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ROADS: Is bad driving related to lax enforcement?

Re: “Tacoma drivers accident-prone, report shows” (TNT, 8-28).

I can’t help but think we have a real problem that the state may be responsible for. I recently moved back to the area after 30 years in Southern California. I recall many, many round trips between Los Angeles and Ventura and would typically see 10 to 15 California Highway Patrol vehicles on the freeway each time.

Two weeks ago, during a round trip to Seattle from Gig Harbor, I couldn’t help but notice the sloppy driving, including sudden lane changes and tailgating. At first I thought maybe it was just

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SHOOTING: Citizens’ compassion appreciated

The Washington State Patrol would like to thank all the wonderful people of Washington who showed their compassion and care following the tragic death of Trooper Tony Radulescu.

When we in law enforcement lose one of our own, the outpouring of support from Washingtonians is a big factor in easing a very difficult time and helping with the healing process that follows. We find real comfort in a community that cares, and I can assure you, so do the family and friends of the fallen officer.

So on behalf of all of us who work to protect our citizens, I

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SHOOTING: Procession a wise use of resources?

I take a back seat to no one on respect of the law. But the magnitude of the procession (TNT, 3-1) for Washington State Trooper Tony Radulescu, involving hundreds of police and State
Patrol vehicles, close to 100 miles through several cities, with local police involved in traffic control, seems overly excessive.

No question it was a tragic occurrence, but right now the state Legislature is considering cutting
school programs, eliminating safety nets and taking other necessary moves to bring the budget into balance.

Maybe something much simpler would have been adequate at this time for the

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GUNS: WSP should be more forthcoming

Regarding the Washington State Patrol wanting firearms dealer records of AR-15 transactions within the last year (TNT, 3-24):

I have the utmost respect for the State Patrol, and unlike a couple of local agencies, it is very professional. I find it difficult to believe that an AR-15 can simply “turn up missing,” as the story puts it.

It seems that the WSP is giving little detail about the missing rifle, and while I can assume that heads have rolled, I think that it should be a little more forthcoming about when this happened, from where, who was in custody

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