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WEYERHAEUSER: Another much-enjoyed tradition gone

It saddens me that the Weyerhaeuser Co. has come to the decision to cancel its annual Tacoma 20-Year Club reception, an event attended by hundreds of current and (mostly) former employees.

Weyerhaeuser has been around for 114 years, and I’m very proud to say that I was there for more than a quarter of that time. I can remember picnics at Flaming Geyser State Park, the holiday festivals, the Easter egg hunts and harvest festivals at Halloween. These events were family events designed to thank the families of Weyerhaeuser employees for their dedication and hard work to make the company

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TACOMA: Weyerhaeuser site a chronic nuisance

Re: “The mansion showdown” (TNT, 11-3).

Tacoma Municipal Code states that a “chronic nuisance property exists as a result of a property owner omitting to perform a duty or permitting an action or condition to occur or exist which intrudes on the ability of neighbors or citizens to use or enjoy their properties or public property adjacent to where the nuisance occurs.”

Ask any neighbor of the former Weyerhaeuser home if they can enjoy their property on the numerous days/evenings when Blue Ribbon Catering is holding events.

The code also states that “Such chronic nuisance properties include properties on

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TACOMA: End mayhem at rowdy mansion

The article (TNT, 11-3) on zoning changes that would take the former Weyerhaeuser mansion from residential, religious school to commercial event venue was somewhat slanted; I hope to set the record straight.

Stretching the limits of the term “grandfather,” Blue Ribbon Catering wishes to be given permission to host up to 400 guests with full bar, live bands and on-street parking. True, former owners did hold infrequent weddings on the grounds of this property; however, there was no liquor, no dancing and only softly played music for 20 to 40 guests.

For two years, with temporary “grandfathering” status allowed,

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WEYERHAEUSER: Yet more employees let go

I write this as I sit in my car in the parking lot of Weyerhaeuser corporate headquarters. It is early morning, and the warm lights from inside the building are glowing and welcoming. I can see a few bodies wandering to and from on the fourth floor.

It calls to mind many of the incredibly talented, enthusiastic and dedicated Weyerhaeuser employees from the past who are now nothing more than a name on a file box, a data file, a query, a memory. For most, the small and big contributions they made to this company’s success are forgotten by those

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