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CLIMATE: Overreacting? I wouldn’t take that bet

Re: “One thing we Americans know is how to overdo it” (TNT, 11-17).

I’m not sure reader columnist Al Bartlett’s use of the term “overreaction” is appropriate to the danger posed by the overuse of water resources.

According to recent satellite imagery, the depletion of ground water is occurring at an alarming rate. In many places, especially in drought-prone regions, it’s being taken out of the ground faster than nature can replenish it. Farmers who once depended on annual rainfall for their crops have had to dig deep wells. As a result, in some cases, the prospect of going

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WATER: Follow through on chemical spills

The tragedy of a chemical spill into the Elk River near Charleston, W.Va., has been in the news daily since it happened last week. The fact 300,000 residents are denied fresh tap water is outrageous, yet the causes have been woefully examined and insufficiently exposed in the papers, almost ignored. This is sadly what seems to be a daily occurrence around the globe.

Water is being contaminated increasingly around the planet, and the causes and remedies need to be examined openly and reported prominently on a regular basis. Clean water is a finite resource and necessity right up there with

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WATER: Limits on resources do matter

Re: “Knight’s water war with Yelm is one worth fighting” (editorial, 6-9).

There was a profoundly important sentence in the editorial: “If local governments can’t prove they have enough water to accommodate the new growth, then they shouldn’t permit it.”

This comes impressively close to acknowledging two fundamental ecological concepts:  an environment’s carrying capacity and a limiting factor. It recognizes woes that result from overload, or a carrying capacity deficit.

The same ideas are applicable nationally and globally, as eloquently shown by Thomas Friedman in a June 7 New York Times column, headlined “The Earth Is Full.”