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Mariners Seek A Sweep – Game No. 136

Pitching has held Cleveland to five runs over the last 19 innings, and Ryan Rowland-Smith will try to continue that roll.

On the other hand, the Mariners have scored only seven runs in the same span – and won twice.

J.J. Putz is unavailable today, so if it comes to the ninth inning, it’s proably ‘closer’ Roy Corcoran.

And we’re off …

Power Up …

Adrian Beltre led off the second inning with his 22nd home run, tying Raul Ibanez for the team lead.

In this series, every run has been precious and the

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The Kids Are On Their Way As Rosters Expand

The kids are coming, and when the Major League rosters expand on Monday, Mariners minor leaguers will be coming two at a time.

Although a handful of Tacoma players are expected to join Seattle during the next 7-10 days, only two will join the Mariners in Texas tomorrow – left-handed pitcher Justin Thomas and second baseman Luis Valbuena.

For Thomas, 24, and Valbuena, 22, this will be their first trip to the big leagues.

In the days that follow, the Mariners expect to call up catcher Rob Johnson and pitchers Brandon Morrow, Mark Lowe and Jarred Wells.

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Another Day, Another DH – And Mariners Game #135

If Only We Can Get To Tug …

Ichiro singled to open the game but never got to second base and the inning ended quickly.

Today’s lineup includes Raul Ibanez batting cleanup, Bryan LaHair at first, Jeff Clement catching and Tug Hullett (.182) as the DH.

On this team, there are so many options – not all of them good ones.

No score, Washburn pitching …

The Kid Can Play …

You love him, you hate him, he drives you crazy – but Yuniesky Betancourt can play the game.

With Kelly Shoppach at

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The Long, Sad Season For Erik Bedard Continues

Erik Bedard will throw a baseball again today, but it’s almost certain the left-hander won’t make another start for the Mariners this season – and that troubles both the man and the team.

No, in this lost season the Mariners aren’t trying to get another win from their opening day starter. What they needed, and Bedard was working toward, was a game against live hitters where everyone could see that he was healthy heading into the off-season.

The chances of getting that are nil, now.

Playing catch with a variety of intensities and distances, Bedard had

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First The Rain, Then The Indians – Mariners Game #134

It’s Coming, It’s Coming, It’s Here …

Twenty minutes before game time, with not a drop of rain in sight, Cleveland’s grounds crew threw a tarp on the field and announced a rain delay.

And just when they said it would hit – about 7 p.m. (EDT) – the skies opened and rain pounded the field.

If you’re wondering, they say the rain shall pass and the lads shall play.

When? The grounds crew says 8 p.m. (EDT).

That’s Just Mean …

Fans here tonight are getting a bobble head of former Mariners infield

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LINKAGE: With apologies

My fine Mariners’ fans and readers, I offer up some form of apologies for the lack of posting on the blog here, particularly in my part. With the season winding down, and my transition to my offseason work, I got a little sidetracked. But I also need to be a little more vigilant about at least getting some links to you and offering some analysis or just posting anything.

Anyway, after finishing up some WSU stuff, I snuck over the Rainiers game last night and watched the last seven innings. It

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A Big Unit Memory From Cleveland

There’s an air show scheduled here this weekend, and planes and jets are making loud practice runs over the city.

Just like in the early ’90s, when the Mariners and Indians squared off in the old stadium beneath another air show.

About the second inning, Randy Johnson was on the mound – all 6-foot-10 of him – when a jet streaked overhead.

The Big Unit ducked.

He lost that day, and every time a jet roared by, the same thing happened – Johnson would duck.

Afterward, he joked that the Indians had timed it so

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GAME THOUGHTS: Twins vs. Mariners, August 27th

Let’s get to it …

Top of 1st

1-2-3 inning for Ryan Feierabend. It’s nice not having Mauer in there. And no, I don’t care how Feierabend pronounces his name.

Bottom of 1st

Yuni showing some good patience from the No. 2 spot, getting a base hit on the first pitch. but nothing comes of it as third baseman Brendan Harris makes a nice diving stop on Beltre’s hard ground ball and gets up and throws him out at third. Maybe it’s a baseball karma for all the hits Beltre has taken away with his

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