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ELECTION: Candidate erred in rushing to judgment

It astounds me that a person like Rob Freeby, a candidate for Municipal Court judge, would make an unfounded decision that would intentionally seek to malign the reputation of another person without first seeking the truth.

Freeby’s recent robocall to voters attempting to discredit his opponent, Drew Ann Henke, for an honest mistake on her state form, was unconscionable for a potential judge. He said “he assumed that it was true” and did nothing to seek the veracity and accuracy of the information, but instead immediately set out to defame Henke.

A judge or future judge with integrity and competence would

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ELECTION: Do homework on candidates and vote

We have important decisions to be made in the coming days. We have candidates for important offices asking for support, and it is important that we listen, ask hard questions and demand detailed answers.

Now is not the time for bumper-sticker politics. When candidates promise to fully fund schools and cut taxes, ask how they would do that. When local candidates run on issues at the federal level, keep them on topic. When incumbents ask for your vote, look at their records, not just the campaign literature.

There are no simple answers. There are some smart and dedicated people running for

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PUYALLUP: Teacher union right about candidate

Re: “GOP candidate gets apology after school talk is interrupted” (TNT, 10-18).

Clearly the Puyallup School District administration messed up if its officials don’t even understand their own policies (as they typically don’t). Thank the teacher’s union for doing so.

Candidate Melanie Stambaugh should also have realized the apparent conflict of interest in even accepting the speaking invitation weeks before the upcoming election, regardless of her topic of discussion. Evidently, as a newcomer to politics, she has much to learn.

Incumbent Rep. Dawn Morrell wouldn’t have broken the policy rule, and yet the Republicans are trying to turn this on the

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ELECTION: Jesse Young is an uncommon candidate

I’m disappointed The News Tribune didn’t endorse Jesse Young, our incumbent state representative for the 26th District (editorial, 10-16).

Young is an effective representative for us all. Experience gained from serving on the education and transportation committees will make him more effective in solving problems in these areas.

Young knows that jobs will revive the economy, and he has a vision for high-paying technology jobs. His background in technology will bring these jobs to the area. He works to free small business from overregulation so they can create more jobs. He knows that jobs, not new taxes, will increase

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ELECTION: Verify candidates’ backgrounds

As campaign veterans who typically are on opposite ends of the ideological spectrum, we are optimistic to see best practices gaining traction during this 2014 campaign cycle.

Last year, through a pilot project launched with the Municipal League of King County, candidates were asked to voluntarily participate in a free background check that would verify key qualifications for public office, such as work history and education credentials, as well as check for any criminal background.

This service, provided by nonpartisan, nonprofit Candidate Verification, has now expanded to include partnerships with four more groups and helped achieve a 60 percent participation

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ELECTION: Support independent candidates

This is a golden opportunity for voters who are weary of governmental and nongovernmental organizations who use taxpayer money to enforce rules that deal an ever-increasing blow to constitutional rights.

There are candidates running for election who are not affiliated with the two-party system. They are aware that political parties often expect allegiance to the party rather than the country.

These candidates have opted out of receiving funds from political action committees and corporations. These candidates would like to actually work for the voters they would represent, not continue the status quo.


FWAY: Is TNT shilling for ‘Republican’ candidate?

The article (thenewstribune.com, 6-10) on 30th District state Senate candidate Shari Song reads like it came straight from a Republican Party press release. Aside from the use of the denigrating epithet “carpetbagger,” the article is full of “buts” and “thoughs” and “stills,” separating tepid comparisons of the candidates followed by one-sided, cherry-picked digs at Song, a Democrat.

No slams against Republican Mark Miloscia’s 180-degree ideological turn (he formerly identified as a Democrat)? No critique against the thousands pouring into his campaign from corporate lobbyists and political operatives? No discussion of the likelihood that any of his formerly closely held

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ELECTION: Candidate doesn’t control special interest ads

Re: “Mudslinging starts early in Senate race” (TNT, 5-18).

The News Tribune’s bias is showing, not to mention your unprofessional, inflammatory style of reporting. The basic context of your front-page article is that Republican candidate Steve O’Ban is personally trashing Democratic candidate Tami Green.

Your use of words and phrases such as “attacking,” “hit piece,” “mudslinging,” “Democrats need to pick up (more seats)” and “Republicans… would like to win” is appalling and offensive. You failed to make it clear that O’Ban personally had nothing to do with this alleged “attack” on Green.

Political action committees are not always in

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