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CLIMATE: Cool it with all the hot air

Reports on climate summits and May’s record-breaking rainfall are distracting attention from a real and present disaster: the ongoing drought in the Western states.

According to the LDS Church News, dry winters and increased water demands in urban areas are exacting a heavy toll on farms, orchards, ranches and vineyards. Dwindling supplies are contributing to higher food prices, causing greater stress on middle-class wallets and more suffering for the poor and needy.

Reducing carbon emissions by 2050 isn’t going to help the farmers now. Furthermore, there is no objective, scientific proof that reducing carbon emissions will create a utopia with

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WEATHER: Not so bad here after all

By mid-afternoon Saturday, our backyard thermometer hit 92 degrees. The final high for the day may have been even higher. I’m not a glutton for punishment. I quit looking at it. Sunday was even warmer.

For weeks, months in some cases, I’ve been watching weather reports of record scorching temperatures across the country and, ashamedly so, not really giving it that much thought. If anything, I was wishing we’d get some of that stuff. Instead we plowed through day after day, many of them starting out with the ubiquitous “marine layer,” followed by temps in the high 50s to the

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STORM: Why not hire out-of-work loggers?

Power company crews work valiantly in weather that keeps others holed up until the storm ceases. They work long, exhausting shifts but still cannot keep up with widespread outages.

Perhaps we could hire loggers – many of whom are unemployed – to deal with downed timber and relieve linemen to do their specialized work. Liability and other issues can be worked out with effort.


WEATHER: Two inches doesn’t a snowstorm make

Where do the weather people on the local channels get their definition of a “storm”?

There was quite a bit of snow recently around the Everett area, but not much around Tacoma. We had about a 2-inch dusting and a 20-minute ice pellet shower, and the weather reporters have been talking about our “storm” ever since.

I was born in South Dakota, where they know what a storm was. They shut nothing down. The drifts were over the fences. You still went to school. There were no school buses, so you walked to school. Two miles. Uphill. Both ways.


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WEATHER: Summer? What summer?

These days, everyone I talk to is complaining about our short-lived summer. But wait a minute. What summer?

We’re furious about our Western Washington weather these past months; the few months out of the year we wait for patiently over the many cold, rainy, damp weeks and months that seem to drag on forever. We Washingtonians live for these few precious moments of sun dripped days of warmth and dryness. And what did we get? A few nice days here; a few somewhat nice days there; temperatures that zoomed from 65 to 95 in a blink of an eye.

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