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ROADS: Mom’s fatal accident could have been prevented

Re: (TNT, 12-8).

I am writing this in hopes of getting the word out to improve Smith Prairie Road and others.

My mother, Linda Burkhardt from Puyallup, died Dec. 7 after another driver who fell asleep at the wheel crossed into her lane on Smith Prairie Road in Yelm.

If there were more road grids (rumble strips) on roads, not just on the outer side of lanes but in the middle as well, my mother would still be alive


YELM: Teens assaulted at Yelm Prairie Days

My teenage son and two of his teen friends were assaulted by two men in their 30s this weekend at the Yelm Prairie Days event. The men attempted to rob them, however they did not have any money. The men told the boys to strip down to just their underwear so the men could search for money or any other item of significant value. They then physically assaulted the boys, asked their names and told them they were going to rape them, as well as kill them, if they did not cooperate.

The boys did not tell the parents until

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BURN BAN: Why have one if it’s not enforced?

After the ice storm that took out a lot of trees, there are many fires and the smoke hangs over the fields, trees and roads in my area southeast of Yelm.

After talking to several neighbors and informing them of the Thurston County burn ban, only two showed much interest. Bald Hill Fire Department was unmanned and not answering the phone.

The BHFD had asked for and had our community post a burn ban notice. The Olympic Region Clean Air Agency (ORCAA) did not provide much information, except that a Stage 1 burn ban was in force. There was no

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WATER: Availability should be proven

Re: “Knight‘s water war with Yelm is one worth fighting” (editorial, 6-9).

Although I take no position regarding the JZ Knight lawsuit, proof of ability to provide water should be a burden that developers need to meet before a city or county can approve a plan. That should be done by either proving that wells can be drilled or by a certificate from a water provider that supplies will meet demand.

I developed many parcels in a different state, and always had to prove water before getting final approval from the local

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