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BUSINESS: The outsourcing of America

My wife and I had a modest savings account of a little more than $1,000 with a Bank of America branch on South Hill in Puyallup. Since we hadn’t withdrawn any money from it, when we received a periodic statement recently and I noticed that the balance was $960, I read it again and found that we had been paying a monthly maintenance fee of $12.

After I had called the South Hill branch several times without an answer, I was finally put in contact with two different people in the Philippines and someone in Mexico. When I drove to

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BANKS: Individuals must be accountable

Re: “Wells Fargo agrees to pay $37M in bid-rigging case” (TNT, 11-8).

I am as much a free market capitalist as the next guy, but when banks are caught bid rigging it’s not just the corporation that should be held to account. Let’s put someone in jail. Let’s strip some executive’s personal (not just corporate/shareholder) assets.

In short, let’s demand some personal accountability.

We will not get any behavioral change within banks (or any other public/private entity for that matter) until we clearly hold individuals responsible their bad acts by materially changing their lifestyle when found out.