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Shhh! Leader at work

Raul Ibaneza

‘Quiet’ leadership is thought to be largely worthless by those who believe the only good leader is one who will say what needs to be said – and do so loudly.

When Edgar Martinez and Raul Ibanez spent time together over the weekend, the stories abounded, and the issue of quiet leadership was settled once and for all. The Edgar had it. Ibanez saw it, felt it and followed it.

"When I was young, after workouts I’d come dragging in off the field, go to the food room,

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The opening day roster – kids need not apply

The Mariners player their first baseball of the spring today, a four-inning intrasquad game that will feature more than 30 players.

For the fun of it, here’s a look at the 25 players who will make up the opening day roster on April 2. Barring a trade or injury, here’s that roster:

Rotation (5): RHP Felix Hernandez, LHP Jarrod Washburn, RHP Miguel Batista, LHP Horacio Ramirez, RHP Jeff Weaver.

Bullpen (7): RHPs J.J. Putz, Chris Reitsma, Julio Mateo and Jon Huber, LHPs Arthur Rhodes, George Sherrill and Jake Woods.

Catchers (2): Kenji Johjima and Rene Rivera.

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Preparing for Hurricane Jose

Jose Guillen

Jose Guillen has been a solid hitter throughout his 10-year major league career, but there’s another reason he’s now playing for his eighth big-league team.

A passionate man with strong feelings, Guillen has had run-ins with many of his managers and more than a few teammates – and Seattle Mariners manager Mike Hargrove said he’s ready for that aspect of his right fielder.

"Some times you have a good player, and what makes him good is a passion that can erupt," Hargrove said. "Jose is like that, and

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The Return of The Edgar

For a moment Saturday, it was as if the Mariners spring clubhouse had gone back in time – there in the middle of all the players was a familiar No. 11, laughing and talking baseball.

Edgar Martinez was back in a Seattle uniform, at least for three days, and looked as good in it as ever.

The Mariners have been after Martinez since he retired two years ago to coach in any capacity he chose, and this spring he agreed to come to camp for three days to work with hitters.

No one in franchise history was

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First baseman, anyone?

Ben Broussard

Any time a team official enters the clubhouse, Ben Broussard can be excused for a slight bump in anxiety.

An affable first baseman who batted .289 with 21 home runs and 63 RBI last season in 143 games, Broussard has heard Seattle is willing to trade him. And he’s heard correctly.

For one thing, is salary is $3.55 million this year – low for a first baseman, but high for a reserve player, which Broussard is. For another, his time in Seattle last season, after being

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And Batting Third … Wiley Coyote

Mike Hargrove was asked about his opening day lineup Thursday and acknowledged he had one in mind, but wasn’t about to give up much yet.

Ichiro Suzuki would bat leadoff, he said, and he was leaning toward keeping Adrian Beltre in the second spot.

A few hours later, a new leadoff candidate emerged in the Mariners team parking lot – a road runner.

The bird covered good ground, showed speed and quickness.

The team made no effort to sign him, however, opting instead to leave a gate open so the little fellow could escape without

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Hit It Somewhere Else

Julio Mateo

It’s a good thing Julio Mateo can pitch.

If a week of defensive drills for pitchers has proven anything, it’s that Mateo is not an adept fielder – an assessment he grudgingly acknowledges.

"When the ball is moving, I have a little trouble," Mateo admitted. "It’s not like I’m not trying."

Mateo works with coaches daily on his defense, yet ground balls still elude him, and he tends to bend and reach rather than get in front of the ball. In the line drive drill pitchers go through every

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Not Your Every Day Lineup

Exhibition games begin March 1, although the Mariners won’t be fielding their regular lineup for at least the first week or 10 days of Cactus League play.

For one thing, Willie Bloomquist will be starting at second base for Jose Lopez, who is still rehabbing an ankle sprained in winter ball. Lopez is coming along but the team doesn’t want him rushing it in game action.

In right field, Jose Guillen won’t play for the first week – coming off reconstructive elbow surgery, Guillen’s arm isn’t ready for game action. He’s on a throwing schedule of three days

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