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FIRE: 19 deaths don’t warrant the front page?

Once again The News Tribune made a horrible decision. The 19 Arizona Hot Shots who lost their lives fighting the huge forest fire in the Southwest don’t deserve front-page coverage? Their story lands at the bottom of page 5 Monday.

Apparently the “do-nothing Legislature” that has for weeks received daily coverage is still more important than 19 dead young men. What does it take to make the front page at the TNT? Maybe the story would have been more appealing if some raving idiot had shot them with an “assault rifle” while they were fighting the fire?

To die

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CLIMATE: Wetter, cooler summers reduce wildfire threat in Northwest forests

Re: “Green energy groups protest Centralia TransAlta coal plant” (www.thenewstribune.com, 9-29).

The article about the campaign to shut down the Centralia coal-fired power plant stated that climate change models predict a drier Pacific Northwest that could lead to more wildfires.

These climate change models that are predicting a drier Northwest with more wildfires, however, contrast with the National Climatic Data Center data indicating that the Northwest summer wildfire season precipitation has actually trended upward by 1.15 inches, a 44 percent summer precipitation increase, over the last 10 years.

The National Climatic Data Center data also indicates that Northwest summer wildfire

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