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WOMEN: Reader columnist strikes chord

Re: “Focus on what we say, not how we sound,” (opinion, 3-9).

I am grateful for this piece on women’s voices by Karrie Zylstra Myton. I don’t imagine that it was an easy piece to write, but it touched a chord in me.

A few years ago I began to notice how men, including me, generally spoke up first at meetings and then continued to dominate. For myself, I just assumed that I had the floor because I was so insightful and had such important things to say. The women in the group seemed to prefer to listen.


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WOMEN: Men aren’t the greatest role models

Re: “The new womanhood: Hook-ups and jobs” (TNT-10-12).

Author Hanna Rosin contends, and the data backs her up, that women are fast becoming their family’s primary breadwinner.

She also points out, unfortunately, that women’s behavioral changes outside the workplace are increasingly more typically associated with men: being aggressive, sexually adventurous and even criminally violent.
These phenomena can’t possibly be considered as favorable transformations.

It’s too bad men haven’t provided better role models to emulate. Maybe “sisters of the new womanhood” can do a better job of that.


GOP: What has party done for women lately?

Re: “Remember who gave women the vote” (letter, 1-15).

The letter writer congratulates Republicans’ efforts to get women the right to vote in 1920. However, that was 93 years ago and it might have been the last effort by the GOP to help women.

With their continued talk of “legitimate rape” and the Republican-led House’s refusal to vote on the reauthorization of the Violence Against Women Act, the Republican Party continues to show its true colors towards women. Let’s hope it doesn’t take another 93 years for Republicans to return to a position benefiting women.

The letter also claimed that

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GOP: Party today doesn’t respect women

Re: “Remember who gave women the vote” (letter, 1-15).

Republicans today apparently neither respect nor like women. Republicans want to end subsidies to Planned Parenthood, which provides health care to low-income women. Republican governors pass laws forcing women to undergo uncalled-for medical exams if they’re seeking an abortion.

Republicans failed to renew the expired Violence Against Women Act (enacted in 1994) and stall on renewing the International Violence Against Women Act. Republicans huff and puff about Social Security and Medicare, the recipients of which are mostly women.

Granting women the vote 93 years ago does not forgive today’s Republicans and

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GOP: Remember who gave women the vote

I really enjoy the “Today in History” feature of The News Tribune.

On Saturday, we learned that on Jan. 12, 1915, the U.S. House of Representatives rejected a constitutional amendment allowing women to vote. The House was Democrat, as was the Senate.

In 1920, a constitutional amendment adopted by the House gave women the vote. The House was Republican, as was the Senate.

Funny, isn’t it, how Republicans are shamelessly attacked and lambasted as women haters? The White House is held by the political party waging war on women. Barack Obama just appointed or selected nothing but white men to

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WOMEN: What this mom wants for Mother’s Day

You know what mothers like me want for our day?

Try: dignity, respect and a place in the U.S. Constitution. A legislative War on Me has stalled the ERA around the U.S. for decades while other countries provide equality for their women.

(Young women who don’t know what ERA means, look it up.)


ROMNEY: Is poverty a lifestyle choice?

It is commendable that, instead of getting a job picking tomatoes for Campbell Soup, Anne Romney made a “lifestyle choice” to stay home with five children. But poor women who make that choice are called welfare queens.

Few American women have such choice. They must work a job and raise a family, because it takes both parents’ incomes just to break even, given the wages corporate American pays.

Under the Romney-approved budget of Paul Ryan, women will have even more children to raise while working, since their current reproductive options will be limited. And this budget will force working parents

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WOMEN: Empowerment of females lifts societies

Kathleen Parker’s “Women aren’t a side issue, they are the main issue” (column, 4-5) asserts that protecting women should be at the core of our foreign policy.

How true. It is in our strategic interest to save women and children of the world through U.S. development efforts. If given the chance, women can be the stabilizing elements of any society. Educating children to at least the primary level, especially girls, provides the economic and personal empowerment allowing them to make healthier choices for themselves and their families.

Microcredit programs that reach out to women in poverty offer them an alternative

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