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PUYALLUP: Sumner Y would ease overcrowding

Re: “Sumner council increases support for new Y” (TNT, 4-27).

As a member of the Mel Korum YMCA in Puyallup for many years, I have seen that there is a very high demand for this specific recreation center throughout East Pierce County. Many of the Puyallup YMCA’s members commute from other towns such as Orting, Buckley, Bonney Lake, Auburn and Sumner. It would be a convenience to those from the aforementioned towns if another location opened closer to them in Sumner.

A Sumner YMCA would also offer a break from the constant overcrowding that plagues the Puyallup Y. The

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UWT: Campus should go tobacco-free

Great news that the University of Washington Tacoma and the YMCA plan to build a fitness center on the UWT campus (TNT, 1-17). May the wise decision-makers (students and staff) at UWT utilize this opportunity to also embrace a tobacco-free UWT campus like Pacific Lutheran University.

Having a tobacco-free campus and a fitness center would demonstrate that UWT values student and staff health and, more importantly, walks the talk. Imagine many students graduating fit and free from addiction.


TNT: Teacher-bashing is tiresome

I started reading the editorial on the obesity crisis (TNT, 12-5) with much interest, as I am a P.E. teacher and a parent. Everything was fine until I got to the paragraph that praises the Franklin-Pierce School District’s partnership with the YMCA to provide elementary P.E..

I know times are tough for a lot of school districts, but it is not a good thing to eliminate these positions and replace them with non-teachers. As a certified teacher, I’ve been trained in a great deal more than just physical education. I could elaborate, but I’m sure you don’t care. The News

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JOBS: Orton Junction would be a jobs boost

I was struck by two stories in your paper. First, Pierce County’s unemployment is now nearly 10 percent (TNT, 9-20). Second, Hallmark is now creating greeting cards for getting laid off (TNT, 9-21). Think of this: enough people are getting laid off that Hallmark believes they can make money selling these cards.

There’s lots of talk about the economy and building jobs. It’s time to stop talking and start doing something about it. The Pierce County Council needs to pass the proposal from Sumner that would allow the Orton Junction project to be built and create jobs here

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