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WSU: Cooperation a better approach on proposed medical school

It is difficult to comprehend the problems created from your opinion of a possible WSU Medical School (TNT, 3-8). It has at least two major factual errors and several points of exaggeration. Permit me to address what may be major factual errors.

The $5.99 million is budgeted for student instruction at the River Point campus. The UW stipulated that Spokane is not large enough for two medical schools and threatened to leave if its monopoly position in the state is removed and WSU establishes a medical school there. My understanding of WSU’s position is, there is no conflict with two

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HIGHER ED: Money’s always bought privilege

Re: “A higher ed system for the rich, another for the poor” (editorial, 8-11).

I found your editorial very perplexing. Where have your writers been for the last 100 years?

The system of the wealthy being admitted to Ivy League schools has been a known fact all of my life. Public colleges and land grant colleges such as Washington State University were established so that more students with limited means could be educated.

That is not to say that students with high academic credentials should not be admitted, it is just a fact of life that money buys privilege.

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WSU: Changing culture of alcohol an uphill battle

Re: “Task force reviews drinking culture at WSU” (TNT, 3-22).

I’m sure I wasn’t the only one who chuckled while reading the article. Not to put down Washington State University for its ongoing efforts to deal with excessive drinking there, but I feel it needs to take some pretty serious steps if it is actually intent on winning the battle.

Here in Washington, the common view of WSU is that it’s a “party school,” which most people understand to mean that it’s social drinking environment is a backbone of the school and a great reason to go there. If

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GONZAGA: Inland Empire features best team in US

Yes, indeed, Spokane is the home of Gonzaga University and the No. 1 basketball team in the land. After sparse, mostly Associated Press articles last week, I finally spotted a much-deserved sports-front headline Monday morning. But sadly, the coverage was mostly about the losing UW and WSU programs. What gives?

Combined, the UW and WSU student populations are 50,000 while GU is 5,000. An interesting David and Goliath, for sure, but there are many great things to write about the little school that could, including another trip to the NCAA Tournament (not the NIT) and this time a probable No.

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ELECTION: Re-elect Peter Goldmark as lands commissioner

Peter Goldmark, Washington’s public lands commissioner since 2009, deserves the vote of every Washingtonian who cares about the health of our environment and agriculture.

Goldmark previously served as state director of agriculture and on many councils on agriculture and the environment. In 1999 he was a founding board member of a unique coalition of farmers, ranchers and conservationists. His long and remarkable record of public service includes serving for over 30 years as a wildland firefighter in Okanogan County, as a member and as president of the Washington State University board of regents and as a member of the WSU-William

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ELECTION: Inslee’s plan merges energy and jobs

A recent letter writer (TNT, 9-15) scoffed at Jay Inslee for citing “Apollo’s Fire,” a book he co-wrote. Rejecting fossil-fuel industry talking-points, Inslee’s specific plans to reduce Washington’s dependence upon outside sources of energy demonstrate his seriousness as a candidate committed to improving Washington’s economy. A few examples:

• Biofuels are proven replacements for jet fuel. Inslee urges expanding local production of biofuels to replace jet fuel from out-of-state petroleum. Local production means local jobs and revenues flowing through the local economy instead of going elsewhere.

Inslee further plans to expand research and development efforts at Washington State University

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WSU COACH: Isn’t education hurting for funds?

$2.5 million for a new Washington State football coach? I thought education was hurting for funds given the budget situation. And do they want a sales tax increase to help pay for education or a new football coach?

Sorry, folks, this just does not pass the smell test or any other test of common sense!


GOVERNMENT: Waste is epidemic

I’m more and more convinced that everyone in our state government has gone crazy.

The vice president for business and finance at Washington State University is paid $304,000 per year, plus a state pension of an additional $105,000 for a total of $409,000 per year (TNT, 6-29). For what, I ask? Why so much?

The state Department of Transportation wasted nearly $1 million on an offramp that was built in the wrong place on the new Nalley Valley viaduct. Question: How much is the DOT administrator paid who let this happen?

And the state employees union has filed a grievance

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