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For Now, Jones Isn’t Here – And Sexson Is The Firstbaseman

In the wake of a lopsided loss to the Angels, this is not likely going to cheer Mariners fans who have been lobbying hard to get outfielder Adam Jones to Seattle.

"Adam will be here one day, and for a long time," manager John McLaren said. "He’s a multi-talented player, a great athlete with power and a marvelous arm. But right now, the mix we have here is doing the job."

McLaren knows the kind of breakthrough season Jones is having for Tacoma, but he is loathe to bring up a rookie in a pennant race and bench

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Trading Away What the Mariners Might Have Traded For

The deadline came, the deadline passed, and the Seattle Mariners parted with a veteran right-handed pitcher that might have been as good a middle reliever as there was on the market – Julio Mateo.

After looking and not finding pitching help they were willing to give up talent to get, the Mariners sent Mateo – and his pending spousal abuse case – to the Philadelphia Phillies for an infielder unlikely to make their roster.


It depends which side of the debate you’re standing on. Either the team was foolish

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First, Do No Harm – A Good Way To Handle Trades

Interesting thoughts on the trading deadline, and here are a few explanations or answers:

&bull If the Mariners got a better starter than Miguel Batista – and that’s not likely to happen – he would move to setup man because he’s good at the job and has done it before. Moving someone like Horacio Ramirez wouldn’t make sense. He’s never been effective in relief.

&bull Dumping Richie Sexson for minor leaguers? Not possible. The only teams interested in Sexson are those who want to move a high-salaried player who’s not performing for them. And the Mariners would have

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Days of Wonder Lie Ahead

It’s hard to say what Seattle fans are looking forward to most – the three-game series with the Angels that begins Monday night or the trading deadline, which falls Tuesday afternoon.

Both could play significant roles in the rest of the season.

Once the deadline passes, Adam Jones will likely be brought up from Tacoma and pressed into service. But what else might the deadline provide?

The Mariners are looking for pitching, pitching and pitching, with the faint hope of adding a veteran bat to the bench. If the pitching comes in the form of a top-of-the-rotation

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Losing Streaks Don’t Phase This Team

For the first few months of the season, then-manager Mike Hargrove said he hadn’t quite put his finger on the identity of the 2007 Seattle Mariners.

Headed toward August, the team personality can now be defined by one word – tenacity.

"You look at other teams in division races, I don’t think any of them have had three losing streaks like we have," Jarrod Washburn said. "We’ve lost six games in a row twice, then another seven-game losing streak?

"It’s not the way you’d think it would happen, but it

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The Hairless Wonders: Your Seattle Mariners

When they took the field Wednesday night, the Seattle Mariners were the cleanest-cut team in the majors.

Would-be barbers J.J. Putz, Richie Sexson and Adrian Beltre convinced everyone on the team except bullpen coach Jim Slaton, batting coach Jeff Pentland and pitcher Jeff Weaver to get a haircut.

A short haircut.

"Richie and I were talking about crewcuts and just came up with the idea – why not have the whole team get one?" Putz said.

They even convinced manager John McLaren to join them.

Quite a few Mariners –

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Mr. Jones Still Isn’t Coming … Yet

From the voices of talk radio to the plaintive cries of fantasy baseball managers everywhere – to say nothing of angry e-mails – come two words to save the Seattle Mariners.

Adam Jones.

To which baseball logic and the team itself have two words.

Not yet.

Watching the five-game losing streak develop and grow hasn’t been fun for anyone in the organization, from GM Bill Bavasi to manager John McLaren to the players who suddenly have slumped as one at the plate.

Fans get the luxury of panicking.

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Couldn’t We Have Made It A Great Moment?

Barry Bonds is bearing down on history and Bud Selig is making a fool of himself.

Both speak volumes about the state of major league baseball.

For years now, Bonds has been investigated for everything from taking illegal substances to income tax evasion, and grand juries have even been asked to nail him for perjury.

So far, nothing – and on the field he has continued a career that leaves his peers shaking their heads.

Selig is the commissioner of baseball, a man who insisted in the late

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