy a whole lot of nothing, ask Bavasi. People that ramble about online writers typically come off as dottering old newspaper fools, you’re better than that, or so we keep getting told.

  4. kingfelixcy35 says:

    Z traded for Gutierrez, signed Branyan, all work out great. Bavasi was an idiot, look at his signings and the Bedard Trade. Z is smart and he wont waste money on garbage like Bavasi did.

  5. jimkingjr says:

    As long as the nostalgia phase continues, and getting and keeping Griffey is one of the great moves, is hitting the nail on the head.

    Wake me up when the Mariners decide to replace Griffey with someone who can swing a bat.

  6. footballscaa says:

    Hey! Sheesh. The M’s get slammed already? We haven’t even emerged from our dismal football distraction yet.

  7. Seahawks2620 says:

    Corcoran sounds like he just absolutely hates the Mariners, and had every intention on getting up this morning and talking trash about the Mariners. How does a guy get the job when this is the kind of stuff he comes up with.

  8. rightwingrick says:

    It’s simple. The guy just didn’t do his homework. Jack Z. is a very highly respected baseball exec who proved last year that he pretty much has a plan and knows what he’s doing. A simple phone call to one or two other GMs would have made that pretty clear. Lazy, inaccurate “reporting”.

  9. jkjr – I think we’ll let you keep dozing.

  10. Justsayin says:

    His 2009 predictions? AL East – Red Sox, AL Central – White Sox, AL West Angels, Wild Card – Yankees, National League, NL East Phils, NL Central – Cubs, NL West – Diamond Backs, NL Wild Card – Mets. He Selected the Phils to Play the Red Sox in the WS. Clearly he takes the safe bets and therefore lacks credibility. Here’s my expert predictions for next year. The Yankees and Red Sox will still have high payrolls and be the favorites out of the East. the Orioles will still suck. the Central is up for grabs and the AL West will be the Angels until someone knocks them off. The Phillies will still own the NL East while the NL Central is up for grabs and the NL West is the Dodgers to lose. Hey, I’m an expert now too.

  11. I love what our mgmt is doing and the improvement we showed both in our quality of play, our attitude and our work ethic. But I do believe that we won’t compete with the likes of the Angels until Z is able to improve our ability to churn top talent out of our farm system. And that’s a couple of years away.

  12. We have a ways to go to catch the Anaheim by way of Los Angeles & Mexico City Devils, but in Z we (kind of) trust!

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