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ELECTION: Don’t fall for I-1082 backers’ claims

I have been in the state five years. In California, I worked for various small businesses. We had five or six contractors in Washingotn. I laughed every time I had to pay the workers’ compensation for them because it was so low.

Washington rates are quite low because the government does not work for profit, just results.

Big corporations are abusing the people’s initiative process by tricking us to vote them in.

California’s workers’ comp laws allow the competition being touted as so good. Every year we renewed our policies. If you had used the insurance, they dropped you. The

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ELECTION: Protect workers’ comp from Initiative 1082

What Chicken Little has convinced the News Tribune that “no one disputes workers’ compensation needs reform,” requiring us to open it up to private insurers by voting for I-1082?

Could this alarmist bird have trotted over from the insurance industry or the Building Industry Association of Washington, both of which will profit nicely if I-1082 passes?

Not coincidentally, Liberty Mutual has poured $300,000 into supporting 1082 while the BIAW paid $500,000 to gather signatures and hired a lawyer to write 1082. “Save Our jobs,” which promotes the initiative, just happens to have the same street address as the BIAW.


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ELECTION: Reason why state is in ‘businesses’

Should the state get out of the workers’ compensation business and out of the liquor business? Initiative proponents are arguing the private sector should be offering these services and the state should not be involved.

This argument raises the question as to why the state got into these “businesses” in the first place.

Simply, the state is in these businesses because in years past business failed at providing these services in a reasonable manner. The state is involved in workers’ compensation because, left to their own devices, employers have abandoned injured workers. The state is involved in the liquor business

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I-1082: Measure places burden on workers

I’m voting no on Initiative 1082.

This would provide less protection for workers in the state of Washington. Currently, when a worker is injured and files a Labor & Industries claim, the claim is handled independently of whether or not the employer has worker’s comp insurance. If it doesn’t, the state deals with the employer separately, allowing the worker’s legitimate claim to go through.

Under I-1082, this independent handling would stop. Instead, when a worker is injured, files a claim and the employer has no worker’s comp insurance, it will be up to the employee to hire an attorney and

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