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ELECTION: Harbaugh is most qualified candidate

Before voting, I’d encourage everyone to take a moment to identify the primary qualifications they’d like to see in an effective school board member. Certainly relevant experience and a passion for public education are near the top of almost anyone’s list.

By my observation, Leslie Harbaugh is easily the top candidate for Peninsula School Board Distrct 4 in each of these critical areas.

After numerous leadership positions in PTA and other community organizations, she has worked hand in hand with teachers, administrators and many of the current board members in our district for more than 10 years.

As a result, she has firsthand

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TRUMP: Candidate’s views on immigration are curious

Donald Trump’s racist views on immigration makes no sense, unless he hates himself and his beginnings.

According to Wikipedia, Trump’s mother was born on the Isle of Lewis, off the west coast of Scotland. Trump’s paternal grandparents were German immigrants. His grandfather, Frederick Trump, migrated to the United States in 1885 and became a naturalized United States citizen in 1892.

Thanks to the stations that have cancelled his appearance on television due to his lies that degrade Mexican Americans.


ELECTION: School board candidate unfairly attacked

Leslie Harbaugh, candidate for Peninsula School District board, volunteered to assist in passing a bond issue to help fund schools. She didn’t fashion the form the bonds took, which was a compromise between the school board and bond opponents.

Now the opponents want to blame Harbaugh for what they helped create, an election that was confusing and hard to explain. She has worked tirelessly for the good of the Peninsula School District and taxpayers alike.

Residents of the Peninsula School District should thank the people who volunteer to make the schools function, not harangue and attack them.


ELECTION: Candidate forum proved to be revealing

At a recent school board candidate forum, I expected to hear candidates share why they believe they are the best candidate and how they would bring positive mindsets to benefit students of the Peninsula School District. Instead, I left questioning the true intentions of some candidates and feeling even more confident in my choice of Leslie Harbaugh for school board.

I am impressed with Harbaugh’s depth of knowledge regarding PSD. School board members should have experience volunteering in the schools in which they serve. Harbaugh has years of experience volunteering in this manner and has developed critical relationships throughout the

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ELECTION: Bernie Sanders is a true people’s candidate

The media may be slow to acknowledge it, but Bernie Sanders is offering us the chance of a lifetime to elect a “people’s president.”

It’s only possible, however, if we flood America with proof that Sanders’ positions are mainstream. If we focus on issues that matter, the next presidential race could be between the people’s candidate and the Koch brothers’ pick.

We know they can’t buy Sanders. The question is, “Can they buy us?”

To the timid who say, “I would vote for Bernie, but . . .” understand that this is not Ralph Nader II, as some naysayers suggest. The game and

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TACOMA: Candidate’s actions speak louder than words

If you live in the North End of Tacoma, you may have seen a number of campaign signs appear recently – for a single candidate and no others.

The signs have been up for about a month, and since the primary election is Aug. 18, I assume we’ll enjoy the privilege of their presence for at least the next  six months.

I urge all voters to consider this candidate’s true feelings about using public space for advertising; actions speak louder than words. I believe in the freedom of speech, but I also believe the essence of judgment is that just because

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ELECTION: Candidate erred in rushing to judgment

It astounds me that a person like Rob Freeby, a candidate for Municipal Court judge, would make an unfounded decision that would intentionally seek to malign the reputation of another person without first seeking the truth.

Freeby’s recent robocall to voters attempting to discredit his opponent, Drew Ann Henke, for an honest mistake on her state form, was unconscionable for a potential judge. He said “he assumed that it was true” and did nothing to seek the veracity and accuracy of the information, but instead immediately set out to defame Henke.

A judge or future judge with integrity and competence would

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ELECTION: Do homework on candidates and vote

We have important decisions to be made in the coming days. We have candidates for important offices asking for support, and it is important that we listen, ask hard questions and demand detailed answers.

Now is not the time for bumper-sticker politics. When candidates promise to fully fund schools and cut taxes, ask how they would do that. When local candidates run on issues at the federal level, keep them on topic. When incumbents ask for your vote, look at their records, not just the campaign literature.

There are no simple answers. There are some smart and dedicated people running for

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