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WILDERNESS: We can save the Wild Olympics

I urge support for the bill in Congress to protect the Wild Olympics. Congressman Derek Kilmer and Sen. Patty Murray have introduced the bill. This would protect more than 126,000 acres of wilderness and 19 rivers in the Olympic National Forest and Olympic National Park.

Pristine stands of trees and animals such as elk, deer, salmon, steelhead and trout will receive additional protection.

A detailed study shows little impact to timber jobs; 99 percent of the lands involved for wilderness are not presently being considered for the harvest of timber. New jobs are likely in the outdoor recreation and tourist

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ELECTION: Kilmer wrongly supports Wild Olympics

Re: “Driscoll ad against Kilmer lacks context” (TNT, 10-27).

The Political Smell Test article implies that Bill Driscoll – a candidate in the 6th Congressional District that encompasses the Olympic Peninsula – is dishonest. The paper states: “Driscoll says his Democratic opponent (Derek Kilmer) supports ‘Wild Olympics’,” a forest preservation proposal that contains more than 100,000 acres that adds to hundreds of thousands of acres already preserved on the Olympic Peninsula.

Later, the paper states that Kilmer supported the Wild Olympics concept. Still later, without documentation, the article stated the preservation would contribute to clean water and jobs dependent

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