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BENGHAZI: Where is the mainstream media?

Scandals come and go. Some are here to stay. Benghazi is one of them. Four Americans died in a terrorist attack on our embassy in Libya. The Obama administration has announced it will not cooperate with a congressional investigation. This is outrageous and should insult every American. This administration lied to us to get re-elected.

Where are ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN and MSNBC? The only news outlet covering this is Fox. Even The News Tribune avoids covering this story. There was a three-paragraph minor story buried on the back pages. It was generic and carried no weight or significance. The

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MEDIA: A viable press essential to democracy

Leonard Downie’s essay, “40 Years after Watergate” (TNT, 6-10) was spot on in calling for the need for more investigative journalism. Without reputable sources given the proper resources to investigate our government’s role and conduct, especially its cozy relationship with corporations and the military industrial complex, our American democracy is at stake.

There is a role for the press in our democratic process to watchdog those in power and call out abuses like Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein did during the Watergate investigation. If enterprising journalists and news sources pursued today’s events with the same vigor, perhaps we would

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COLSON: His life was about much more than Watergate

Dick Clark died, and his story was on the front page. That was great, because he was a part of America. He never looked old and kept us young.

Another death should have been on the front page: Chuck Colson. He was mentioned a few pages back, and the focus was on his role in Watergate. But Colson’s life looms large in America. Most people do not know much about him.

After becoming a Christian and serving a prison term, he humbly and without pretense lived a life of service, courageously ministering to prisoners and their families for the last

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