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SNOWDEN: Does TNT support totalitarianism?

Re: “Snowden doesn’t matter; intelligence debacles do” (editorial, 8-5).

Edward Snowden shared with WikiLeaks, not The News Tribune, hence, WikiLeaks knows more than you. So how can you be so sure that he should not have shared it with Congress instead of WikiLeaks?

There are already nearly 100 members of Congress who know all about the fact that Americans have been spied on illegally by the Intelligence State in the U.S. ever since it started under George W. Bush. Why trust them?

By coming out against courageous whistleblowers, you put yourself in the same category as those who would

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WIKILEAKS: Private’s actions go beyond whistle blowing

On Wednesday, the Army filed 22 new criminal charges against Pfc. Bradley Manning, who allegedly provided WikiLeaks with hundreds of the thousands of classified U.S. military and State Department documents.

The most serious of these new charges is “aiding the enemy,” a capital crime that carries a possible death sentence.

Many people believe Manning shouldn’t be punished. In fact, they see him a whistle blower, deserving protection from the law, not prosecution from it.

But let’s not kid ourselves. We are a nation of laws, and if those laws are not followed and enforced we put our national security at

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WIKILEAKS: A clear and present embarrassment

Wherever you come down on the spectrum of alarm to amusement regarding the dust-up over leaked federal missives sifted from information originating within our vaunted departments of defense or state, it should be clear that some service to rational candor and guiding access to factual policy consideration obtains.

Seldom do we (U.S. citizen, never mind global neighbor) have such a moment of truth to offer a ray of light through the shuttered window of manipulative political cant that shadows the hallowed halls of even the most diligent and enlightened champions of good cause who serve – often at risk

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WIKILEAKS: Nothing’s changed; power still corrupts

Re: “Russia calls Mafia statement nonsense” (TNT, 12/3).

Well, at least the WikiLeaks revelations have demonstrated one sad thing: Human nature doesn’t seem to improve over time. The only thing we learn from history is that we don’t learn from history.

Whether it’s Putin in Russia, Karzai in Afghanistan or the politicians of (fill in the country), Lord Acton’s observation “Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely” is applicable.

There’s a reason that quote has such staying power and often bears repeating. It’s as relevant today as it was in 1887.


WIKILEAKS: New light shed on Arab position

If nothing else, the Wiki leaks shed very welcome global light on the workings and real attitude of the Saudi government.

It’s time the public had a better understanding of the self-serving House of Saud. Not wanting to openly criticize a neighboring Muslim country ( Iranians are not Arabs ), they’d prefer to have the United States do their dirty work.

This obscenely wealthy family is focused on nothing but self-perpetuation. It is why they allow cruel, oppressive Wahabism to flourish in exchange for the clerics not contesting the government.

Saudi Arabia is one of the main players in the

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