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The interminable wait for the new Mariner — Dustin Ackley

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August 17, 2009 8:59 pm

Here’s my story for the night

So I was staring at my computer, blackberry was on my right and I was refreshing Twitter, and my competitors over at the Seattle Times waiting to find out the news on Dustin Ackley.

Here’s a quick breakdown

8:30 — I’m told by my desk that it would be a good idea to start writing two stories – one if he signs and one if he doesn’t. I feel like a speech writer on election night.

8:35 — I hate writer’s block

8:36 — complaining on Facebook and Twitter

8:45 — wondering what I’ve done with my day.

8:46 — complaining on Twitter and Facebook

8:47 — complaining to my dog

8:48-8:49 — complain about my parents crappy cable package

8:50 — My competitor and buddy Larry Stone’s computer inexplicably crashes as he waits in anticipation. I may or may not have had anything to do with it. I’m like Keyser Soze in the Usual Suspects. “And like that, he’s gone.”

8:51 — I can hear Larry screaming in rage all the way in Bellevue.

8:52-8:56 — stare blankly ahead like David Putty on Seinfeld.

8:57 — nothing

8:58 — Cursing of Scott Boras under my breath

8:59 — My dog starts barking for no reason

9:00 — nothing, no whistles, sirens, no alerts from my computer, my blackberry, my email.

9:01 — still no rioting in the streets, but then again I’m in Havre, MT. Dustin Ackley is not a big topic. Wheat futures, diesel prices and Griz football are

9:04 — I’m alerted by my buddy Dusty on the desk that’s Jonathan Mayo is reporting he’s signed.

9:12 — get the official signing from the Mariners

9:15 — Conference call with Jack Z

9:16 — email about Tyler Blandford signing arrives

9:18 — in the middle of the conference call, desk IMs me to ask if I’m done with my story for the Olympian. Um, not quite was my answer.

9:20 — Cursing Scott Boras openly.

9:30 — Writing furiously, not cleanly.

9:41 — send story.

9:43 — More writing for the TNT

9:50 — Still writing, and trying to decipher notes from conference call with Jack Z.

10:21 — Send story for TNT.

10:24 — see that Ackley didn’t sign for the 9.5 million that a few people reported.

10:25 — call desk and have them change it to the write numbers.

10:27 — Chhhhhhh, the sound of an adult beverage.

10:28 — blogging.

10:38 — responding to a blog comment

10:40 — searching for a Sophia Bush pic to post in the comments

10:49 — clink, clink, clink the sound of a few chunks of ice hitting a rocks glass.

As I mentioned a few sentences above the official parameters of the deal, according to Baseball America’s Jim Callis.

Five-year major league deal, $6 million bonus, $1.5 million in guaranteed salaries, another $2.5 million possible in salaries depending on how quick he reaches the majors, $7.5 million total guaranteed.

Here’s a few quotes from Jack Z

“We think he is a player who’s going to bat in the middle of our lineup in years to come. He has put up terrific numbers at the college level. He can run, he’s athletic, he’s a left-handed hitter who’s going to play nice in this ballpark. He’s the type of guy you look for when you’re scouting. We’re very excited about this sign.”

Did it go down to the last minute?

It did, down to the last few minutes. There were many calls with Scott throughout the week and certainly throughout the day. We worked very hard on this one. It got down right to the very end. We’re happy we have the young man on board.

On the Strasburg situation factoring in on the negotiations?

We weren’t focusing on anybody else. We were focusing on our player. What we wanted to do was get this young man signed to a contract.

On if there was ever a point when you thought it wasn’t going to happen

I think there was always the possibility a deal might not come together. We tried to stay very professional and deal with this in a matter-of-fact regard. In the discussions with Scott (Boras), he indicated that Dustin wanted to play. We knew that Dustin wanted to play. You never have a deal until it’s agreed upon. There’s always a chance you can end up not having a deal. In this case, we understood his desire to play and he understood how important it was to be the second selection in the country.

On the major league contract a bargaining point

It was something that came to an agreement. At the end of the deal, we thought enough of the player that if it came to a major league contract to get it done, we would do that. It speaks volumes what we think of this player and what we think this player will become.

On when Ackley would reach the big leagues?

I don’t like to put a time frame on any player. You throw expectations out there and sometimes you’re high and sometimes you’re low. Players have their own DNA. His performance will dictate. We think this particular player will be on a faster track than most.

We were fortunate in a lot of ways that this type of player was available. We think he’s the type of hitter who can hit in the middle of the lineup. He’s gong to hit for average and he can run.

On why it went down to the last minute?

It’s just negotiations. You’re talking about a major league contract and putting a player on your 40-man roster, those are things that have a tendency to drag on a little bit.

On the major league contract being the key?

The key was Dustin’s desire to play. When it all was said and done, we made a very nice package. We met a lot of their demands. But I think that the family, the agent and the Seattle Mariners were happy how it all came together.

On when the deal finally got done

A lot of stuff that has to go on once you have an agreement. Then all of a sudden we have to turn it in to Major League Baseball and Scott has to turn it in. Probably around a quarter till (8:45) when we kind of agreed. Then you go through the process making sure everybody crosses their Ts and dots there Is.’s Jonathan Mayo is reporting that the deal for Ackley is done at $9.5 million.

He broke it on Twitter … it’s taking over the world I guess.

Greetings from Havre, MT.

Longtime and esteemed reader, Moo, mentioned that we didn’t have somebody updating the progress of negotiations with Dustin Ackley on the blog.

That’s my fault. I got here and just didn’t have anything to blog about, not much was really going on to write about.

I know some of you don’t use Twitter, but I’ve been using my twitter account a little this afternoon to provide the snarky and sarcastic comments you all know that I like to use.

If you don’t use twitter, I understand. But here’s a link to my account. I’m not addicted to twitter like some, but I’ve learned it is somewhat useful.

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