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SAFETY: Whistleblower bill deserves speedy demise

I was very upset to find out that an “ag-gag” bill (House Bill 1104) was pre-filed in our state on Jan. 9 by state Rep. Joe Schmick, R-Colfax.

Ag-gag laws, which are basically anti-whistleblower laws, are very dangerous. If it suddenly becomes illegal to document cruelty or food safety violations on a farm, animals and the general population are put in danger.

This bill is also an affront to American values. The First Amendment protects freedom of speech and freedom of the press, but ag-gag denies both. In fact, an almost identical law in Idaho is now embroiled in the courts

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NSA: Friedman is OK in taking a slippery slope

Re: “Being a whistle-blower in the post-9/11 world” (Thomas Friedman column, 6-13).

Friedman has eloquently and rationally expressed the basic affect terrorism has on a civilized society. He concedes that terrorism is an effective method utilized by a minority of zealots (a handful relative to the world’s total population) to bring about dramatic political/philosophical changes in the mindset of societies that do not share their beliefs or objectives.

Friedman has described the actual, not ideological, strength of our collective commitment to individual liberty from an oppressive, intrusive government. Although careful to acknowledge the potential dangers of possible abuses of

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