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The Mariners Magic No. Is 82 And Counting

For the Angels, the magic number remains one.

For the Mariners, the magic number hit 82 Friday.

No, Seattle’s 82nd win didn’t bring out the champagne the Angels will be spraying one another with soon, but it did guarantee that Seattle – with nine games left in the season – will have a winning record for the first time since 2003.

"We’re not that far away," Jarrod Washburn said. "This team should be proud of our season – no one picked us to be where we are. It’s unfortunate

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Jorge, We Hardly Knew Ye …

Jorge Campillo was suspended for four games Friday by major league baseball, which said he’d intentionally thrown a baseball at Vladimir Guerrero – and the decision automatically carried a one-day suspension for manager John McLaren.

As for Guerrero, who walked toward the mound pointing at Campillo?

No penalty. He was just venting.

The irony, of course, is that Campillo didn’t hit Guerrero, just put one near him.


Finding Stories Is Easier Than Finding The Truth Online

You can find just about anything on the internet, including wonderful stories that lack one thing – validity.

The Seattle Mariners are puzzled by a couple of those, and obviously so are a few of their fans.

One report on Thursday had the team ‘picking up’ general manager Bill Bavasi’s option for 2008, a move sure to divide Seattle fans. The problem: Bavasi doesn’t have an option.

Bavasi serves at the behest of the team, can be removed at any time but, as he continues to stay, he builds severance pay. The Mariners haven’t told him whether

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A Familiar Name Atop AL Batting Averages …

In the ninth inning of Seattle’s victory over Oakland on Wednesday, Ichiro Suzuki singled for the 223rd hit of the season – and one that was particularly meaningful to him.

It pushed him a full .001 ahead of Magglio Ordonez for the American League batting title.

Like Ichiro’s chances of winning his third batting title? He does.

"I like my chances," Ichiro said.

"That’s as it should be," manager John McLaren said when told Ichiro had taken the lead after trailing for most of the last month. "Ichiro’s my

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Ibanez Isn’t Jones – Should That Matter?

It got personal this year with some fans and Raul Ibanez.

A man who’s worked hard to make himself a productive hitter, a serviceable outfielder and a favorite teammate, Ibanez somehow became the player many fans decided should be replaced.

Fans wanted Adam Jones, and if it cost Ibanez his job, they weren’t too bothered. They let Ibanez know it.

"We all get booed," left-hander George Sherrill said, "but when Raul got booed, every guy in this clubhouse was upset."

On Tuesday, in Seattle’s 80th victory of the

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That’s 79 Wins And Counting …

It’s doubtful any team with thoughts of contention was any happier to win it’s 79th game of the season than the Seattle Mariners – who hadn’t won that many games in a year since 2003.

It’s been a long, ugly dry spell for a team that won 116 times in 2001 and spoiled its fans.

Progress can’t always be measured in wins and losses, but a winning record helps when you haven’t had one in four years. What the Mariners have found this year should help them as they build toward 2008.

J.J. Putz is a legitimate

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Ramirez Loses His Job – Who’s Next?

We’ve talked here about the jobs that could be lost once the season ends – GM Bill Bavasi, manager John McLaren and his entire coaching staff have no assurance they’ll be back.

What we haven’t dealt with much is guys losing their jobs before the season ends.

On Sunday, the first official ax of 2007 fell on Horacio Ramirez, who won’t make another start for Seattle and may not throw another pitch for the Mariners. Can Jeff Weaver be much further away than his next start from the same decision?


Jose Lopez has regressed so

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One Not So Small Step Foward in 2007

There are any number of reasons the Seattle Mariners should be disappointed with their 2007 season, and most have become apparent over the last three weeks.

Spotty starting pitching. A young bullpen. An offense that hits but never walks.

On the other hand, this team has now won 78 games – matching it’s total of 2006 with 16 games to play. And it’s played a more exciting style of baseball than in its last three seasons, when Seattle finished last in the American League West.

No, the Mariners aren’t going to catch the Angels, a team still

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