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Archives: June 2007


The Return Of Mr. Weaver

Felix Hernandez and Jarrod Washburn were humbled in their last starts, and now the Seattle Mariners are set to unveil their well-rested weapon – Jeff Weaver – against the San Diego Padres on Saturday.

No one, from the Mariners to the Padres to Weaver, knows quite what to expect.

Best case scenario is he pitches well into the seventh inning and becomes what the team hoped he’d be when it signed him in January – a dependable inning-eater who keeps you in a game.

Worst case scenario? A mediocre start that is neither good enough to win

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Everywhere Alex Goes, There He Is

It’s been a tough season for the New York Yankees, and an even tougher week for former Mariner Alex Rodriguez.

As he marches toward an inevitable Hall of Fame inclusion, A-Rod continues to create his own potholes along the way. Getting photographed with a stripper entering his hotel last week?

That might actually help his street cred.

There was that almost effeminate slap at the ball as he ran to first base and tried to knock the ball out of a pitchers glove. Any time anyone wants to make fun of Mr. Rodriguez, that clip will show

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