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MILITARY: Women should be subject to the draft

The ban has been lifted on women in combat. Now when women turn 18, they should also be required to register with Selective Service and be conscripted in the event the government wishes to add troops quickly. If women have the ability to take up arms and fight hand to hand in combat, then they are also capable to serve whether they volunteer or not.

So, ladies, why don’t you fully step up to the plate and demand Selective Service registration? You cannot have it both ways!


MILITARY: Same risk, same rules for women

Women soldiers can now die in equal proportions beside their fighting brothers – or so the headlines indicate.

Be watchful of how this policy is implemented. Is it really equality? If women have different conditions and prerogatives than do males, then it is not equality, but another military PC stunt.

Some of our best and brightest men enlist to be infantryman. It is not well advertised, however, that the Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery score determines the level of choice in jobs. Higher scorers can avoid combat roles, while lower scorers have a greater chance of combat roles.

Equality means

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MILITARY: Selective Service discrimination should end, too

Now that the Department of Defense has ended the discrimination against women in combat, it is time to end the discriminatory practice of requiring only 18-year-old males to register for Selective Service.

The United States must either have universal registration for all 18-year-olds or eliminate the requirement altogether. Currently a male’s failure to register is penalized by loss of participation in federal financial aid programs for higher education. Equal opportunity for all.